Sports Quotes, Slogans, Practice Plans and More

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With fall sports seasons gearing up into full swing, we wanted to alert you to some of the tools that can help out sports team parents, booster clubs, team captains and coaches. Helping to organize and manage a a sport at any level, requires some work and patience. We’ve attempted to make things easier for […]

3 Inspirational Sports Stories to Brighten Your Day

Inspirational Sports Stories

Down in the dumps? Depressed about your fantasy football team? Or, is your local NFL team in a downward spiral? Worried about the state of sports and all the shenanigans happening on and off the field?  Fear no more. Let’s shift the focus to something more positive. 3 Inspirational Sports Stories Here are 3 inspirational […]

Run With Love’s Leg

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an article from Deepu Antony who submitted “Run With Love’s Leg” as part of the TeamSnap and “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year Contest.” Run With Love’s Leg I never thought that a kids’ race at a school could make me cry. The St. Mary’s Orphanage in Calicut, India, […]

Ten year-old determined to run for his Disabled Brother

10 year old runs for disabled brother

When 10 year-old Tobias Bass watched his big brother Titus missing out on running and playing outside, he was determined to do something about it.  Titus has cerebral palsy, and as a result, he’s unable to walk and hear. Ten year-old determined to run for his Disabled Brother Tobias’ determination to give Titus a fun, […]

Never give up: a life lesson from a college track championship

Never give up

“Never give up!” In sports, as in life, there will be times when individuals slip, fall, tumble or bad things happen to them.  When presented with the opportunity to give up or to dig deep and persevere;  giving up will appear to be the easiest option.  But, as the video below shows, sometimes a fighting […]