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Fantasy Football Team Names – Best Lists By Year

Really, the place to start is with this year’s list. But, if you want to take a deeper dive, check out lists from previous years.

Also, we have selections specifically for females and a list that works in a corporate setting (if Mom would approve it, so would your boss).

2019 – 2020 Big Lists


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Best fantasy football names sorted by teams image
Names grouped together for all 32 Teams!


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Girl Fantasy Football team names


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2017 – 2018


Best fantasy football team names 2017

Best Fantasy Football Team Names Awards


2016 – 2017

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142 Funny Ones


2015 – 2016


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227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names


2014 – 2015



Best Fantasy Selections


Team Names for Star Players By Position

If you want to name you team after one of your star players, we’ve made it easy for you. Along with team name ideas, we’ve loaded each page with background material on each player and some fun facts.


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Tight End



Team Names By Team

We’re putting the teams in their stated divisions. Look for more to come.

NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West



Fantasy Football League Names

If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to you selection for your league name, here are some options.

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85 Funny League Name Ideas


Featured Articles

Check back throughout preseason and during the season for new articles and resources.

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RB Rankings 2019 image

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Editable Fantasy Football Award Certificates

Recognize the champ and the chumps in your league with these designer, editable award certificates. As commissioner, you can award these weekly by email or text, or save them for the award banquet at the end of the season.

There’s 35 certificate templates in all. Talk some smack, recognize brilliance and have some fun!

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