Run With Love’s Leg

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an article from Deepu Antony who submitted “Run With Love’s Leg” as part of the TeamSnap and “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year Contest.”

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Run With Love’s Leg

I never thought that a kids’ race at a school could make me cry.

Run With Love's LegThe St. Mary’s Orphanage in Calicut, India, arranges sporting events for handicapped students each year on the school’s grounds.  With a blow of a whistle, the 100 meter race started and 10 children began the race.  When the race was about one half over, a boy stumbled and fell on the track. He wasn’t badly hurt but it appeared that if he continued running, he’d finish well behind the other contestants.

What happened next surprised me along with all of the spectators.

The 9 other competitors collectively stopped and came back to the fallen boy.  Three of them grabbed his hands and arms and pulled him up to a standing position.  Almost as if prearranged, they all began to ran again to the finish line.  The group continued the race and finished.  The racers congratulated each other.

My eyes filled with tears.  My tears were not the only ones in the crowd.

My heart said to me, “These are the real children that Jesus needs.”

–Deepu Antony

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