The Short and Sweet Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

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There’ are too many bragging rights on the line to enter a draft without a fantasy football cheat sheet. The Cranky Commissioner has the solution with this short and sweet version of a draft selection cheat sheet. We’ll take you thru the first 30 picks, and let the ESPN app suggest the rest.

Your Fantasy Football Cram Sheet

In the early days of fantasy football, drafting strategies focused on drafting running backs, drafting the best running backs and drafting a lot of running backs. With the NFL becoming more of a pass-and-catch league, wide receivers have moved up the charts the last few years. Our top pick this year is a game breaker, who cannot only dance, but can catch and run: Antonio Brown. When Brown lights it up for three touchdowns and 150+ yards, it’s a game changer.

Our top five picks all have the ability to be game changers. Todd Gurley not only provides you steady production, but also enables you to feature a fun fantasy team name, e.g. “Hey Gurley Man” or “The Gurley Show.” Julio Jones and Beckham Jr. possess that breakaway speed that turns 10 yard gains into “he’s going all the way.” Rounding out our top five is perhaps the riskiest pick, rookie Ezekiel Elliot. Rookies in fantasy football seldom live up to the hype. But, combine an amazing college career with the stellar Dallas O-line, and owners across the nation are licking their chops. Elliot has a very high ceiling and will be interesting to watch.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

The first few rounds of any fantasy football draft this year are going to highlight the best rbs and the best wrs from a fantasy football perspective. Only two tight ends (Gronk and Reed) and one QB (Cam Newton) crack our Top 30 picks. From our perspective, owning a top 7 pick is a good place to be for any owner. There’s a measurable drop after David Johnson to picks #8 and later, but it should make for a pretty even starting place for most teams. If you’re drafting #10 and end up with Jamaal Charles and Lamar Miller for your first two picks, you have to be feeling pretty good.


The Cranky Commissioner’s Top 15 Draft Picks

1 Antonio Brown WR PIT
2 Todd Gurley RB LA
3 Julio Jones WR ATL
4 Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG
5 Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL
6 Adrian Peterson RB MIN
7 David Johnson RB ARI
8 DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
9 Rob Gronkowski TE NE
10 Jamaal Charles RB KC
11 Lamar Miller RB HOU
12 Brandon Marshall WR NYJ
13 Le’Veon Bell RB PIT
14 Devonta Freeman RB ATL
15 Alshon Jeffery WR CHI

The Cranky Commissioner’s Next 15 Draft Picks

16 A.J. Green WR CIN
17 Dez Bryant WR DAL
18 Latavius Murray RB OAK
19 Mike Evans WR TB
20 Allen Robinson WR JAC
21 Keenan Allen WR SD
22 Mark Ingram RB NO
23 Jordy Nelson WR GB
24 Amari Cooper WR OAK
25 Jordan Reed TE WAS
26 Eddie Lacy RB GB
27 Brandin Cooks WR NO
28 Jeremy Langford RB CHI
29 Sammy Watkins WR BUF
30 Cam Newton QB CAR

Beyond the 30th Pick

Beyond the 30th pick, consider the following strategies:

  • Load up on running backs. Injuries happen in the NFL and a top back will likely miss some games.
  • Fill out your wide receivers’ pool.
  • Consider picking up a QB, TE, Defense and Kicker in that order. Your kicker should be your last pick. Don’t pick a defense any earlier than the third to last round.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a shot at one or two sleepers, but don’t let Mel Kiper say this about your pick, “That was a little too rich for my taste.”
  • It’s always fun to have one or two players from your favorite team, but again, don’t overpay for them.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for 2016

Okay, with your Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for 2016, you should be ready (at least for the first couple of rounds). Have a great season!

–The Cranky Commissioner


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