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Sports Feel Good Stories

Sports Feel Good Stories was launched on February 2, 2009, by Mike O’Halloran.

Jason McElwain inspirational
JMac scored 20 points in 4 minutes.

Inspired by the response of his Eagan, Minnesota basketball team’s players and parents to a link of a Jason McElwain video, O’Halloran set out to find more stories like it. He discovered the type of inspiring stories that attracted many of us to sports in the first place. The idea for a website was born.

Initially concerned that there might not be enough content to keep the site fresh, O’Halloran soon learned that, to the contrary, he would have a hard time doing justice to all of the inspirational sports stories.

The Sports Feel Good Stories’ mission was established:

“Showcase inspirational sports stories that focus on good deeds, overcoming obstacles and sportsmanship.”

The site covers various sports ranging from little leagues to the major leagues.  Featured topics include:

– Recent sports news stories that fit our theme:  Frequently these stories are submitted by readers or discovered on the Internet. Please contact us to alert us to feel-good stories you think might be of interest.

Original Sports Feel Good Stories logo
Original logo

– Features, reviews, and interviews.  Read basketball coach Brad Stevens’ interview and coaching legend Don Meyer’s interview.

– Excerpts from sportsbooks like Our Boys:  A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen by Joe Drape and SATCHEL: The Life and Times of an American Legend by Larry Tye are two examples.

– Sports resources:  Sports quotes, sports team slogans, team nickname ideas and more.

– Guest contributors: On occasion, guest contributors are featured on the site like St. Paul Saints’ owner Mike Veeck and author Jack Bowen.

– The Sports Feel Good Stories Store. With a purchase of any product at our store, you’ll also receive a FREE Students Certificates Bundle that you can award to your favorite teacher. It’s our way of recognizing teachers and saying, “Thanks!” Learn more about our Reward for a Classroom Program.

Read more about Our Quest.

Here is some media coverage the site has received.

Please contact Mike for any site inquiries.  Thanks.

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About Mike O’Halloran

O’Halloran’s professional background includes working as President of Magnetic Poetry, a gift and toy company, noted for its ubiquitous word magnets seen on refrigerator doors. He was also Director of Marketing for The Learning Company, an educational software company, during Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary’s reign.

Sports Feel Good Stories Founder Mike O'Halloran
Mike O’Halloran

O’Halloran served as a contributing writer for USA Football, the youth arm of the NFL.

Well Prepared CoachHe is the editor and publisher of the Well Prepared Coach™ line of:

O’Halloran authored:

Site Photographer: MJ O'HalloranSite Photographer: MJ O'Halloran
Site Photographer: MJ O’Halloran

O’Halloran is also the founder of Greeting Card Poet.com –  A resource of ideas for what to write on greeting cards for special occasions. And, he’s the co-publisher of Listcaboodle.com — a website featuring lists of all types.

Having grown up in Kansas City (MO), Wausau (WI) and the Twin Cities (MN), O’Halloran enjoys cheering on his teams which include the Kansas City Royals, Green Bay Packers, KU Jayhawks, Wisconsin Badgers, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Timberwolves and other Minnesota teams.

O’Halloran’s wife MJ and four daughters make frequent contributions to the site with photography, story ideas, and modeling.

football girls image
Backyard football with the crew. Don’t let the smiles fool you.


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