Browns Fantasy Football Names

Here are some of the very best Browns fantasy football names for your next league.

The Browns have grabbed the attention of football lovers with their recent acquisitions, including Odell Beckham Jr., Kareem Hunt, Olivier Vernon, and Sheldon Richardson. These big moves put the Browns squarely in contention for the AFC North championship.

The team looks destined for great things under the leadership of their young quarterback Baker Mayfield. There will be no more waiting for next year with this team!

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Team Names

Mayfield of Dreams

The Fabulous Baker Boy

The Ohio Players

Hot Chubb Time Machine

Agent Orange

Super Bowl Brown-ed

Turn That Brown Upside Down

Waiting For Next Year

Cleveland Rocks

Junkyard Dawgs

A Clockwork Orange

Fifty Shades of Browns

There’s Always Next Year

When We Don’t Trade A Pick, We Draft A Kicker

Brown & Orange is the New Black

Where Draft Picks Go to Die

Space Browns

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Head Coach Freddie Kitchens Team Names

Not In My Kitchens

The Kitchens Cabinet

Itchen for Kitchens

Brownies in the Kitchens

Fab 5 Freddie

Freddie Says Relax

Freddie deFender

Freddie’s Revenge

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Baker Mayfield Fantasy Football Team Names

Baker’s Dozen

The Dangerous Baker Boys

Baker’s Shakers

The Beckham, the Baker and the Touchdown Makers

Baker’s Dozen

You Baker, You Brought Her

Half Baked

Baker Mayfields Forever

Shake N Bakers

Baker Me a Cake

Mayfields of Gold

Winnebaker Mayfield

Butcher, Baker, Touchdown Maker

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The Fun Ones

Bakers Dozen

I Gotta BM

Having a Mayfield Day

Paddy Cakes Bakers Man

You Baker, You Bought Her

Mayfield of Dreams

Browns Mayfield a Decent Team

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bakey

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Odell Beckham Jr. Fantasy Football Team Names

Dr. Beckham And Mr. Hyde

Odell NO!

Bend it Like Beckham

The Odells will be Ringing

Hotel – Odell – Holiday Inn

Saved by the Odell

Adele Beckham Jr.

Knights of the Odell Republic

Clear as an Odell

Odells and Whistles


Odell’s Kitchen

With Odell’s On

Odell’s Bells

Ring a Odell

Odell with it!

Alarm Odell

For Whom the Odell Tolls

The Odells of St. Mary

Answer the Odell


tOdell Recall


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Kareem Hunt Fantasy Names

Ice Kareem Cone

Krispy Kareems

Kareem of Wheat

Dream Team Kareem

The Kareem of the Crop

The Kareem Team

Kareem Supreme

Gettin’ Kareemed

Kareem Soda


Kareem Cheese

Kareem Hunt for Red October

That Dog Won’t Hunt

Kareem of the Crop

Kareem the Dream

Bailey’s and Kareem


We All Scream for Ice Kareem

Browns Fantasy Football names

The BabaDuuuuuke

Hyde & Seek

Flash Gordon

Me and my Bobby McGahee

Manziel in Distress

Diced Jabrill Peppers

Don’t be Haden on Josh Gordon

Haden Go Seek

Time to Grow Up and Be a Manziel

Gordon is the new Blackmon

Keepin’ It Manziel

MANziel in the mirror

The Johnny Cleveland Show

The Boston Massaquoi

Slappa Da Bess!

Duke Nukem AD

Massaquoi Me a River

R U Haden On Johnny Manziel

Tyrodasaurus Rex

Hyde & Go Seek

Dr. Carlos & Mr. Hyde

In Tyrod We Trust

Njoku’s On You

DeShon of the Dead

Njoku ‘Bout It

Jabrill Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

100 Meder Dash

A Mingo Stole my Baby

Red Hot Jabrilli Peppers

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Cleveland Classics

Joen’t Be Haden

Stallworther’s Originals

R U Haden on Johnny Manziel?

Brock Osweiler’s QB Camp

Cleveland Bronns

The Bad and the Ogunjobi

Obi Ogunjobi

Kizer Permanente

The Crow’s Nest

Where’s Johnny?

Dead MANziel Walking

Duke Johnson of Hazard

Kizer Roll With Hot Peppers

Kevin Hogan’s Heroes

Brock You Like A Hurricane

I Would Walk 500 Myles

Duke Nuke’em

Drango Unchained

Hue Gotta Believe

Game of Bones

Salt & Peppers

Immortan Joe Thomas

Win Slow Floating Ball

Fourth and Snort

Huckleberry Quinn

Jabrillapeno Peppers

More Monikers

InZane in the Membrane

Meder Reader

Help Me Obi Ogunjobi

Hyde and Seek

Tyrodasaurus Rex

Taylor Made

Tim the Tyrod Taylor

Taylor Park Boys

Hyde and Go Seek

Myles to Go Before We Win

Counting Crowells

Creative and Clever Browns Fantasy Football Names

The Brauns

Josh Gordon’s Third Strike

Origami Johnny

A Mingo Ate My Brady

Bring Back The McCribbs Sandwich

Greg Little Urban Achievers

Tickel Me Manzielmo

I Dream of Mangini

You’ve Got to be Njoku-ng Me

Henne, I Shrunk The Kirksey

Kizer Soze: Making Wins Disappear

What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, Hillis?

Sweep the Leg Johnny Manziel

Krugers Nightmare on Elm St.

Chainsaw Massaquoi

T-Rich or Die Tryin’

Miles Austin City Limits

12 Items or Bess

Hyde ur Graham from Gordon

Weeden Start The Fire

Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi

Funny Browns Fantasy Team Names

Whitner is Coming

Myles Away from a Championship

Any Given Sunday Bess Fishing

Hue Betcha

Flash, a-ahhhhh

Bless ‘Ems

Gregg Williams’ Lozenges

Hue Jackson’s Slow Jams

Put Up Your Dukes

Chicken Gordon Bleu

Landry Day

Dirty Landry

Going Chubbing

Don’t Know How To Colquitt You

Dorsey DeValve

The Hillis Have Eyes

Donte’s Roadkill Cafe

The Real Mccoys

The Pettine Zoo

Jake Delhomme’s Retirement Home


Yellow Polka Dot Mangini

Dayes and Confused

Khal Drango

Orange Schobert

Stop Schoberting

Brogan’s Heroes

JC and the Sunshine Band

Hyde or Die

Cajuste is Loose

Tyrod Trailer


Broback Mountain

Browns Top Fantasy Players

  • Baker Mayfield, QB
  • Kareem Hunt, RB
  • Odell Beckham Jr., WR
  • Duke Johnson, RB
  • Nick Chubb, RB
  • Jarvis Landry, WR
  • David Njoku, TE

Cleveland Browns Trivia

Q: Who was the team’s first 1,000-yard rusher?
A: Jim Brown – with 1,527 rushing yards in 1958.

Q: When was the Browns’ first winning season in the NFL?
A: The team finished their NFL inaugural season in 1950 with a 10-2 record.

Q: What was Otto Graham’s jersey number with the Browns?
A: #14

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Five – Otto Graham #14, Jim Brown #32, Ernie Davis #45, Don Fleming #46 and Lou Groza #76.

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