Redskins Fantasy Football Names

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The Redskins are adjusting to the loss of quarterback Alex Smith by adding the gritty veteran Case Keenum to lead the team. Washington is looking to build on last season with a group of star veteran players and promising young rookies. So don your burgundy and gold, and sing Hail to the Redskins!

Washington Redskins Fantasy Football Team Names

All N 4 My ‘Skins

Redskin potatoes

Skins To Win

Washington Dreadskins

Redskins Injured Reserve


Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Washington Red Epidermis

Operation Patience

Washington Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Head Coach Jay Gruden Team Names

Gruden’s Grinders

Grudenough 4 Me

Chucky’s Bro’s Team

You’re Not Gruden Nuff

The Gru-Crew

It’s Jay Not Jon

Case Keenum Fantasy Football Names

Just In Case

Case Closed

The Kee to Victory

Peachy Keenum

A Classic Case of Keenum

Get Off My Case

Case Kee D.C.

The Kee to Success

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Josh Doctson

What’s up Doc-tson

The Doc-tson

Witch Doctson

What’s Up Doctson?

Oh My Josh!


Sittin’ on the Doct of the Bay

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Josh Norman Fantasy Football Team Names

Stormin’ Normans

For Josh Sake

Josh DemoNormons

Norman Tabernacle Choir

Josh Almighty!

Just Joshing With Ya

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Jordan Reed

Red Dead Reedemption

Reed Between the Lines

Learning to Reed

Reed it and Weep

Need for Reed

Reed Option

Reeding Rainbow

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Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Tress Way or No Way

Mmm, Sprinkles

Perine In the Neck

Don’t Crowder Me

Crowder House

Standing Out in the Crowder

Three Blind Guice

Roll of the Guice

The Guice is Right

Put Some Guice On That ACL

You Win, I’ll Su’a

Mr. & Mr. Smith

I Don’t Kerrigan

Landon Bridge is Falling Down

House of Payne

The Bama Boys

Sweet Home Alabama

Tomsula Time

Yo, Adrian

Whistling Dix-y

Reign of Ioannidis

Settle for Nothing

Ryan Kerrigan is Underrated

Zach Brown Band


Peanut Punch

The Flight Marshals

Deshazor’s Edge

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Fish and Chips

Ebony and Apke

I’m with your Cousins

You Win, I’ll Su’a

There’s Only Room for One Scherff

Flowers for Algernon

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Hooked on a Perine


Carry on my Richardson

Rags to Richardson

Clam Crowder

Can’t Touch Quinn


Sundae and Sprinkles

S’ua-Tang Clan

Better Than Seasons Pryor

Children of the Zorn

Smoot Sailing

Wait Till We Get Our Haynesworth On You

The War in Orakpo

Favorite Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Ha Ha Very Funny

Buy Low, Sell-ers Heyer


Diesels Dawgs

oRAKpo Em Up

RGIII Fingers

Free John Beck

I’m Gonna Git You Succop

Powerful Brady

Like I Kerrigan

Clinton Reportis

Hightowered Offense

You say goodbye, I say Helu

Fantasy Football Names For Redskins

Make it Torain

I Hate Torain on Your Plans

Cooley O’s

Natty Guice

Slice and Guice

Three’s a Crowder

Fat Albert and the RedKids


I need a Shanahan Job

You Had Me At Helu

Griffinding Champ

All Torain Vehicle

We’re Not Kissing Cousins

Terrelle Pryor’s Test Prep Center

Cooley as the Other Side of the Pillow

Helu Kitty

Guice, guice, baby

Fire and Guice

GuiceCream Man

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Washington Monikers

The Guiceman Cometh

R ur HainesWorth 100 million?


The Third is the Word

Starting to Kerrigan

Donte Drink and Drive

Pryor Offenses

Santana Moss and the Supremes

Gym, Tan, and Landry

Love me Rexy

Shanahan’s Tanorexic Offense

You need a HALL pass for that ball!

Shot of Jamison

That’s Pretty Grossman

Say Helu To My Little Friend

Mount Vernon Davis

Miami Guice

Vanilla Guice

DHS Guice Agent

AP’s All Day Care

Scherff Woody

I Don’t Kerrigan!

There’s only room for one Scherff


Tickle Me Al-Mo

The Santana for My TV Broke

Kissing Cousins

Zorn Stash

Redskins Top Fantasy Players

  • Case Keenum, QB
  • Adrian Peterson, RB
  • Chris Thompson, RB
  • Josh Doctson, WR
  • Maurice Harris, WR
  • Michael Floyd, WR
  • Jordan Reed, TE
  • Vernon Davis, TE

Washington Redskins Trivia

Q: What was the team’s original name?
A: The Boston Braves (in 1932). The team’s name was changed to the Redskins in 1933 and they moved to Washington in 1937.

Q: When were the Redskins first winning season?
A: The team finished the 1936 season with a 7-5 record.

Q: What was Sammy Baugh’s jersey number with the Redskins?
A: #33

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: One – Sammy Baugh #33.


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