737+ Team Names: Best of the Best

Are you looking for some great team names that will stand out from the crowd?

First impressions are important. For better or worse, your opposition begins sizing you up based on what you call yourselves – your name.

What type of message do you want to send?

If you’re trying to show off your creativity, some clever team names might do the job. If you want to intimidate, some powerful team names might be what the doctor ordered. Or, if you’re in it for amusement, some funny team naming ideas should suit you.

Keep scrolling down or use the MENU below to jump to the category of interest. Hope you enjoy.


With 737+ team names on this page and dozens of supporting pages with even more options, you’ll have plenty of team name selections to choose from. Many of the ideas can be used across the category. For example, you might find a great soccer name in the “Cool” section.

Funny Team Names

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1. The Flaming Marshmallows — Love, love! In fact, I love it s’more each day.
2. Not Fast, Just Furious — Ask any speechwriter and she will tell you that some self-deprecating humor is always encouraged.
3. The Salty Pretzels — Great for older teams… and if you have to ask, well, that’s your team.
4. Game of Throws — Ok, this HBO show called Game of Thrones was kinda popular.
5. Bed, Bath & Beyoncé — If you like this one, you better put a ring on it.

6. South Korea Gots Seoul — Don’t let the fact that your team may have no connection to Korea get in the way of a good pun.
7. Furious George — A monkey is automatically designated as your team mascot, and if you can find a man with a yellow hat, well, you’re on your “A” game.
8. The Young and the Rest of Us — So, soap operas are on their last leg (well, so is your team).
9. Your Humble League Champ — Humility has its place, just not here.
10. The Startled Koalas — Look, it’s my favorite arboreal, herbivorous marsupial.

11. Axis of No Talent — Being honest might not get you far in your league, but let’s call a spade a spade.
12. Bruce Willis was Dead the Whole Time! I’m guessing The Sixth Sense made the phrase “spoiler alert” very popular?


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Team Name Ideas

13. We will destroy you and burn your village — Nothing quite like a subtle approach.
14. Are We There Yet? One of the great universalities of growing up is that your dad heard this message a lot.
15. Where no ability meets no talent — Looking yourself in the mirror can be difficult.

16. In it for the Swag — You got me, I just like saying swag.
17. The Waiver Wire — Not a first-rounder on your team? Well, you’re accurate if nothing else.
18. Too Fat for Uniforms — When the opposing team continually chants, “Jenny Craig,” you might want to consider this name.
19. Can’t Stop the Hip-Hop — Hey, it rhymes!
20. Joanie Loves Chachi — The ultimate put-down in our neighborhood was to call someone, “Chachi.”

21. Snickerdoodles — Good tasting cookie with a good sounding name.
22. Gangs of New Pork — Puns may be the death of us all.
23. E = MC Hammer — The ultimate team name for when you’re looking to combine Einstein with a little rap.
24. Wheaties Box Rejects — The cereal aisle at Piggly Wiggly will be the closest anyone on your team gets to a Wheaties box.
25. Olympic Pool Lifeguards — Think about it… yeah, I thought you’d like it.

26. We own Chuck Norris’ Squad — As Chuck has gained a well-deserved rep for being able to do anything, this is a big claim. Better be able to back it up.

Sneaky Selections

27. Bye Week — Hoping the opposition overlooks your team? Well, here’s your answer.
28. No Game Scheduled — Same concept.
29. Cool Name Pending — When you can’t come up with a winner, act like one is just around the corner. Fake it till you make it.
30. Our Nemesis — When friends ask, “Who you playin’?

31. The Other Team — Ditto.
32. Hide n’ Seek — Perfect when someone asks, “Who ya playing?”
33. That Better Team — Must I write it again?
34. With Fire — This is getting old.

More Funny Choices.

Best Team Names With Meaning

35. The Has-Beens and Never Were — Ah, modesty is such an understated gem.
36. Some Assembly Required — When your squad needs a full-time M.D., think about this moniker.
37. Asylum Escapees — We’ve all been on this type of team.
38. Will run for donuts — As good of a reason as any.
39. We’re here for the free shirt — It’s all about the swag.
40. The Walkie-Talkies — Perfect for a walking team with chatty members.

41. Out of Eligibility — If your players are longer in the tooth than the opposition, this name is a walk-off homer.
42. Like enjoyment only different — Participation and satisfaction are two different things.
43. The Couch Sweet Potatoes — Like avocados, sweet potatoes are back in style.
44. The Stud Muffins — You’ll have to smile when you tell someone your name.
45. Fueled by Hops — Carbohydrates make the world go round.

46. The Sandbaggers — Knowing the system is this squad’s identity.
47. The Nerd Herd — Excellent for ping-pong squads, AV teams, and robotics.
48. Just here for the Bacon — And, really who isn’t?
49. Team Spanks — If you can’t laugh at yourself…
50. Bringing up the Rear — Knowing your place in life is so important… just sayin’.

51. Hustle and Muscle — False advertising is an epidemic.
52. Low Expectations — Yes! Perfect for nearly all community teams.

