WR Rankings Fantasy Football 2019

Understanding the WR Rankings Fantasy Football this year is critical. The NFL has slowly shifted into an offensive league over the last decade and the primary beneficiaries of the transition have been quarterbacks and their wide receivers.

PPR fantasy football leagues allow for 2 WR in the starting line up, while the most common FLEX play is also a WR. This means that receivers are the most common piece of a successful fantasy football team.

So, as a fantasy football owner, you’ll want to have a good handle on the wide receiver position. Here’s what you need to know.

Top 40 Wide Receiver Rankings Fantasy Football 2019

A solid receiving corps is your ticket to the Super Bowl. Now, gather around, and pay close attention.

Best Wide Receivers

1.) DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins has flirted around the top spot for years, but this season he’s finally made it. He does too many things too right too often to not be Number 1. And although he has plenty of help on offense, nobody comes close to cutting into his target share. And his 10 inch hands can haul in just about any ball, even if it is just one of those hands.

2.) Michael Thomas

It is no secret who Drew Brees, one of the greatest QBs of all time, is planning on throwing to this season. Thomas’ catch percentage was 85% last year and he’s the clear-cut WR1 so regardless of how the New Orleans offense shapes up, he’s going to get his fantasy dues.

3.) Julio Jones

There just isn’t another total receiver like Jones right now. He is tough, physical, fast, strong, and has the skills to make almost any ball thrown his way catchable. In an NFC South which has been in an arms race for years, Jones is the biggest and best weapon of the whole lot. The only reason he isn’t Number 1 or 2 has been his “lack of touchdown” habit, which, for the record, he seemed to remedy down the stretch last season.

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4.) Devante Adams

Adams possesses blazing speed but his progression to the top of the WR charts has been painfully slow. All that is behind us now, and he stands out as Aaron Rodgers’ favorite weapon for 2019. The fact alone that Aaron Rodgers is going to target him consistently makes his floor very agreeable. There also isn’t anyone else that truly can challenge Adams for the targets in the Pack-Attack, which bodes well for his floor also.

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5.) Odell Beckham Jr.

The most compelling factor for OBJ to be in the top 5 of wideouts: QB upgrade. It’s impossible to know exactly how much Eli Manning’s regression impacted Odell’s 2018 season but thankfully we don’t need to try to ponder the damage this season.

OBJ is in a better place now. And he’s back with his old partner in crime: Jarvis Landry. All the hype and expectations surrounding the Browns this season are only going to help fuel this emotional dynamo. And playing emotional football is when OBJ is at his best.

6.) Tyreek Hill

The importance of Tyreek Hill in the Chiefs offense is demonstrated on literally every play from scrimmage when Hill is on the field. The Chiefs constantly had Hill in motion last year, threatening jet sweeps and forcing defenses to adjust and tip their hand a moment before the snap.

Because of the threat of losing Hill for the 2019 season Kansas City went and bolstered its offense by adding Carlos Hyde and by drafting Mecole Hardman in the second round. Which means that Andy Reid has new chess pieces to support his most dangerous player. This should be a fun year to own Hill in fantasy.

7.) Mike Evans

Because of how big Evans is a lot of people forget just how fast he is. And not only does he have speed he also has quickness. Things stagnated in Tampa last year after the Fitzmagic wore off.

All of Tampa’s offense looked stuck in the mud (except for the occasional highlight reel catch by Desean Jackson, who is back in Philly now). Bruce Aryans loves his air attack and you can bet your bottom dollar (or a 2nd round draft pick in this case) that Evans is going to be heavily involved in the new-look Bucs.

8.) Juju Smith-Schuster

Juju was a star last year before A.B.’s target share opened up; imagine how high the ceiling can be in 2019… The only pause for concern is that A.B. is a generational talent and an inconceivable X-factor on the field, and we are left to wonder just how effective the Pittsburgh offense will be without him? Not to mention, how effective will defenses be at slowing down Juju now that they don’t need to worry about also slowing down A.B..

