“Take it to the Hoop” Trivia

Think you got the right stuff? Try this basketball trivia quiz.

“Take it to the Hoop” Trivia

1. What type of baskets were used in the first basketball game?

2. When asked “what he learned by playing basketball with Kareem Abdul-Jabaar”, who said, “I learned to give him the ball”?

3. THREE POINTER: What is the diameter of the circle around the free throw line: 6 feet, 9 feet or 12 feet?


4. In the movie Hoosiers, what key play does “Shooter” — the Dennis Hopper character — call when he’s thrust into the head coach position and the game’s on the line?

5. When asked if he’d been to the Parthenon in Greece, who replied, “I can’t remember the the names of the clubs we went to”?



1. ANSWER: Peach baskets
2. ANSWER: Magic Johnson
3. ANSWER: 12 feet
4. ANSWER: Picket Fence — the play involved three players setting screens to free up a shooter. Of course, it worked in the movie.
5. ANSWER: Shaquille O’Neal

Score Key

5 right: Nothing but net
4 right: The bank is open on Friday
3 right: You used a lot of rim
2 right: Rimmed out
1 right: Air ball, air ball, air ball…