Cool Team Names

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53. The Relaxing Rhinos — So hip.
54. The Caboose — We come in last.
55. Bodies by Dad — Watch Jim Gaffigan on Netflix after every game.
56. Our Uniforms Match — It’s the small accomplishments in life that have such great meaning.
57. The Barn Raisers — Anyone see the movie Witness?
58. The Heebee Jeebees — Bonus points for rhyming.
59. Sweet Sassy Molassy — Ditto.
60. Class on Grass — Ok, this is a double entendre, but it was written as such.

61. Ump Yours — Easy, officials have feelings, too.
62. A Team Has No Name — A tip to Arya Stark.
63. Village Idiots — Spot on!
64. Redheaded Stepchildren — Mistreated, neglected and unwanted? Yes, that’s my team.
65. The Nomadic Ninjas — Gotta love the alliteration.


66. Jalapeno Hotties — Play some pepper with that name.
67. Bird Feeder Squirrel Proofers — It takes brains and agility.
68. Boom Goes the Dynamite — Amateur sportscasting at its best.
69. The Tater Tots — Great for a baseball team.
70. The Buffalo Wings — I think I know where this team is going after the game.

71. 99 Red Balloons — You’re on your own with this one.
72. The Silly Squids — Be different.
73. Sons of Preacher Men — This one is for Dusty.
74. Forgot to Warm Up — This explains so much.
75. The Pokey-moms — A name with a ton of potential.

More Cool Selections.


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76. Toxic Sushi — Go figure.
77. Soul Train Riders — Get on board.
78. Dangerous Rocks — A shirt with the warning sign completes the branding.
79. Hopscotch Mafia — Combine two names that previously had never been put together = winner!
80. Superheroes in Training — Sure, you are.

81. Killer Whales — Straight to the point.
82. Jacked in the Box — If weights are your team’s thing.
83. Globetrotters — A tough basketball name to live up to.
84. Better Run Than The Government — Damning with faint praise.
85. Everyday Unicorns — Along with a rainbow color palette, and you’re all set.

86. Straight Cash Homie — Dialing in Randy Moss.
87. Team Double Dippers — Named after poor manners, low expectations couldn’t be lower.
88. Future Walmart Greeters — Already, these folks are good with the post-game handshakes.
89. Waist Management — Easier wrote than done.
90. Just Win Baby — This was employed by Al Davis many years ago as a Raiders’ slogan.

More Creative Options.


91. Abusement Park — Nothing screams strength like this name.
92. Cereal Killers — Add “Captain Crunch” for more fun.
93. Mad Thrashers — Thrash sounds almost as bad as it is.
94. Junk Yard Dogs — Savage.
95. High Voltage — It will be a hair-raising experience for the other teams.

96. Dream Crushers — You’re not just beating them, you’re taking away their souls.
97. You’re a Quizard, Harry — Trivia lovers have found their solution.
98. Intimidators — Winning through intimidation is the tagline.
99. New Orleans Voodoo — Adding a cult aspect to the name.
100. Predators — So this makes your opponents “the prey.”

101. Purple People Eaters — A tip of the hat to the Vikings defense from the ’70s.
102. Rampage — Going on a rampage makes it action-oriented.
103. Raptors — Love this one for logo possibilities.
104. Screaming Eagles — 101 Airborne Division’s name.
105. Stampede — Watch out!

106. Crime Spree — Perhaps inappropriate for younger teams.
107. Mad Monsters — An alliterative beauty.
108. The murder of Crows — Because that’s what you call a group of crows.
109. Tidal Wave — Surge.
110. Titans — We’ve all seen Remember the Titans, right?

111. Marauders — Another word for raiders.
112. Vipers — This group is venomous.
113. Warhawks — Sounds like this team is ready for prime time.
114. Warriors — Come out to play.

Team Names Meme


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Group Names

115. The Pensive Gangsters — A thinking person’s choice.
116. Great Mates — Aussie-style rhymer.
117. The Herd — Everyone is more powerful in a group.
118. A batch of Weirdos — Could be very descriptive.
119. Rubber Duckies — A playful, whimsical name.
120. SPAM! — Short, and to the point.

121. Recycle Bin — For a vintage team.
122. Gnomes without Homes — Think of your logo options.
123. Bros on their Toes — This ever-alert team will not be surprised.
124. Wifi Password is… — Go into any coffee shop and this is the one sign you’re sure to see.
125. The Chunky Monkeys — Hey, we’ve all put on a few pounds.

126. Spartans — Traditional winner.
127. Family Ties — Wasn’t that the Michael Fox show?
128. Family Matters — Two old TV shows in a row – sue me!
129. Lucky Charms — For a team that’s magically delicious.
130. Sweaty Gym Socks — Such a practical choice.

131. Cool and the Gang — You might have to fight over who gets to be “Cool”?.
132. The Philly Phenoms — Hard to get two “Ph” words in a row, but mission accomplished.
133. Lords of the Bling — Not bad.
134. Flaming Hot Cheetos — Every player must bring a bag to every game. How committed are you?
135. The Hula Hoops — So, some eyebrows may be raised, but who cares?

136. Full House — For baseball or softball squads.
137. Bandwagon Jumpers — Get on board while you can.

Squad Names

138. Chuck Norris Offspring — We love Chuck.
139. Corduroy Cowbells — Huh?
140. Tardy Termites — Bizarre choice.

141. Worthless without coffee — That’s a fact, Jack.
142. Falcons — Old stand-by.
143. Hawks — Another popular one.
144. Cobras — Not bad.
145. Spark Plugs — Great if you’re looking for someone to sponsor you.