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9.) Amari Cooper

He’d be ranked higher if he had logged an entire season donning a Cowboy jersey. The half-season in Dallas sure looked promising. It is worth wondering what happens to the Cowboys’ offense if Elliot sits out some (or dare I say all) of 2019; does Cooper shine? Are defenses able to stifle him without the threat of a ground game?

10.) Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen is Rivers’ favorite target and he’s the best WR on the Chargers roster. Mike Williams will have a big year but the guy to own is still Allen. More important than anything, Allen is healthy and when he is at full speed it isn’t uncommon for Rivers to shower him with targets on a weekly basis. Allen is especially useful in PPR leagues.

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11.) Antonio Brown

For the first time in a long time A.B. is out of the top 10. You could argue that his frostbitten feet or his bitter cold attitude toward his new helmet is cause for concern, but the real issue is that Derek Carr is no Big Ben. In fact, he’s not even close.

Even after you take away all the chemistry that Ben and Brown had, and consider the stark contrast when it comes to arm-strength between the two QBs, you also have to factor in Carr’s lack of accuracy and consistency. Big Ben could hang in the pocket and let A.B. work his magic; Carr scrambles. A.B. will still be a great WR for years to come, but Carr is going to have to prove that he can handle a truly great WR like Brown before Brown can get back into his stride.

12.) Adam Thielen

Thielen started off the 2018 season better than any WR in recent memory, or possibly ever. But he didn’t hold those numbers, in fact they fell-off pretty drastically. Result: the fantasy universe is predictably down on Thielen heading into 2019 and he’s going in the 3rd round in a lot of drafts. That is a perfectly acceptable place to pick him up.

What does our crystal ball tell us? Well, at worst he is a fine WR2, at best he is one of the most prolific fantasy scorers in the league.

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13.) T.Y. Hilton

There are some durability concerns but when healthy, Hilton can light up the field. This year the Colts are a more balanced team and I would expect Hilton to thrive under the conditions. The offense is a total weapon that features a little bit of everything and Hilton is the tip of the blade.

14.) Stefon Diggs

Similar to Thielen, the league seems to be down on Diggs this year because of the Vikings’ second-half slide in 2018. That, as well as the fact that Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has been very audible about returning to the run game this season. But don’t let that deter you too much, remember Diggs is ½ of the most dynamic receiving duo in the NFL and as such he is half of the key to making their 80+ million dollar QB acquisition a success.

15.) Julian Edelman

The Patriots have one of the easiest schedules and the best head coach in the NFL. Julian Edelman is the most proven weapon for Brady. Gronk is out of the picture. It doesn’t take much to know that Edelman is in for a big year.

16.) Robert Woods

When Kupp went down Woods’ value went way up. The Rams have talent all over the offense, but Woods is a unique talent and the Rams found out how to unleash him last season. They won’t backtrack on a good thing.

17.) Brandin Cooks

Cooks did well last season but didn’t show up like Woods did. That being said, Cooks is a speedy weapon that the Rams will need to utilize frequently if their running game takes a step back this season.

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18.) D.J. Moore

Young and athletically gifted, Moore is what Cam Newton needs to return Carolina’s air game back to peak performance.

19.) Tyler Lockett

No Doug Baldwin means Seattle has a lot of targets up for grabs, and Lockett is the playmaker that can make those grabs.

20.) Jarvis Landry

With OBJ back on his team, the chemistry between these two guys is going to be something spectacular. They could take each other’s game to new heights.

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21.) Tyler Boyd

Last year looked like the year John Ross was going to show up; he still hasn’t. But Boyd has, and he did a lot of his work with and without A.J. Green around. Expect Boyd to continue where he left off last season.

22.) Kenny Golladay

Golladay has looked good but hasn’t exactly looked like a WR1, yet. But it’s pretty clear that the Lions are banking on him this season. He’s got everything, he just needs to put it all together.

