NFL Trivia Quiz

Take the NFL Trivia Quiz and see what you know about America’s favorite sport.

NFL Trivia Quiz

1. What defensive great was nicknamed “the Minister of Defense”?

2. In what year did Monday Night Football on ABC premiere: 1968, 1969 or 1971? For an extra point, who did the play-by-play the first year?

3. What charitable organization, that the NFL has been a long-time supporter of, uses the tag line: “Thanks to you it works for all of us?”


4. What ESPN anchor has bestowed these nicknames: Andre “Bad Moon” Rison and Curtis “My Favorite” Martin?

5. What was Los Angeles Ram’s defensive lineman David Jone’s more popular, and more reverendly, nickname?


1. ANSWER: Reggie White
2. ANSWER: 1971 Extra point answer: Keith Jackson. Fumble!!!!!
3. ANSWER: The United Way
4. ANSWER: Chris Berman
5. ANSWER: Deacon. He coined it himself thinking that a name with a religious connotation would stand out in the violent world of football. Jones also came up with the term: “sack” for tackling a QB behind the line of scrimmage.

Score Key

5 right: Apparently Bill Walsh isn’t the only football genius
4 right: Brady-like
3 right: Wild-card contender
2 right: Wait till next year
1 right: Get the punt team out on the field pronto