146. Up a Notch — Turn it up.
147. Dream Team — What’s not to like about this naming idea?
148. Brute Force — A brawny selection.
149. Powers That Be — Who are you playing? The Powers that Be.
150. Cougars — Conventional, a proven winner.

151. Wildcats — There may be a reason it’s so popular.
152. The Sharpshooters — Basketball, pool, horseshoes, etc.
153. Beast Mode — Shades of Marshawn Lynch.
154. Atomic Bombs — Don’t go all nuclear on us.
155. Movers and Shakers — Idioms can be effective.
156. Overdrive — Interesting option for you.

Team Names for Competition

157. The Flaming Flamingos — Alliterations are us.
158. Battling Mongooses — Unconventional winner.
159. Elite Skills — Of course you do.
160. Splash Bros — Short an fun.

161. Great Balls of Fire — Goodness gracious.
162. Smarty Pints — When visiting the local establishment is part of your game night routine.
163. We Got Game — Could be adapted to “He” or “She.”
164. Columbian Boot Weasels — A conversation starter if nothing else.
165. Vandelay Industries — George’s company.


166. Recreational Hazard — Got to love this one for rec sports.
167. The Bus Drivers — we take you to school.
168. Fifty Shades of Awesome — Hmm? It would take the right team to pull this off.
169. Beer Pressure — Bet you can’t guess where this came up.
170. The Real Replacements — There was this movie called… if you have to explain it, it might not be a great choice.

171. Smooth Operators — Players come on court to Sade’s single of the same name.
172. Razzle Dazzle — Sell it.
173. How I met your Mudder — TV show play on words.
174. Team Dis — Perfect for college intramurals.

Play on Words Names

175. Tequila Mockingbirds — From a roller derby name to the trivia team, we got you covered.
176. The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers — Hilarious.
177. America’s Best Chance — A patriotic winner.
178. The Showtime Shoguns — Show me the money.
179. Tony’s Tigers — Frosted flakes in the morning much?
180. 10 hearts, 1 beat — A team that sticks together can go places.

181. The Cow Tippers — I like this one.
182. We Overslept — Explains your lackluster play.
183. After School Specials — Maybe inspirational.
184. The Kickin’ Chickens — For soccer or kickball.
185. Spinal Tappers — For lovers of the movie.

186. Rockstar Lifestyle — This name has some swag.
187. The Mullet Mafia — A tribute toJoe Dirt and The Goblin King in Labyrinth.
188. Matching T-shirts — The lowest bar for a softball team.
189. The Hurt Locker Room — Bring on the Ibuprofen.
190. Bottom of the Depth Chart — Next player up went a little too far.

191. Creepy Crawlers — Certainly, a unique name.
192. Miracle Whipped — No comment.

Team Names for Girls & Women

193. Chicks With Sticks — Ideal for a girls hockey or lacrosse team.
194. Taco Belles — Pretty good.
195. Gone Girls — They’re so fast.

196. The HERd — Get it?
197. Girls in Pearls — Bring on the bling.
198. Back Street Girls — Wait a minute…
199. Dazzling Divas — Very nice.
200. Cupcake Crushers — Scary.

201. The Ponytail Posse — Softball team idea.
202. Wonder Women — Perfect for many teams.
203. Mavens of Mayhem — You might know Mayhem from the All-State commercials.
204. Confetti! — It’s a celebration.
205. Hot Flash — For a more mature squad.
206. Dolls with Balls — Softball, basketball, football…really any team with a “ball” in the name.
207. Fly Girls — Who wouldn’t like this?
208. Pink Power — Catchy.
209. Soul Sisters — Love it.
210. Doomsday Dolls — The juxtaposition of the two names works.

211. Ladybugs United — Good for a soccer team.
212. Herricanes! — See what we did there?
213. Awesome Blossoms — Great rhyming names.
214. Hollie Berries — With apologies to Hallie Berry.
215. Screaming Divas — Any name that begins with Screaming to start is a winner.
216. Lady Bugs — Good for younger teams.

More Girl Options.

Cute Team Names

217. Bumblebees — Youth sports teams: look here.
218. Mean Girls — Movie popularity makes this one ok.
219. Goal Diggers — Pretty cool for a soccer team.
220. Babes with Brains — BWB.

221. Lady Bombers — Sounds like a roller derby name to me.
222. Lunachicks — A clever choice.
223. Ponytail Express — Have you seen those softball helmets with space for a ponytail? Well, the team that wears those should have this for a name.
224. LadyStix — A softball winner.
225. Divas, Achievas & Believas — A bit of a reach.

226. Angry Chicks — Put on a happy face.
227. Pigskin Princesses — Powerpuff football contender.
228. StarBursts — Colorful and fun.
229. Beauties from the Block — Easy to remember.
230. Queen Bees — Sign up Beyonce as an honorary captain.

Baseball Team Names

231. One Hit Wonders — Borrowed from the music industry.
232. We Love Bad Pitches — A play on words for… I’m not going to go into it.
233. Storm Chasers — Unorthodox.
234. Dugout Dynamos — Dynamite.
235. The Bad News Bears — Where’s Walter Matthau when you need him?