23.) Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery Is expected to be a WR2 in fantasy but has the skills, experience, size, speed, and QB to make him a WR1. Jackson is back in Philly and there are a lot of mouths to feed which is the biggest knock on Jeffery.

24.) Allen Robinson

Robinson is supposed to be Chicago’s replacement for Alshon Jeffry. It hasn’t worked out that way yet but Robinson showed some flashes last year and the Bears are in need of his services this year. Naggy is a creative mind and probably spent a lot of the offseason figuring out how to help make Robinson the guy.

25.) Robby Anderson

The entire Jets offense is poised to explode this season. Leading the charge is the upcoming and dangerous trio of Darnold, Bell, and Anderson. If things go the Jets’ way, Anderson will flirt with WR1 status.

26.) Mike Williams

My vote for breakout candidate of 2019. Williams started to prove he is the first round pick the Chargers thought he was.

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27.) Will Fuller V

The volume is low, the touchdowns are high. Injuries are a concern with Will Fuller V.

28.) Chris Godwin

If you believe in Tampa and Aryans being a match made in fantasy heaven then look no further than Godwin for the win.

29.) Calvin Ridley

Supposedly the 2018 stats indicate Ridley’s rookie performance wasn’t sustainable. But the eye test is nothing but positive. I’d take the eye test over stats every time.

Fantasy Sleeper Wide Receivers

30.) Cooper Kupp

If he can come back 100% from the ACL injury then there is a 100% chance that he is going to blow up this year.

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31.) Christian Kirk

Rosen liked Kirk a lot. Kirk got injured and now Rosen is gone. But Kyler is a better QB than Rosen and now Kirk has NFL experience under his belt. It’s hard to gauge exactly what to expect, but Kirk is the young playmaker the Cards need so it’s safe to expect he will post a good floor regularly.

32.) Larry Fitzgerald

Larry is the veteran playmaker the Cards desperately need.

33.) Courtland Sutton

With Sanders still working his way back from injury, Sutton is the WR1 for Denver until we see otherwise. Flacco may not be the flashiest, but he is experienced, proven, and has good arm talent.

34.) Marvin Jones

Right now all signs point Golladay, but signs don’t always point in the right direction. That’s life. Marvin Jones has certainly brought a lot of life to the deep game for the Lions, and I’d expect that trend to stay alive in 2019.

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35.) Curtis Samuel

He’s shown that he can burn defenses. He hasn’t shown that he can be consistent though.

36.) A.J. Green

If you looked at only his 2018 campaign he wouldn’t make this list. But Green is good and could be an excellent bench stash (or IR if your league has a slot) for when he is healthy again. He is generating virtually no buzz this year. Passing him up at the record-low price could leave you green with envy when someone else in your league start to reap the benefits later in the season.

37.) Marquez Valdes-Scantling

The rumor going around is that MVS spent time running routes with Randy Moss this summer. MVS has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him. I don’t know a ton about cooking up the perfect WR, but Aaron Rodgers and Randy Moss sounds like a recipe for success to me.

38.) Dante Pettis

Pettis looked really good last year. But there are two new rookies WRs in San Fran that look poised for excellence. Pettis is the most proven of all of them but there is a shadow of doubt being cast by the big preseason being put on by the rookies.

39.) D.K. Metcalf

D.K. Metcalf a little raw but he is already looking like the WR2 for Russell Wilson.

40.) DeShaun Jackson

Can he return to Philly and make a difference? “Outlook Good” is how our Magic 8-Ball sees it.

WR Knowledge is Power

The wide receiver role is a critical one this year in fantasy football. Luckily, the depth charts go deep. But, don’t wait too long to nab the players you want. The WR Rankings Fantasy Football above will help you sort through you options as you select the best team available.

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When it comes to wide receiver knowledge, Red Zone Rick can run the post route deep or just play the possession game. Either way, you come out the winner if you’re looking to draft the best team this year.

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