Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names

Coming up with the best golf team names usually means examining words associated with golf and developing some word play and puns to arrive at a fun solution. Your team name – whether it’s for your local club tournament, company tournament or fantasy golf – is more important than what many folks think.

In some cases, depending on the league you join, or platform of play you pick, your team name is pretty much all that other players (and who knows, even spectators) will know of you.  When you choose your name, be creative, be clever, be witty and have fun! Remember, don’t be a drag – have some fun with it. Here are some ideas to use, or even better, use for inspiration. Good luck!

Best Golf Team Names for Fantasy

  1. Mulligan’s Island.
  2. Weapons of Grass Destruction.
  3. Par Then Bar.
  4. Complete and Putter Madness.
  5. Par-tee On.
  6. I like big putts and I cannot lie.
  7. Foot Wedge Crew.
  8. Natural Hazards.
  9. Club Rentals.
  10. Grip It and Sip It.
  11. The bogey bunch.
  12. How’s My Driving?

Fantasy Golf Team Names imageClever and Funny Golf Team Names

Where’s the first hole and what’s the course record?

Dude, Where’s My Par?

Back 9 Bandits.


Puff Caddie.

We spend more time in the sand than the Beach Boys.

We Skipped Work For This?

Team Putt Putt.

Strokes of Luck.

Snowman R Us.

Eagle Hunters.

Put Me Down For A Par.

Slice and Dice.

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Monikers for your Golf Squad

Executive Course Rejects.

Tiger’s Woodsmen.

Playing Through.

Grip it n’ Rip it.

Putting on the Ritz.

White Tees in White T’s.

Duck Hookers.

Couples Therapy.

Fringe Players.

The Mighty Mulligans.

Sultans of Swing.

Worm Burners.

Hack Attack.

The Bogey Men.

Eagle Hunters.

Cinderella Story.

Aces Ventura.


What makes great Fantasy Golf Team names? Well, like any other good name, it must communicates a lot about you. Real golf has a reputation of being stuffy – a rich man’s game. But, the world of Fantasy Golf is nothing of the sort! How cool is it to play golf without having to play golf?  It’s a great way to enjoy time with friends and a great way to make new friends. Save the green fees, don’t worry about the clothes and no caddy needed. Pick your players, join a league and you’re pretty much set!


Golf Tournament Names and More

Dance Floors are Foreign Land.

Pencil Whipped.


Shanks For The Memories.

Drunk By The Turn.

The Strokes.

Hole in Fun.

Shoe Wedge Mafia.

Nice Dimples.

The Shankaholics.

Dirty Birdies.

The Fore Horsemen.

Sultans of Swing.

Weapons of Grass Destruction.

What is Fantasy Golf?

Learn more about Fantasy Golf at Wikipedia.

More Names

“Where’s the Beer Girl” Tourney.

The Runaway Eagles.

Fairway Ninjas.

Not allowed at Masters.

19th Holers.

Can’t Touch This.

The Swingers.

Battle of the Fairway.

Team Names for Fantasy Golf

The Gimmees.

Green Days.

To Els with it.

The Shaft-shank Redemption.

Shooter McGavin’s Instructor.

Fairway To Heaven.

The Fair Ways.

Who’s Your Caddy?


Party of Fore.

The Putt Putts.

The Whole Nine Yards.

The Back Nines.

Smokin’ Tees.

Tee Party.

Game of Thrones Names

House (your name).

Watchers on the Green.

The Iron Thrones.

The Walking Dead Inspired

The Walking Divots.


If you have any suggestions for our Fantasy Golf Team Names, please let us know via the Contact page. Thanks!

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