236. Sluggers — As in Louisville.
237. Mud Hens — It’s Klinger’s favorite team from Toledo.
238. The Hitmen — So simple, so good.
239. Lake Monsters — Where are you Nessie?
240. Boomers — Ok Boomer!

241. Hey batter, batter, batter — Everyone’s favorite chant during a game.
242. River Bandits — Easy on the ears and memorable.
243. The Grand Slams — Great.
244. E-Lemonators — A little play on spelling makes this fun.
245. Special K’s — K’s mean strikeouts in baseball.

246. The Blast — A memorable long hit is referred to as a blast.
247. Biscuits — Easy like Sunday morning.
248. Flying Squirrels — Unusual but solid.
249. RoughRiders — Teddy Roosevelt was a RoughRider.
250. The Bambino’s — Babe Ruth’s nickname.

Basketball Squad Naming Ideas

251. Chicken Noodle Hoop — A classic!
252. Shooting Stars — So obvious, but so good.
253. The Hot Shots — Brings a little more attitude to the court.
254. The Ball Hawks — The insertion of the word “ball” refreshes this common nickname.
255. The Force — May it be with you.

256. You’ve Got Next — On courts across the country, the losing team will try to call out, “We go next.” So, this plays it forward a bit.
257. The Rimrockers — Shake the house with this nickname.
Leapin’ Lizards — So fun.
258. Grape Jam — Jam has additional meaning in basketball.
259. Showtime Shooters — Magic’s Lakers were known as “Showtime.”
260. Orange Crush — Just place your team’s color in front of Crush.

261. Mad Ants — A fun name for a team short of stature.
262. Bricklayers Union — It’s all about self-effacing humor.
263. Wizards — Sure, it’s popular. But, there’s a reason.
264. The Hoop Group — Gots to love the rhyme.
265. Grasshoppers — A team with good hops should be all over this one.

266. Net Rippers — When you’re shooting the lights out, you’re ripping nets.
267. Hoops I did it again… — ‘Nuff said.


268. The Purple Piranhas — The piranha’s name is so underutilized.
269. First String Only — That’s a high caliber squad.
270. Superstars 4 Hire — For an enterprising unit.

271. Planet Lovetron — Daryl Dawkins would be so proud.
272. Alley Oops — Cool.
273. Geeks in Sneaks — When your engineering classmates want to play intramurals.
274. Thunder and Lightning — The way you shoot is frightening.
275. High-Top Hoopsters — Just add Chuck Taylors, rinse and repeat.

276. Fast and Furious — You have to play a full-court press to carry this one-off.
277. Jump Shooters and Jammers — Isn’t this the state of the NBA?
278. The Jump Balls — Be confident… they’ll come to see your genius.
279. The Buzzer Beaters — A no-brainer.

More Basketball.

Cornhole Team Names

280. The Stalking Dead — This sport was made for team names.
281. Cornhole Reddenbacher — See what I mean?
282. Pirates of the Cornibbean — It’s too easy.
283. Big Bag Theory — Why can’t all sports be like this?
284. Shuck Dynasty — C’mon, it’s like striking out the pitcher.
285. Stalk is Cheap — It sure is.

286. We’re all Ears — Too obvious.
287. Starchky and Husk — This is good!
288. Shooting Shuckers — Not my favorite but to each his own.
289. Hardcore Corn — Careful, this is a family game.
290. The Hole Enchilada — With a twist.

291. The Cobfather — Leave the gun, take the cornoli.
292. Kernel Kings — Meh.


293. Corn Chips — Running out of steam?
294. Last Bag Standing — Ok, coming back.
295. Maized and Confused — I get it.

296. Bagnificient! — This should be shouted on every great shot.
297. Good Corning Vietnam — A bit of a stretch.
298. Blood, Sweat, and Ears — Better.
299. Bilbo Baggins — You can’t help but like this one.
300. Kettle Corn — Ok.

301. The Courne Identity — Jason Courne.
302. It’s in the Bag — Cool.
303. Off the Cob — Cob play on words is not my fave.
304. Driving Miss Maizey — Finishing strong.
305. Baggin’ and Braggin’ — There we go.

Check out more Cornhole Selections.


306. Polar Bears — Less common.
307. Prairie Wolves — Right up there with Polar Bears.
308. Comets — If we only had a Haley on our team.
309. The KingFish — I think this is great.
310. Green Rebels — Not much to say about this one.

311. Fighting Hornets — Youtube videos have shown me that hornets are not to be messed with.
312. Commodores — This team’s a brick house.
313. Green Machine — Nice.
314. Razorbacks — One of my college favorites.
315. Fighting Crusaders — You had “Fighting” to any nickname and the team seems twice as tough.
316. Buffalos — The Buffalos are roaming on their 20-yard line.
317. Ravens — Photo of Edgar Allan Poe is the basis for your team’s logo.
318. Red Dragons — GOT made dragons popular again.
319. Red Foxes — Sandford.
320. Antelopes — I don’t know any team nicknamed Antelopes. There has to be a first.

