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Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers QB, is so good that it’s only logical that Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Team Names are in high demand. A strong arm, great mobility, and good decision-maker. Despite only one Super Bowl win under his belt, is there really any other quarterback in the league you’d rather have? I didn’t think so.

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Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Names

The Lone Rodgers.

Aaron It Out.

Armed Rodgery.

Cops and Rodgers.

Rodgers Wilco.

Discount Daable Check Yo’self.

King of the North.

Welcome to Aaron’s Party.

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Aaron Rodgers Fun Fact

Aaron Rodgers seems to dispense more Hail Mary’s than your neighborhood priest. In the last couple of years, he’s had three memorable Hail Mary passes to score in the closing seconds of the first half or game.

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More Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Team Names

The Cheese Head Packers.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

Rodgers That!

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The Jolly Rodgers.

Riding in my Lambeau.

Mr. Rodgers’ Titletown.

The Cheese Stands Alone.

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Another Fun Fact

Aaron Rodgers finished in 9th place in the voting for the Heisman Trophy Award in 2004.

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Take a deep dive into how much the Green Bay QB is worth, plus some fun facts and quotes about him and from him by clicking on visual below.

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Fantasy Names

Football Cheesus.


Arodgenous Zones.

Air Rodgers.

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Hail Rodgers.

It’s a Wonderful Day in Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

Mr. Rodgers Titletown.

Green and Gold Fingers.

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One More Fun Fact

Aaron Rodgers considered giving up football to be a lawyer when he didn’t receive a D1 scholarship coming out of high school.

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Logo Options to Complement your Rodgers Team Name

A fantasy football logo tied to your team name makes a nice statement. “The Jolly Rodgers” lends itself well to a logo with the old pirate flag. “Aaron It Out” with a football zipping through the sky in Hail Mary fashion is another good choice. “Armed Rodgery” could show a visual of Aaron in a throwing motion.

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