Sports Trivia Games

Smart Attack offers 4 audio, sports trivia games that can be played by one or more people.  It’s a fast moving question and answer format that will test your knowledge and help you learn more.  Each title is $4.99 and is sent digitally to you via a link instantly after purchase.  Just move the MP3 files into your player, e.g., iTunes, and you’re good to go.


The 4 titles:

Smart Attack Baseball Trivia

Smart Attack Basketball Trivia

Smart Attack Football Trivia

Smart Attack Sports Trivia (all sports)


Baseball Trivia GameBasketball Trivia Game

Football Trivia GameSports Trivia Game

An excellent choice for:

  • Car rides
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • All family games
  • An alternative to music and talk radio
  • Gifts

A must-have for sports fans of all ages.  Great for car rides or for a game at home – play the game and everyone can join in and play.

How the game is played:

– A short guitar riff plays after each question is read by the host, Joe “Remote Control” Carter, and before the answer is given.  This is the time for contestants to shout out the answer.  First correct answer wins a point.

– Crowd applause, buzzers, game sounds, whistles and more add to the fun.

– Specialty questions like basketball 3-pointers, football extra points and baseball home run questions keep things interesting and lively.

The action is fast paced, so come ready to shout out the answer.  Over an hour of competitive action in each game.


When you make a purchase, you’ll instantly be sent a link to download your MP3 files.  Put the files in your iTune library or similar and you’re ready to go.  MP3 files work for virtual all devices.

These sports trivia games are fun ways to pass the time and get smarter about sports.  Perfect for athletes, sports fans and folks who like trivia or games.  Makes a great gift.  At $4.99 each, an inexpensive way to get smart about sports.



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