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Have you ever encountered one of those wifi names that just puts smiles on people’s faces?

Every once in a while, a creative soul will take a chance, and the rewards can be immediate. Well, if you haven’t risked displaying a fun name yet for your wifi network, we can help. Check out our lists of wireless network names.

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Good WIFI Names for Your Network

  1. Alice in WonderLAN
  2. Total Hotspot
  3. No Dial Up
  4. Why Fry
  5. You’re Being Watched
  6. Is This Your Wifi
  7. Router This
  8. SpiderLAN
  9. This is a Hot Spot
  10. Surf the Nets Up
  11. Reached the Promised LAN
  12. I Believe I Can Fi

    wifi names imageCreative and Funny

  13. Smile I See You
  14. This Is A Virus
  15. Not a Network
  16. You’ve Been Hacked
  17. G-Spot Hot Spot
  18. Stealing Your Identity
  19. Watch Out
  20. I Know What You SSID
  21. My Neighbor’s Wifi
  22. Marching Bandwidth
  23. Not My Router
  24. Router Rangers
  25. Not Your Wifi
  26. Thanks LAN
  27. Download This
  28. Mt Ex Wifi
  29. Move Away from the Wifi
  30. Not the Right Wifi
  31. Don’t Trust This Network
  32. Access Denied
  33. Is This Your Wifi
  34. Blatant Scam
  35. Sets Off Alarms
  36. Not My LAN
  37. Shared Secrets
  38. Feeling Downloaded
  39. No Password Needed
  40. What’s with the Lagsteve jobs quotes buttonCheck out: Steve Jobs Quotes

    Names That Stand Out

  41. I Love You LAN
  42. Saturday Night Wifi
  43. I Win
  44. Invisible Wifi
  45. Hiding in Plain Site
  46. Switched My Server
  47. Stolen Wifi
  48. Indie Bandwidth
  49. You Had Me at Wifi
  50. This is Radioactive
  51. Don’t Panic
  52. Not My Net
  53. Wifi Jackpot
  54. Don’t Print This
  55. Net Loading
  56. LAN and Sea
  57. Monitored by FBI
  58. Under Surveillance
  59. Witness Protection Plan
  60. Wifi and Kids
  61. Tricky Amish Wifi
  62. Very Slow Wifi
  63. Fishnet Stalkings
  64. Click with Regret
  65. Racking Up Fees

    Wireless Network Names To Make You Laugh

  66. Clever Wifi Name
  67. Can’t Touch This Wifi
  68. Failed Connection
  69. Technical Difficulties
  70. Nerd Network
  71. Ping Me
  72. The Force Is Strong
  73. Droid Domain
  74. I Married My Wifi
  75. This Network is Unavailable
  76. Unregistered Network
  77. Wide World of Web
  78. Missing Linksys
  79. My Other Wifi
  80. Wild Wild Wifi
  81. Don’t Monkey with This
  82. Magic Wifi
  83. Let the Wifi Begin
  84. Docking Domain
  85. Witches Wifi
  86. This Network is Watched
  87. Guess the Password
  88. I Come from the LAN Down Under
  89. Too Sexy for My Wifi
  90. Forbidden Wifi
  91. Free Wifi
  92. I Just Wanna Kiss Girls
  93. I Can See You
  94. Not Suitable for Work
  95. Play with Me
  96. No Security Available
  97. Thanks for Visiting
  98. Ping This
  99. No SSID for You
  100. In My Pajamas


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