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What’s a creative fantasy football team name that will make the other owners take notice? If you can’t win your league with your won-loss record, you better come with a great name. It’s a tough assignment. But, we’re here to help.

Check out our collection of funny, good, and the best team names for the upcoming season. Find your fantasy team name and feel good about it. Look for quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and star defender based names.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names List

  • Rollin’ With Mahomies.
  • Hit me with your Prescott.
  • House Tyrell.
  • Fournetteflix and Chill.
  • Dunkirk Cousins.
  • Little Red Fournette.
  • Rudy was Offsides.
  • Pete Carroll’s Gum.
  • Make AmariCarr Great Again.

fantasy football team names 2019 image

Fun NFL Fantasy Names

  • Mark Davis’ Superbowl Cut.
  • Dalvin and the Chipmunks.
  • Bye Week.
  • Kelce Grammar.
  • Hooked on a Thielen.
  • Dak in a Box.
  • TD Dez Dispensers.
  • Forgetting Brandon Marshall.
  • Hot Lockett.
  • Kissing Cousins.
  • Tuesdays with Torrey.
  • San Francisco 4th and 9ers.
  • Le’Veon or Die Hard.
  • Rudolph the Red Zone Reindeer.
  • Summer Brees.
  • Blount Force Trauma.
  • Fake Drews.

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Fantasy Football Team Names Video

Quarterback Fantasy Names

Tom Brady

Tom Brady names imageBrady Gaga.

The Real Slim Brady.

A dingo ate my Brady.

Brady and the Champ.

My Fair Brady.

Brady Fantasy Football Team Names

Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers fantasy selections imageAaron It Out.

King of the North.

Armed Rodgery.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

The Lone Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Names

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes Fantasy Football names image

Take Mahomes Country Road.

Patty Cakes!

Mahomes on the Range.

Mahomes Alone.

No Place Like Mahomes.

Mahomes Fantasy Names

Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers Fantasy football names button image

Cry Me a Rivers.

Glass Half Phil.

Rivers Me Timbers.

Old Man Rivers.

Rivers of Tears.

Philip Rivers Fantasy Names

Cool Names

  • Dakstreet’s Back.
  • The Del Rio Grande.
  • Shake it Goff.
  • All About the Benjamins.
  • Livin’ on a Prater.
  • Chronic Dak Pain.
  • Bridge to Teddybithida.
  • Eat Drink and D. Murray.
  • You’re Not Gruden Nuff.
  • Frosted Flaccos.
  • Gore Values.
  • Three times a Brady.
  • Golden McCaffrey.
  • Arian Foster Care.
  • Uptown Funchess.
  • Hyde and Go Zeke.
  • Hogan’s Heroes.
  • You Winston, You Lose Some.
  • Learn to Reed.


  • Guns and Rosen.
  • Oh Saquon You See.
  • A Kiss from a Rosen.
  • The Butcher, The Baker, the Touchdown Maker.
  • Mayfield and McCoy.
  • Half-Baked.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones FFL image
Julie is a game changer – that’s all you need to know!

Pigskin Name Game

  • Flutie & the Blowfish.
  • Lamar the Merrier.
  • The Garoppolos Islands.
  • De more De maryius.
  • Let Sleeping Dog Eli.
  • Landry Service.
  • Bozo the Clowney.
  • Tate Misbehavin’.
  • Dalton Abbey.
  • Fourth and Lynches.
  • Turn Goff the Lights.
  • Clam Crowder.
  • Mason Crosby, Nash, Stills and Young.
  • Mel Kiper’s Best Available.
  • It’s Von Like Donkey Kong.
  • The Touchdown Factor.

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names

Tyreek Hill fantasy naming options image
Tyreek is so fast that when he runs he can see his back.

Quick Hitters

  • That’s Amari.
  • Amari 2600.
  • Dak Dak Goose.
  • The Dak Attack.
  • Dak Shepard.
  • The Dak Knight Rises.
  • Le’Veon Let Die.

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Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky fantasy names image

  • Tried & Trubisky.
  • Mitch Perfect.
  • Mitch & Match.
  • Karmas a Mitch.
  • M.T. the Playbook.
  • The Big Trubisky.
  • A Mitched Blessing.

