St. Paul Saints’ New Ballpark and a Father’s Day Tribute

Mike Veeck, the man who featured a drag team dressed in drag, a pig named Notorious P.I.G. (Piggy Smalls) that delivers game balls to umpires and a Roman Catholic nun giving massages in the stands during minor league baseball games, has given St. Paul more: a cool ball field in Lowertown.

St. Paul Saints’ CHS Field

CHS Field from left field berm image
The view from the grass on left field berm

Framed by the Farmer’s Market, warehouses and I-94, the CHS Field park pays tribute to local artists and showcases an artistry of its own.

Highlights include a red cedar ceiling under the grandstand and on the 2nd level club deck (a cool glow comes from it when the sun sets), a dog park complete with a working fire hydrant, a left field berm where fans can watch sitting on the grass (maybe the best seat in the park, or the drink rail behind it).

Grateful Dead Night

We attended a game in early June where 7,000 fans were on hand for Grateful Dead night, with Saints’ players wearing tie-dye jerseys and “Truckin” playing between innings. Fireworks followed the game. As was the case at the Saints’ previous stadium (Midway Stadium), sometimes the

Mike Veeck's stadium image
Restored red cedar wood glows on ceiling of grandstand

best entertainment comes in-between innings where fans are involved in a variety of skits and competitions. Remember, it was the Saints who popularized inflatable sumo wrestling.

They say the sign of a Saints’ game is that you can attend, walk out of the park with a smile on your face and not even know who won the game.

But this year, the safe bet is that the victors will be the Saints. Their 2015 record as of today is 22 wins with only 4 losses.


A year ago, Mike Veeck was kind enough to write a tribute to his dad, Hall of Famer Bill Veeck in honor of Father’s Day. It was so good, we thought we’d share it again with you today with Father’s Day weekend approaching.  Here’s Mike Veeck’s “My Favorite Father’s Day.”