321. Black Rhinos — Rhinos, like Hippos, are not to be messed with.
322. North Stars — Would be great for a Minnesota or Dallas team
323. Los Lobos — Poetic.
324. Bull Riders — You have to be brave or crazy to get on a bull.
325. Bulldogs — Mean but lovable. That’s the look I’m going for.
326. Continental Drifts — One of a kind winner?
327. Bruins — Traditional, yet uncommon.
328. The Stampede — Love the action orientation of this noun.
329. Grizzlies — Named not just for a bear, but a big bear.
330. Blue Bombers — Again, if Roller Derby is your sport, what’s not to like?


331. Moves like Jagr — Like Cornhole, hockey lends itself well to team names like this one.
332. Hat Trick Swayze — That’s just excellent.
333. Stick Magnets — And not that far away from chick magnets. Worth a shot.
334. Brain Freezers — Shouldn’t Dairy Queen have a product by this name?
335. Penalty Box Reservations — An in-your-face approach to naming.
336. Two Buck Puck — Trader Joe’s as a sponsor?
Cross Checkers — Catchy.
337. Power Players — A success on multiple levels.
338. Hat Trick Heroes — Is “hat trick” the best scoring name in all of the sports? I think so.
339. Ice Ice Baby — Nice, nice name.
340. Dekes of Hazard — Cleverish.

341. Puck Daddies — Not Puff Daddy.
342. Stick Figures — Nice.
343. Ugly Pucklings — A peewee team might find this to be a good handle.
344. Phony Zamboni — Hockey life revolves around the Zamboni.
345. Kings of Puck — Short and sweet.

Puck Masters

346. Quick with the Stick — You betcha.
347. Blades of Steel — No doubt.
348. We got Ice’d — Ok, break it up.
349. Shut your 5-hole — If you don’t know what the 5-hole is, look it up.
350. Puck Norris — Did I mention we think a lot of Chuck Norris?

351. Skate or Die — Kind of like the Shark’s mantra to swim or die.
352. Skaters on Thin Ice — The story of my life.
353. Dropping the Gloves — And, then comes five minutes for fighting.
354. Who Needs Teeth? — The hockey player’s lament.
355. Stickman Clan — Poetry in motion.

356. Zambronies — Take hockey bros + Zamboni and this is what you get.
357. The Defrosters — We heated things up on the ice.
358. Flying Elbows — Yes.
359. Toothless Wonders — A little harsh.
360. Lights On — Because that’s what happens when you score.

361. Goals Galore — The first time I’ve used galore in a team name.
362. The Mighty Pucks — Kind of like the Mighty Ducks.
363. The Big Chill — Very nice.
364. Wolfgang Von Pucksters — Heard they make great pizza.
365. Slick Stick Handlers — Just don’t let the hockey hair get in the way.
366. Rink Masters — Good enough.
367. Crossbar Cronies — Okay, I get it.

More Hockey.

Kickball Naming Ideas

368. Fried Kickin’ — So clean, so good.
369. Alive and Kicking — While your playoff hopes might be down the drain, at least you’re…
370. Kickerdoodles — Cute for a kids’ team.
371. Kicks R for Kids — Crazy Rabbit.
372. Fresh Prince of Ball Air — Who hasn’t started humming the theme song?
373. Dill Kicles — One step too far?
374. It’s not just for 5-year-olds anymore — Speaks to the resurgence of the game.
375. Kick in a box — The batter’s box that is.

376. Pope Benekicks — Had to reach back a bit, but it was worth it.
377. Mount Kickamonjaro — Hemingway like a reference.
378. Not Athletic Enough for Slow Pitch — And that says a lot.
379. ToeJammers — Yes, kickball can be a dangerous sport.
380. Natural Born Kickers — If you don’t know the difference between killers 381. and kickers, I’m not sending you to recruit a field goal expert.
382. The Bundt Cakes — Out of left field.
383. Jiminy Kick-it — Catchy jingle to it.
384. Kickle Me Elmo — Sure that works.
385. We’ll kick you to the curb — Hey, play by the rules.

Alive and Kickin’

386. RiKICKulous — One word with a kick in the middle.
387. Moves like Kick Jagger — The Stones are cool; just not sure if this name is.
388. Scared Kickless — I get it.
389. Recess Hall-of-Famers — The ultimate recess sport of my youth.
390. We get a kick out of winning — Straight to the point.

391. New Kicks On The Block — I’ll take it.
392. We kick like mules — How about Mule Kickers.
393. Kicks and Stones — Another way to fit in the Stones.
394. Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names — Action-orientation makes it strong.
395. We do Kickin’ Right — Another chicken reference lost on the non-TV crowd.
396. Through Kick and Through Thin… — All out or all in…

More Kickball

Running & Track

397. The agony of de Feet — Simple, easy to say and fun.
398. Christopher Walkin — Doesn’t sound that group-oriented, but more cowbell.
399. Legs Miserable — Ingenious.
400. Cirque du Sore Legs — Awesome!

401. Makin’ Great Strides — On a roll.
402. Run like the Winded — Do they get any better?
403. Baby Got Track — Lots to choose from in running.
404. It was fun until we started — What half the kids on the cross country team are thinking.
405. Hey Sole Sister — Yes, the old sole/soul play on words.
406. Running on Empty — Direct.
407. The Fast and the Curious — Not too shabby.
408. Jason and the Joggernauts — If only there was a Jason on the team.
409. Between a Walk and a Hard Pace — Smart choice.
410. Pavement Princesses — Girls’ cross country team honorable mention.