DeShaun Watson

DeShaun Watson image

  • Who’s on First, Watson Second.
  • MegaWatson.
  • DeShaun With The Wind.
  • Watson Your Mind.
  • DeShaun of the Dead.
  • Watson, Watsoff.

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Names

Alvin Kamara Fantasy football names button image
Kamara is as elusive as that get-rich-quick scheme that actually works.
  • Lights, Kamara, Action!
  • Kamara Shy.
  • The Kamara adds 10 pounds.
  • God Bless Kamaraca.
  • MaKamarca Great Again.
  • Toyota Kamara.
  • Instant Kamara.
  • Kamara Chameleon.

More Alvin Kamara selections.

New Orleans Saints

Adam Thielen 

Adam Thielen Fantasy Football Names button image
Catchy names for the sure-handed Vikings’ receiver.
  • Oh What a Thielen
  • Thielen Like Makin’ Love
  • Hooked on a Thielen
  • Thielen Lucky
  • More Than a Thielen
  • Thielen the Burn
  • That Lovin’ Thielen

More Adam Thielen fantasy names.

Julian Edelman Selections

Fantasy Football Julian Edelman names button
Can anyone cover this guy?
  • Edelman, Start Your Engines.
  • Carrots Julian.
  • A True Edelman.

More Julian Edelman names.

How to Name your Squad

Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Select a moniker that is appropriate for your audience. If there are a lot of folks in your league from your workplace, give a lot of thought as to how risqué you want to be with your name selection. Like a dress code for an event, when in doubt, elevate your game – error on the side of more formal – and demonstrate good taste.
  • Ask yourself if the name fit your team make-up? Many options are plays on words or puns related to important players, e.g. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood for Aaron Rodgers. This is kind of obvious, but it really helps to have that player on your team if you’re going in that direction.
  • Bounce your choice off some other folks and ask them: Is it fun? Is it memorable? To play fantasy football the right way, you need a great name.
  • Is it too seasonal. Will your selection work as strongly in February as in August?
  • It helps if the spelling can only be interpreted one way.
  • Another consideration: Does your choice lend itself well to a logo?
  • Consider basing your name selection on a star receiver, running back, quarterback, defensive player (must be a superstar), or based on team.
  • Once you’ve selected your choice, sell it. Add “Team Owner” after your selection in email communications.

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The Best Team Fantasy

  • All Dogs go to Evans.
  • Should’ve been a Cowboy.
  • The Cutler Did It.
  • Can You Diggs it?
  • Baker Mayfields Forever.
  • Dion Lewis and the News.
  • DeShaun of the Dead.
  • Davante’s Inferno.

Top Picks

  • Fly like an Eagle.
  • Clash of Tight Ends.
  • Da Bear Necessities.
  • American Hoyer Story.
  • Delanie Walker, Titans Ranger.
  • De more de maryius.
  • Antonio Brown Belt.
  • Pack Lives Matter.
  • Case of Miller High Life. (Case Keenum and Von Miller)
  • Roethlisberger Helper.

Low Draft Picks

  • Two Wild and Crabtree Guys.
  • Edelman’s Club.
  • Saint Happenin’.
  • Cole Train.
  • Fleener Schnitzel.
  • Lacy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  • And Hurns to you Allen Robinson.
  • Dak to the Future.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley fantasy naming ideas image

  • All Barkley, No Bite.
  • Saquon for the Team.
  • Watch What You Saquon.
  • Saquon my name, b*tch.
  • Know when to Saquan.
  • My Barkley is Louder Than My Bite.
  • The LomBarkley Trophy.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr image
Odell it on the Mountain…
  • Reuben Sandwich.
  • Cook to Perfection.
  • Head Cook and Bottle Washer.
  • Dion Lewis and the News.
  • The Boldin the Beautiful.
  • Dak to the Future.
  • Golden Taint.

Antonio Brown Fantasy Football Team Names

Antonio Brown monikers image
UPS should sign this guy up for an endorsement deal. “What can Brown do for you?” – Answer: Just about everything.
  • Shake it Goff.
  • Abdullah Oblongata.
  • Zeke Squad.
  • The Tannehill have Eyes.
  • The Burn Unit.
  • Maximum Eifert.
  • The Eifert Tower.
  • Stairway to Evans.

