Selection Sunday Salute to College Basketball

Selection Sunday Salute to College Basketball

With Selection Sunday upon us and undoubtedly an exciting tournament about to play out, we thought it would be fun to take a video look at some of our favorite story lines from this year in men’s college basketball.  We narrowed it down to 5 stories, and here they are in particular order:

1.) Creighton’s “It’s raining 3s” outburst against Villanova.  When Creighton took on Villanova in January, they were going up against the #4 team in the country. Selection Sunday Salute to College Basketball How do you beat the fourth ranked team in the nation?  Well, apparently Creighton’s strategy was to take advantage of their outside shooting.  The Bluejays hit their first nine 3-point attempts!  Their first nine!  Wragge, a senior from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, had nine 3-pointers in the game for 27 points and Doug McDermott added 5 more.  The Creighton team set a team mark with 21 three pointers.

Per a New York Times’ article, apparently Wragge learned his shooting form from his mom.

“Those around Creighton know Wragge’s mother, the former Kari Kramme, as a sharpshooting Iowa state girls’ basketball Hall of Famer who scored more than 1,700 points at Midland Lutheran College, now Midland University, in Fremont, Neb.”

McDermott noted that he’s seen Wragge shoot better in practice.  Wow!


Creighton Ethan Wragge’s 3-pointer Clinic VIDEO


2.) Colby College has some fun on the bench.  The men’s varsity basketball team at Colby College, a Division III school in Waterville Maine, seemed to have an enthusiasm problem.  Coach Damien Strahorn challenged his team after noticing an opposing team’s bench being much more supportive of the players on the court than his own team’s bench.  Three of the players took on the task and organized short skits from the bench to cheer on the team.  You have to think Colby will get the #1 seed for bench celebrations this year.

Colby College Bench Celebrations Video

3.) Wichita Shockers go 34 & 0.  After a breakthrough season last year took them to the Final Four, the Shockers didn’t come into this season as a surprise.  But, not many people predicted they would go undefeated until the tournament (and maybe beyond).  Here’s a short video celebrating their successful season.  You have to love the lyrics!

Shockers 34 & 0 Video

4.) Russ Smith’s Jam.  Who doesn’t love a David vs. Goliath story?  When a shorter player posterizes a bigger player, it usually makes the SportCenter highlights.  This Russ Smith dunk over the taller Julius Randle made our highlights too.

Russ Smith’s big time dunk on Julius Randle VIDEO

5.) “Silent Night” is anything but silent.  See Taylor University’s “Silent Night” story here.

Taylor University’s “Silent Night” VIDEO