Special Needs Basketball Player Hits Final Shot

With enthusiastic chanting in the background, senior Lainy Fredrickson entered a basketball game for the Norman High School Lady Tigers. Fredrickson, who has special needs, entered the game in the final minutes against her school’s arch-rival, Norman North.

Lainy Fredrickson Makes Final Bucket

On Senior Night, Lainy checked into a game for the first time of the season. Although she hadn’t recorded playing time for the Lady Tigers, Lainy is a Special Olympics veteran, so she knew what to do — get in scoring position. With assistance from her teammates and rivals, Lainy got off her shots.

After a few missed attempts, and with significant encouragement from the crowd, Fredrickson banked in the last shot of the game for two points. Her shot was greeted with thunderous applause. Players and fans jumped in excitement as Lainy took her victory lap.

Norman North players, despite losing 35 – 57 to Lainy and her team, also got caught up in the excitement, as they applauded her efforts.

Lainy’s big shot did not go unnoticed as it quickly became an Internet sensation. The Harlem Globetrotters took notice and invited Lainy and family to a meet-and-greet with the Globetrotters and court-side seats. Lainy star turn will hopefully build her confidence for the Oklahoma State Special Olympics in May.

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