St. Patrick’s Day Sports Quiz

Time for the St. Patrick’s Day Sports Quiz. See if you’re an Irishman at heart or a wannabe.

St. Patrick’s Day Sports Quiz

1. What’s the nickname for the college football team that has produced 7
Heisman Trophy winners including Paul Hornung?

2. What Oakland Athletic’s second baseman was given the Babe Ruth Award for his
contributions in the 1974 World Series?

3. What cathedral was the site of both Babe Ruth’s and Vince Lombardi’s


4. In mixed martial arts, who is nicknamed “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”?

5. What LA Lakers forward played more consecutive games than an other player in NBA history?


1. ANSWER: The Fighting Irish or The Irish
2. ANSWER: Dick Green: Athletics’ second baseman from 1963 to 1974
3. ANSWER: St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, New York
4. ANSWER: Ken Shamrock
5. ANSWER: A.C. Green played in 1,192 straight games

Score Key

5 right: Brilliant!
4 right: Luck of the Irish
3 right: At least you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day
2 right: Top of the morning. Wake up!
1 right: May the road rise up to meet you…