411. Uh, where’s the finish line? — The thought running through my head in every race I ever ran.
412. Chafing the Dream — Very clever.
413. Your Pace or Mine — The team name that doubles as a pickup line.
414. Consolation is still a prize — Love the sentiment.
415. Ibuprofen and Ben Gay — Healing plays such an important role.
416. Elite Cleats — After all, it does rhyme.
417. Race Ventura — With the addition of one “R,” we made a name.
418. Overconfident and under-trained — Love the over and under move.
419. The Jogfather — Said no one ever.
420. Big Dudes; Scared Shoes — Kinda amusing.
421. Scrambled Legs — A great choice for a team.


422. Faster than your Wifi — Make a comparison for effect.
423. Smoking Laces and Fast Paces — Excellent.
424. Easier Said Than Run — Entertaining.
425. Heart and Sole — A sneaker stomping on a heart would be the natural choice for a logo, but you decide.
426. Full Throttle.
427. We thought they said, “Rum” — Delightful!
428. Dashing Divas — Elegant, yet active.
429. Get ‘er Run — Neat play on words.
430. Reservoir Jogs — Pretty good.

431. Sweat, Regret, and Oxygen Debt — A wee bit of a stretch, but 432. I’m gonna allow it.
433. Quads of Fury — Marvelous.

Soccer Names

434. Screaming Nachos — Sensational.
435. Game of Throw Ins — One of the best GOT puns.
436. Rush Hour — Short and to the point.
437. Look Ma, No Hands — Describe the essence of soccer and name your team in 4 words.
438. Ronaldoughnuts — So Ronaldo is kind of a big deal in futbol.
439. Reluctant Pandas — Don’t ask.
440. Boo Berries — Mildly amusing.

441. Heads up — Good for the sport that gave us headers.
442. Avocado Aces — Avocados are so popular now.
443. Sole Purpose: Victory — Fine.
444. Quite a Feet — Like it, I love it, I want some more of it.
445. Foot Challenged — Try again.
446. It’s about to get Messi — Brilliant!!
447. Spicy Wings — Non-sequitur.
448. The Red Card Life — For that team that takes a lot of penalties.
449. Kicking down the cobblestones — Nothing says soccer so much as Simon and Garfunkel.
450. Get your kicks — Light and fun.

451. Barceloners — Pro soccer.
452. Rooney Tunes — English star.
453. Banana Slugs — A fun name that could be used for just about any sport.
454. Razzmatazz — Folks like saying it.
455. Manchester Divided — You see Manchester’s team name is United.


456. Bat Intentions.
457. Whack-a-Balls!
458. Glove Your Attitude.
459. Base Invaders.
460. The Hit Squad.

461. Base Desires.
462. The Dugouts.
463. BoomStix.
464. Caught Looking.
465. The Slammerz.
466. SMASH & BASH!
467. The Masked Intruders.
468. Hits Happen.
469. The Walk-Off Warriors.
470. Major Impact.

471. Ice-cold Pitchers.
472. Fungo Nation.
473. Fandango Firestix.
474. Violent Storms.
475. Around the Horn.
476. The Soft Serves.
477. Batter Up!
478. Uncommonly Good.
479. The Whole Enchilada.
480. Fire Breathing Hamsters.
481. The Vengeful Vipers.
482. Scared Hitless.
483. End of the bench.

Volleyball Team Names

484. The Volley Llamas.
485. Pop up Blockers.
486. How I Set Your Mother.
487. New Kids on the Block.
488. Setters of Catan.
489. The Blair Hits Project.
490. EZ Pass.

491. Setting Ducks.
492. The Empire Spikes Back.
493. Block and Awe.
494. Johan Sebastian Block.
495. New Kids on the Block.
496. 2 Legit 2 Hit.
497. Serv-ivors.
498. Some Spike it Hot.
499. Passing Fancy
500. Spiked Lee.

501. It’s a Hard Bump Life.
502. You’ve Been Served.
503. Notorious D.I.G.
504. Jenny from the Block.
505. To Kill a Rocking Serve.
506. Net-Results.
507. Beavis and Bumphead.
508. Block Party.

More Volleyball.

Team Names Fantasy Baseball

509. Madison Budweiser.
510. Angels in the Troutfield.

511. Syndergaarden Cop.
512. The Three Moustakas.
513. Love me Ortiz me.
514. Game of Throws.
515. Bryce Krispies.
516. Men of Steal.
517. Hannibal Lester.
518. The Musial Suspects.
519. You Make Me Wanna Trout.
520. Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dansby.

521. Raising Cain.
522. Kershawshank Redemption.
523. Bartolo Colonoscopy.
524. Sano To Drugs.
525. Two Eggs Odorizzi.
526. Angels in the Troutfield.
527. 99 problems, Pitch Ain’t One.


529. Better Call Gasol.
530. The King and I.
531. Curry on my Wayward Son.
532. Big Girls Don’t Kawhi.
533. I can’t believe it’s not Butler.
534. Durant Durant.
535. DeAndre DeGiant.

536. Welcome Back, Korver.
537. Bestbrook.
538. Adam’s Family.
539. Rock Harden.
540. Curry in a Hurry.
541. Every Rose has its thorn.
542. Pau right in the kisser.
543.Westbrook Baptist Church.
544. Kawhi of the Tiger.
545. Jrue Light Special.