Hot Handles

  • Cruizin’ for a Bruisin’..
  • It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
  • Rated “R” for Gore.
  • Scoreless in Seattle.
  • Mystic Rivers.
  • Old Man Rivers.
  • I Pitta the Fool.
  • DeMarco Rubio.
  • Ginn and Tonic.

Andrew Luck Fantasy Football Team Names

Andrew Luck fantasy tags image
As Luck Would Have it…
  • A Rivers Run Through It.
  • Cry me a Rivers.
  • Teddy “Beat The” Bears.
  • Inglorious Bradfords.
  • Doug “My Favorite” Martin.
  • Chris Ebony and Ivory.
  • Rock n’ Sproles.
  • The Hot Route.
  • So Let it be Witten.
  • Credence Bridgewater Revival.
  • Vernon Equinox.
  • Say My Namath.
  • Week Off.
  • Call Me Shady.
  • Colin Keep or Pick.

Christian McCaffery

Christian McCaffery fantasy football naming ideas image

  • The C-Mac Attack.
  • Christian Religion.
  • C-Mac the Knife.
  • Christian Zealots.
  • Catch 22.
  • Onward Christian Soldiers.
  • The McCaffinator.
  • Wired on the McCaffinator.

More Christian McCaffery names.

Introduction to naming your team

Question: What would your experience be like without a fun naming selection to use as your calling card?

Answer: BORING!

Get the draft and NFL season kicked off in style. Don’t be that guy or gal who gives no thought to their team branding until draft night. It’s almost like letting the clock expire when it’s your turn to pick. It sets the tone for the season. Do a little prep work on names by reviewing some of our lists and arrive at an option that works for you. Your first task as an owner is to come up with a great fantasy name. Don’t blow it!

There’s a big difference from “John’s Team” and “Eat, Drink and D. Murray”. Make yours a game changer!

Names for your league imageCool Choices

  • Jonesin’ for a Touchdown.
  • Can I Get A Witteness?
  • Blue Ajayis.
  • E-Zeke Dez it.
  • Jay Ajayi Pride.
  • The Playbook of Eli.
  • Call Me Brady.
  • Brady Gaga.
  • Greatest Show on Paper.
  • Jerry’s World.
  • Adam Schefter’s Source.

Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Team Names

Russell Wilson monikers image
Wilson is a winner and probably the most elusive QB of all time.
  • Dawning of the Age of Demaryius.
  • May the Forsett Be With You.
  • Manning Up.
  • Dirty Landry.
  • Carry on my Langford Son.
  • A Lump of Cole Beasley.
  • Knights of the Gridiron.
  • The Brees Knees.
  • Insane Clowney Posse.
  • Sunday is my Funday.
  • Legends of the Gridiron.
  • Jimmy Garoppowho?.
  • Backfields and McCoys.

Matt Ryan and Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan options image
Could this be the Falcons’ year?
  • Taylor Park Boys.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
  • Weeden Start the Fire.
  • Boom Goes the Dynamite.
  • Arian Nation.
  • Necessary Roughness.
  • Legion of Doom.
  • Just Win Baby.
  • Injured Reserve.
  • Fig Newton.
  • From Russell With Love.
  • Any Given Sunday.
  • Chalupa Batman.
  • Monsters of the Midway.
  • Arian Foster Care.
  • Run Foster Run.
  • Abusement Park.
  • Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.
  • Run DMC.
  • Forgetting Brandon Marshal.
  • The Real McCoy.
  • Stafford Infection.
  • Cruzin for a Bruisin.
  • He Hates Me.
  • Favre Dollar Footlong.
  • Straight Cash Homie.

TIP: Check out Toyota’s Fun The 100% Completely Accurate* History of Fantasy Football. A fun read, or, you can create your own timeline. Mine began in Jr. High School.

Old School Monikers

  • America’s Team.
  • Orange Crush.
  • No Punt Intended.
  • Gospel According to Matthews.
  • Kerryon My Wayward Son.
  • Dakstreet’s Back.
  • Of Guice and Men.

