Panthers Fantasy Football Names

Find your Carolina Panthers fantasy football names right here! The Panthers are led by the athletic, multi-threat quarterback Cam Newton.

Speedy Christian McCaffrey provides an elusive offensive weapon for head coach Ron Rivera. Can the Panthers get back to the top of the NFC South? Show your Panther Pride with one of these creative fantasy football team names this year.

Carolina Panthers Fantasy Football Team Names

Kitty Whipped.

Cat Scratch Fever.

Cardiac Cats.

Carolina in my mind.

Smash, Dash and Crash.

Panther Pride.

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Coach Ron Rivera Fantasy Names

Riverboat Ron.

A Rivera Runs Through It.

In a Van Down By Ron Rivera.

Cry Me a Rivera.

Riverboat Ron’s Floating Casino.

Cam Newton

A Cam Do Attitude.

Cam It Up.

Shootin’ Newton.

Cam You Feel the Love Tonight?

Cam’s Laws of Motion.

Sir Cam Newton.

I Cam, I Saw, I Conquered.

Newtons Law.

You Cam Do It.

Camburger Helper.


Wham! Bam! Thank You Cam!

Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles.

Much Ado About Newton.

Cam Insider Weekly.

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Newt Cam Show.

Cam Sandwich.

Cam and Cheese.

You Cam Dirty Apes.

Green Eggs and Cam.

Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Yes We Cam.

Cam’s Big Newt.

Wham Bam Thank-U Cam.

Cam Went to Jarrett.

I Cam, I Saw, I Conquered.

Cam and Gravy.

Fig Newton.

Cam I Am.

Cam’t Touch This.


It’s a Byrd! It’s a Plane! It is SUPERCAM!

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Christian McCaffrey

Run CMC.

Fanatical Christians.

Golden McCaffrey.

McCaffeine High.

Christian Missionaries.

McCaffrican Camericans.

Good Ole Christian Boys.

Christian Zealots.

Catch 22.

McCaffrey Antivirus Software.

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The C-Mac Attack.

Christian Religion.

C-Mac the Knife.

Wired on the McCaffinator.

Onward Christian Soldiers.

Christian and the Heathens.

Living the Christian Life.

C-Mac Daddy.

The McCaffinator’s Coffee.

Faithful Christians.

Christian “Mingle” McCaffrey.

Crispy McChicken.

Panthers Fantasy Football names

The Lee Ward Islands.

Please ReTurner Trai.

Saving Brian Folkerts.

Jansen in the Street.

Winning on the Wegher Wire.

Bomb Squad LLC.

When Kuechin it Real Goes Wrong.

One Philly, Hold the Mayo.

Cotchery Caught Kurt Coleman Colin Cole.

Alas, Poor Andrew, we Norhimwell.

A Webb of Lies.

Ginn and Juice.

Nortman… Nort Machine.

The Norman Conquest.

A Warm Fozzy Feeling.

All About the Benjamins.

Kelvin and the Chipmunks.

Lord Kelvin.

Bersin with Flavor.

Shaq Lives Matter.

Magic Mike Tolbert.

Block Someone! Oher not…

Football is Art, and Artis-Payne.

Shippin’ Out Tre Boston.

Eat your Brockeli.

The Funchess of York.

Shelvin’ Benjamin.

Ain’t MisDeHaven.

Jerry’s Kids.

Munnerlyn’s Captain.

Hall of Fame Names

DeAngelo Snack Packs.

The Funchess Monsters.

Benjamin’s Franklins.

The Kelvinator.

Khalil Drogo.

Delhomme on the Range.

DeShaun Foster Care.


The Keary Colbert Report.

Kerry Collinoscopy.

Hurneyated Discs.

I Can Seifert Miles and Miles.

Life in the Fred Lane.

Ice Up Ken Lucas.

Barrel of Funchess.

LaFell in Love.

San City.

Funchess of Devonshire.

Half The Funchess.

Moore Money Mo’ Problems.

Tic Tac Poe.

Honey Funchess of Oats.

Poe Boy Sammich.

Kelvin Clutch.

Kelvin and Hobbes.

Six Degrees of Kelvin Benjamin.

The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Touchdowns.

Have a Cold Heinicke.

Wright Place Wrong Time.

House of Artis-Payne.

Wright On Time.

Ain’t No Party Like A Michael Palardy.

Long Way To Gano.

Whiskey Sauerbrun.

Check out the Carolina Panthers Hall of Famers

Funny and Creative Monikers

McNutter Butter.

Pay The Tolbert.

Its Not Delivery Its DeAngelo.

Elite Naanee Services.

Every Day I’m Munnerlyn.

Kelvins ACL Tore Cams Heart.

Harvey Byrd-man, Attorney At Law.

Armah Getcha.


Mary-Kate & Greg Olsen.

License to Kalil.

Kuech-in it Real.

Graham Crackers.

Senns of Our Fathers.

Pilares of Hope.

Undergoing Kemo Therapy.

A Sack of Peppers.

Cardiac Catastrophe.

Man vs. Fua’d.

Can’t Hardy Wait.

Wharton Hears a Who.

The Armanti Pythons.

Red Hot Julius Peppers.

89 Problems, but a Catch Ain’t One.

Finish Him Kuechly.

Bust a McNutt.

Criteria for Picking a Good Team Name Video

Clever and Good Choices

How about GaNO?

The Tolbert Report.

To Whom the Bell Tolberts.

Extra Mayo For Me.

Searcy’s Shame Walk.

Uptown Funchess.

Honey Funchess of Oats.

LaFell in Love with a Girl.

Annihilator #59.


Capt Munnerlyn Crunch.

Luke, I Am Your Father.

Shaq Attack.

Panthers Top Fantasy Players

  • Cam Newton, QB
  • D.J. Moore, WR
  • Curtis Samuel, WR
  • Christian McCaffrey, RB
  • Greg Olsen, TE

Carolina Panthers Trivia

Q: In what year was the Carolina Panthers first season?
A: The team played it’s inaugural season in 1995.

Q: When was the Panthers first winning season?
A: The team finished the 1996 season with a 12-4 record.

Q: What was Steve Smith’s jersey number with the Panthers?
A: #89

Q: How many retired uniform numbers does the team have?
A: One – Sam Mills #51.


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