546. KATmandu.
547. The Big Lebronski.
548. Kawhi 5-0.
549. By George!

Names for Fantasy Football Team

550. Rudy was Offsides.
551. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia.
552. Brady’s and Edelman.
553. San Francisco 4th and 9ers.
554. Every day I’m Russellin’.
555. Le’Veon or Die Hard.

556. The Ertz Locker.
557. Rudolph the Red Zone Reindeer.
558. Rollin’ With Mahomies.
559. Dude, where’s my Carr?
560. Stairway to Seven.
561. The Brady Bunch.
562. Hotel, Odell, Golladay Inn.
563. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.
564. Pete Carroll’s Gum.
565. Hooked on a Thielen.

566. Hot Lockett.
567. Hit me with your Prescott.
568. Kissin’ Cousins.
569. King Quon.
570. It’s Von like Donkey Kong.
571. Zeke and Destroy.
572. Cry Me A Rivers.
573. Kyler on the Loose.
574. Flacco Seagulls.
575. Little Red Fournette.

More Fantasy Football.

League Names

576. A League of Our Own.
577. Any Given Sunday.
578. Blood, Sweat, and Beers.
579. The Federation of Dunces.
580. 12 Angry Men.

581. The Gridiron Gurus.
582. Show Me The Money.
583. 10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots.
584. Victorious Secret.
585. Fantasy Fanatics.
586. No Punt Intended.
587. Bragging Rights League.

Trivia Team Names

588. Only Here to Establish an Alibi.
589. John Trivialta.
590. Ashamed of what we did for a Klondike Bar.
591. I am Smarticus.
592. Superiority Complex.
593. Donut Call List.
594. Dodgeball Victims Recovery Group.
595. My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is A Date.

596. The League of Extraordinary Guessers.
597. Les Quizerables.
598. Feta is Bettah!
599. Christopher Walken on Sunshine.
600. Last Week’s Winners
601. Hello, Quiz it me you’re looking for?
602. Full Frontal Nerdity.
603. Otrivia Newton John.
604. On a Mission Without Permission.
605. I Thought I Was Speed Dating.

606. Trebek’s Tudor.
607. In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One.
608. I absolutely refuse to say this name.
609. Epic Failures.
610. I don’t know why Nic Cage Bird Sings.
611. Hot Dog Water.

More Trivia Choices.

Work and Business Team Names

612. We’re too old for this.
613. Out of the Cubicle and Into the Fire.
614. Everything the boss says is funny.
615. Digital Dream Team.

616. Follow the leader.
617. Barely Managing.
618. The Untouchables.
619. It’s a 5 O’Clock World.
620. The Capital Gains.

621. Let’s Get Fiscal.
622. Ideas R Us.
623. It’s not just a team, it’s a lifestyle.
624. AHA Hours; Not Moments.
625. Three Balance Sheets to the Wind.

626. Server Jockeys.
627. Who do you think you are Mr. Big Staff?
628. Nerds of a Feather.
629. Taking care of business.

Sales Team Names

630. Commission Impossible.
631. Sultans of Sales.
632. Selling takes me away.
633. The Quota Crushers.
634. We put the “action” in traction.
635. C-Level Prospects.

636. Down for the Account.
637. The Front Line.
638. Game Changers.
639. Soupy Sales.
640. Sales Team 6.

641. Needle Moving Maniacs.
642. Kudo Seekers.
643. Team ABC (Always Be Closing).

More Work Ideas.

Good Team Names

644. Sea Dogs.
645. The Hip Replacements.

646. Rapid Thigh Movement.
647. Ragin’ Cajuns.
648. Horned Frogs.
649. Too Stupid to Quit.
650. Our Tribe.

651. Turbulence.
652. The Misfits.
653. Team Advil.
654. Pimp my Stride.
655. Purple Power.

656. Red Hot Chili Steppers.
657. Witness the Fitness.
658. Road Scholars.
659. Lost in Pace.
660. Tater Trots.

661. Chafing the Dream.
662. Straight out of Ibuprofen.
663. Cupcakes Anonymous.

Group Chat Names

664. The Mad Chatters.
665. A Pizza Gossip.

666. Babes in Chatland.
667. The Mouse Pack.
668. Friends Forever.
669. The One and Only’s.
670. Simply the Best.

671. Chat 4 Ever.
672. Eyes on the Fries.
673. Listen Up.
674. Ketchup Krew.
675. You Don’t Say.

676. All Night Long.
677. Cream of the Crop.
678. The Cat’s Meows.
679. Kiss and Tells.
680. No-Diet Squad.

681. Tell me about it.
682. Not my only chat group.
683. Full Disclosure.
684. Talk is Cheap.
685. Hopeless in Seattle.

Fun Names for Chat Groups

686. Manic Mondays.
687. Sisterhood of the traveling chats.
688. Goldie Yawns.
689. Monkey Business.
690. Drama Squad.

691. 4 Real.
692. Blah Blah Blahs.
693. Open 24/7.
694. Time after time.
695. Can’t Keep a Secret.

