NCAA Basketball Trivia

Take the NCAA Basketball Trivia Quiz and see if you know your stuff.

NCAA Basketball Trivia Quiz

1. Who is the only coach to take three different teams to the Final Four?

2. What approximate percentage did Villanova shoot in the second half in their upset win over Georgetown in 1985 NCAA Championship game: 70%, 80% or 90%?

3. Who made 21 of 22 shots in an NCAA championship game: Elvin Hayes, Bill Walton or Michael Jordan?


4. How many UConn players were selected in the top 10 draft picks in the year 2002 WNBA draft: 2, 4 or 5?

5. Three Pointer: According to Dick Vitale, what’s a PTPer?

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1. ANSWER: Rick Pitino with Providence, Kentucky and Louisville.
2. ANSWER: 90%
3. ANSWER: Bill Walton.
4. ANSWER: 4 — Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Asjha Jones and Tamika Williams were drafted in the top 6 of the draft.
5. ANSWER: A prime time player, BABY!!!

Score Key

5 right: I hope you’re not picking in my brackets
4 right: You got game
3 right: You played high school ball right? JV?
2 right: How good was your hockey team?
1 right: ESPN not allowed at your house?