Hoops Coaches Quiz

Think you know basketball coaches? Well, take this Hoops Coaches Quiz to find out if you really have what it takes.

Hoops Coaches Quiz

1. What alphabetical nickname is given to Duke’s current mens basketball coach?

2. What nickname was bestowed on this former Notre Dame men’s basketball coach as a result of his father running a funeral parlor?

3. Having to share a wash tub with his siblings, what Big Ten coach was given this nickname by his family for his penchant for staying in the bath a long time?


4. Born Arnold Jacob, what former NBA coach received this nickname for the color of his hair (before he went bald)? Note: it wasn’t “Green.”

5. What Kansas basketball coach earned his nickname for his loud, “Foghorn-like” voice?


1. Coach “K” – Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski

2. Richard “Digger” Phelps.

3. Orlando “Tubby” Smith

4. “Red” Auerbach

5. Dr. Forrest “Phog” Allen

Answer Key

5 right: One shining moment

4 right: Great presence of mind

3 right: More ESPN, less cartoons

2 right: A college basketball TV analyst role is in your future

1 right: It’s back to fundamental basketball for you