Cam Newton

Fantasy Football Team Names

Best Cam Newton nicknames image
Cam it Up
  • Mean Machine.
  • Beast Mode.
  • Cruz Control.
  • Password is Taco.
  • Dream Team.
  • Victorious Secret.
  • Prestige Worldwide.
  • Team Awesome.
  • Ladies and Edelman.
  • Hyde and Zeke.
  • Gurley Meets World. (See more LA Rams Fantasy Football names.)
  • Leveon la vida Loca.
  • Flacco Seagulls.
  • Primetime Players.

Some Good, Some Hilarious

  • You can run but you can’t Hyde.
  • Make America Gates.
  • Dezpacito.
  • A Boy Named Suh.
  • That’s my QuarterDak.
  • Kareem Hunt for Red October.
  • I am the Rawlrus.

Carson Wentz and Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz team nicknames image
Wentz, twice, three times a lady…
  • Miller Hyde Life.
  • Taters gonna tate.
  • Ba-Donk-A-Gronk.
  • Game of Jones.
  • Mother of Touchdowns.
  • Lockett to Me.
  • James Starks’ direwolves.
  • Aaron it Out.
  • Wear Something Lacy.
  • Armed Rodgery.
  • Better Call Rawls.
  • Carr 2 Coop.
  • Old Man Rivers.
  • Insane Clowney Posse.
  • A Team Has No Name.
  • Green Eggs and Graham.
  • Gym, Tannehill, Landry.

Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski and New England Patriots

Gronkowski nicknames image
Nagurski, Butkus, Nitschke and…Gronkowski. Yes, the Gronk’s name just sounds like pigskin.
  • Le’Veon on a Prayer.
  • TyReeks of Desperation.
  • Green Eggs and Cam.
  • Shake and Tate.
  • TyReek and Destroy.
  • Golden Tate Warriors.
  • Winston is coming.
  • Super Mariota Brothers.
  • Game, Forsett, Match.
  • Fournette’s Nest.
  • Davante’s Peak.
  • Hooked on a Thielan.
  • The Dakson 5.
  • Martin ScoresEasy.
  • Samurai Dak.

Funny Fantasy Football Images

Todd Gurley Naming Ideas

Todd Gurley nicknames image
Gurley Man!

Von Miller

Von Miller designations image
It’s Von Like Donkey Kong

Melvin Gordon

melvin gordon names image
Can you beat Flash Gordon for a name?
  • Flash Gordon.
  • I’d Rather Be MG3.
  • Demogordon.
  • Secret Gordon.
  • For the Love of Gordon.
  • The Gordon Gang.
  • Flashback.

Derek Carr Fantasy Football Team Names

Darth Raider.

Carr Rescue.

Carr To Dance?

Derek Carr designations image
Park the Carr if you’re playing the Raiders in your league.

Oakland Raiders

Raiders fantasy football names button image

The Final CountBrown

Chucky Part II

My Favorite Martin

Dude, Where’s My Carr?

Gruden’s QB CAmp

The Fighting Janikowskis

Fantasy Football Memes

Le’Veon Bell

Le'Veon Bell nicknames image
Bell proves that patience is a virtue when running the ball.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott tags image
Zeke Squad!

Drew Brees

Drew Brees tags image
More video needed of Drew getting the team pumped up before games.

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack button image
Mack Attack!

Matthew Stafford

Stafford tags for fantasy football image
The Comeback Kid.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant image
Still impossible to cover.

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Team Names

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy names
Roethlisberger Helper

Minnesota Vikings 

Purple Reign.

Battle of Dunkirk.

Rhodes Closed.

Check out My Diggs.

I Got a Thielen.

Raise the Barr.

Kissing Cousins.

Purple People Eaters.

Vikings Fantasy Football names button image

Philadelphia Eagles

No Phly Zone.


Ajayi Another Day.

Love Ertz.


Root of all Eagle.

Under the Influwentz.

The Ertz Locker.

DeSean of the Dead.

Eagles Fantasy Football Names button image

Chicago Bears

Bear Force One.

Swift Taylor.

Mack Truck.

Mitch Perfect.

Tarik Cohenheads.

Da Bear Necessities.

The Swaggy Nagys.

The Bear Mitch Project.

Chicago Bears fantasy football names link button

Washington Redskins


Peachy Keenum

Josh Almighty!

What’s Up Doctson?

Reed Option

The Gru-Crew

Redskins fantasy football names button image

New York Jets

Jets fantasy football names button image

Award Ideas


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