Team Names For Sports Teams and Businesses

When your sports team, business group or organization is looking to come up with some best team name ideas, things can get serious quickly. You want your name to shine above the others. It helps to have many choices to consider. That’s where we can help. Please review the choices on this page and others to come up with the perfect name for your group.

Best Team Names Menu

The List below this menu includes many names for sports and business groups. The menu items immediately below are listed by sport and by theme.

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Favorite Team Names

Victorious Secret.

No Game Scheduled.

Team Name Here.

Average Joe’s.

That’s How We Roll.

The Blueberry Cobblers.

The Chicken Colonels.

The First Comets.

Flying Carp.

Blue Demons.

Black Buffaloes.

The Underdogs.

Dragon from Tahiti.

Bull Riders.



Leapin’ Bulldogs.

Bulldogs Hornets.

Best Team Names imageSimply the Best

Backyard All-Stars.

The A-Team.

No Game Scheduled.

Here for the Exercise.

No Show.

LIFO – Last In First Out.

Team Win.

The Big Bang Theory.

The Flying Buttresses.

Picked Last!

F Troop.

Matching Uniforms!

Don’t Stop Ballieving.

The Burn Unit.

No Hit Sherlock.

Release the Dragons.

Bye Week.

Fun Ideas

Big Blues.

Blue Boys.

Fightin’ Blue Hens.

Fighting Bees.

Three Humped Camels.

Captains of Your Soul.

Fighting Cardinals.


Sea Otters.

The Saints.

Big Green.

Blue Blazers.

Top Options

SWAT Team.

Saber Tooth Tigers.

Black Bears.

Boll Weevils.

Mad Bombers.

Blue Lightning.

Riders of the Storm.

Blue Raiders.

Big Red.

Billy Goats.


Black Antelopes.

Bald Eagles.

The Substitutes.

Our uniforms match.

Banana Slugs.

Names for Teams

Demon Deacons.

Crimson Tide.

The Crashing Crocodiles.

The Cream Crusaders.

Blue Devils.

Burnt Bridges.

Fighting Hornets.

Light Brigade.

The Defenders.

Fashionable Gauchos.

The Buckeyes.

Blue Jays.

Blue Thunder.

White Tigers.

Great Danes.

The Mad Hatters.

Black Storm.

The Crush.

The Green Machine.

Fighting Irish.

Green Crush.

The Battling Cyclones.

What Makes a Good Team Name?

Here are five considerations:

Is it easy to say? Usually, shorter is better, but keep an open mind.

Is it memorable? Is it catchy? Will folks remember it?

Does it describe your team? Is it relevant?

Is it not overused? Names that are too common, despite being strong, lose their appeal. Be distinctive.

Does it lend itself to a fun logo? The best combination is a great name and a great logo. Some team names lend themselves better to logos than others. Consider that when deciding on a name.

Short video on “What Makes a Good Name?”

More Suggestions

Screaming Eagles.

Gray Elephants.

Golden Grizzlies.

Blue Hurricanes.

Golden Knights.

Fighting Crusaders.

Black Lions.

Mauve Monkeys.

The Defectors.

Battlin’ Bishops.

Brown Bears.

Time Machine.

Great Lakers.

Green Wave.

The Replacements.

Mad Avengers.

Other Alternatives


Western Explorers.







We Are Family!





Big Red Machine.


Dust Devils.


Crimson Hawks.




Where your Name Might Show Up

Your team name might make appearances on the league schedule, tournament schedules, t-shirts, warm-ups, sweatshirts, and other garbs. Also, your name will be associated with your group in conversations within the team and outside of the team. Choose a distinctive name that folks can rally behind.