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All Sports Trivia Quiz

1. How many dimples are on a standard golf ball: 156, 228, or 336?

2. What’s the hockey term for scoring three goals in a game?

3. What does NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon put on his steering wheel before every race: Bible scripture or a photo of his mom?


4. Who was the youngest player to ever win the Wimbledon men’s championship?

5. THREE POINTER: Who was the only player in history to lead the NCAA, the ABA and the NBA in scoring?


1. ANSWER: 336
2. ANSWER: A hat trick — history of the term may be derived from a Toronto clothier who gave free hats to Maple Leaf players who scored three goals (although he may have picked this up from the game of cricket)
3. ANSWER: Bible scripture.
4. ANSWER: Boris Becker. He won the title in 1985 when he was just 17 years old.
5. ANSWER: Rick Barry. Rick has four sons Scooter, Drew, Jon, Brent who have played professional basketball players.

Score Key

5 right: If you played college football, Mel Kiper would know your stats
4 right: Nice “presence of mind”
3 right: On the bubble
2 right: Perhaps you consider trivia trivial
1 right: Not drafted