Clan Names

696. Axis of Evil.
697. No Mercy.
698. Zero Remorse.
699. Gang Green.
700. Violent Vultures.

701. Kung Fu Killers.
702. Luck of the Draw.
703. Zombie Comics.
704. Beg for Mercy.
705. The Zombie Zone.

706. Under Your Skins.
707. Gritty Gangsters.
708. Sharp Savages.
709. A horde of Horror.
710. Sisters of Slash.

711. In Your Face.
712. Violent Victors.
713. Thunder Clan.
714. Untamed Terrors.
715. Night Sweats.

Wifi Names

716. Look Ma No Wires.
717. Wi of the tiger.
718. Bohemian Raspberry.
719. Paper or Plastic.
720. Wireless This Way.

721. WAN Go Out?
722. You are the weakest linkys.
723. Three’s a Network.
724. Every day I’m Bufferin’.
725. Life in the fast LAN.

726. Wifi art thou Romeo?
727. John Wilkes Bluetooth.
728. DEA Surveillance.
729. Black Sheep of the Neighborhood.
730. Hide your wifi and kids.

731. Ping me.
732. Wifi the feeling?
733. The silence of the Lans.
734. The Bat-Signal.
735. Router 66.
736. Any Portal in a storm.
737. Leave my newspaper alone.
738. Keep it on the Download.

More Wifi Selections.

How to come up with good team names

How do you name a team? There are many approaches for you, a teammate, a coach or a team parent can use to come up with some good team naming ideas. You can try a singular approach, or if the team name is so important, try multiple approaches at the same time.

Good Team Names Video

Secondary research on the Internet, books, etc.

Ok, so we might be a little partial to this approach. But, the whole idea with this technique is not to reinvent the wheel. Lists like the one above and the others on this site provide lots of options without a lot of time spent. Learn from other naming ideas, and either use these exactly as is or with some personalization to your particular squad.

Other sources might include research team names from minor league teams, foreign countries, and smaller organizations in the sport of your choice. For example, for baseball, some of the minor league teams have fun names that are not as well known as MLB team names.

Brainstorm with friends or team members

Brainstorming can be an effective technique for solving a creative challenge. Set some ground rules like “no idea is a bad idea,” and “try to build off of others’ ideas,” to begin the process. Perhaps one person is selected as the brainstorming leader to keep things moving. In the early going, shoot for a volume of ideas.

Then, as your time dwindles down, establish a favorite by asking folks what their preference might be. To make the evaluation, and decide on the final name, you might also establish some judging criteria. That criteria might include aspects like: fun quotient, how well it reflects the group, memorability, and more.

Challenge your team

Challenge each team member to come back to the next practice with their favorites
If you’re running short of time, and just can’t fit in the necessary minutes to execute a small brainstorming session, challenge each participant to come to the next practice with at least three ideas.

Then, at that practice, review the names and have the team vote on which name is the winner. Consider offering the player who comes up with the winning name some small prize.

What makes a good team name?

Most folks feel like they know a good team name when they hear it. Which is probably true.

But, if we wanted to break down some of the aspects as to what makes a good name, we can identify some of the qualities. Here they are.

Is the name memorable?

Do you think the team name is catchy? Will you remember it after reading through a list of names. Some ideas are just obviously spotted so they tend to be hard to forget. Others seem to sound like a whole bunch of other choices. Maybe, they are so common, one mistakes them for teams from another league.

To make names catchier, sometimes a rhyme, e.g., Smash & Bash, or an alliteration, e.g., Dashing Divas can do the trick. Other times, what makes the naming idea successful is borrowed interest.

Folks might know a common phrase, but when reworked with new words, it’s different — and effective. For example, instead of Do Not Call List, a small change makes it Donut Call List. Which, in addition to conveying a different meaning, is pretty funny for a team looking to have a little fun at their own expense.

Is it simple and easy to say?

If the name is not difficult to pronounce and has a relatively simple spelling, folks are more likely to remember it. A name that features common words helps. If not, is the less common word easy to read and say?

Does the name represent the group?

Is the name age and sport appropriate? A selection that is good for a men’s softball team might not be as effective for a little league baseball squad. Know your audience. Error on the side of ensuring that you’re not going to offend folks.

The 3-C factors: creative, clever and cool

In a bigger league, you’ll likely come across a name or two that is clever and unique. Perhaps, it takes advantage of some current news event or is a play on words that just works. It’s quick and to the point, and most people get it right away. These are the type of team names that really stand out.

Learn more by reading Emmy-winning writer Art Novak’s How to Name Your Team and Win the Name Game post.

Where to use your team name

There are a few places where your team name is going to show up. Let me call them out here:

The league schedule. An awesome team name will stand out from the regular stuff here.
Wearables: On your jersey, shirt, shorts or the like. This is your opportunity to bring your team name to life with a fun logo. Think of both a type of treatment and some design elements.

Signs and posters supporting your squad. Always a fun way to support a squad.

On social media. On Facebook and Instagram posts, you can not only call out the team name but also use it in hashtags. Also, if you have a team website, your team name can be all over it as well.

In your team communications. So, your manager or team captain can always sign off each email or text with his or her name, and the team name.

Now, with whatever team name your team selects, embrace it and have a great season!

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— Greg Johnson, Art Novak, Tim Moodie & Mike O’Halloran

Mike O’Halloran, editor and founder of Sports Feel Good Stories, compiled this list with the help of Greg Johnson, Art Novak, and Tim Moodie. All four have developed naming options for corporate clients.

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