BATTER UP Baseball Trivia

BATTER UP Baseball Trivia

1. When did Topps eliminate gum from their baseball cards: 1980, 1991 or 1997?

2. How much time does a pitcher have to deliver a pitch if there are no base runners: 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds?

3. What’s a ten-and-five player?

4. What famous baseball figure had the idea to plant ivy in Wrigley Field?


5. HOME RUN QUESTION (worth 2 runs): The day before and after the Major League Baseball All-Star game are significant to all sports fans, not just baseball fans, for what reason?

Youth baseball practice plans guide

1. ANSWER: 1991
2. ANSWER: 20 seconds
3. ANSWER: One that has been in the majors 10 years, 5 with the same team. These players receive veto power on trades.
4. ANSWER: Bill Veeck
5. ANSWER: The only 2 days of the year that one of the 4 major sports do not have a scheduled game.

Score Key

5-6 runs: Clean-up hitter
4 runs: Lead-off hitter
2-3 runs: Designated runner
1 run: Riding the pine next game
0 runs: Feel the breeze — that’s a strikeout!