The Football Feel Good Story of the Year

Looking for that “football feel good story” to make your day?  Look no further than Olivet Middle School’s football team in Olivet, Michigan.

Players on the Olivet Eagles football team, unbeknownst to their coaches, planned 2 plays that they hoped to execute at their next game.  The first play called for the offense to get as close to the end zone as they could without scoring.  The second play was called the “Keith Special.”  Named after their teammate, Keith Orr, a special needs child.  The goal of the “Keith Special” was to give Keith the chance to score a touchdown.

Olivet’s Keith Orr and teammates at lunch

The first play was executed superbly when Oivet’s Sheridan Hedrick ran towards the end zone for what appeared to be an easy touchdown, but suddenly took a knee at the one yard line.  The crowd, expecting a score, was surprised by the move.  But, as they’d learn later, this was just the set-up play.

The payoff came in the form of Keith Orr carrying the ball, with a huge escort provided by his teammates on all sides into the end zone for a touchdown!  Why did the team do it?  Well, according to player Justice Milller, “”It’s just like to make someone’s day, make someone’s week, just make them happy.”

And, the orchestration of this scoring play had an impact that went well beyond Keith.  It was a breakthrough event for the entire team as you’ll see in this wonderful CBS video segment by Steve Hartman.  In a sports world where professional football players are sometimes caught doing senseless things, the players from Olivet made the right call at the right time.  It’s a football feel good story to remember.






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