Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Names

This collection of Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Names is being tossed at you like a Russell Wilson spiral. Jimmy Graham, the Seattle Seahawks tight end, has been a force on the gridiron. He was drafted by the New Orleans Saints after playing four years of college basketball at the University of Miami. He only played one year of college football. The extremely athletic tight end put his basketball skills to good use catching touchdowns by Drew Brees with the Saints and now with Seattle’s Wilson. He set the Saints record for receptions in the 2011 season.

Check out these Jimmy Graham fantasy football names and see if something grabs you.

Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Names imageFantasy Football Names Jimmy Graham

  • Graham Crackers.
  • InstaGraham.
  • CandyGraham.
  • Green Eggs and Graham.
  • The Grahammy Awards.
  • I should’ve won a Grahammy.
  • Grahamnam Style.
  • How much for a Graham?


Jimmy Graham Trivia

What is Graham’s trademark touchdown celebration? He dunks the football over the goal post in a tribute to his basketball background. In a 2013 game against the Atlanta Falcons, he ended up bending the goal post as he dunked the ball over with such force.


Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Names

  • Slamma Grahamma.
  • The Grahampton Inn.
  • Graham Reapers.
  • Grahamattically Correct.
  • The Graham Slam.
  • Graham Chowder.
  • Graham Master Flash.
  • With Cam Newton: Graham Bam Thank You Cam.
  • Golden Graham. (with Golden Tate)


Jimmy Graham Fun Facts

• In 2016, Graham was selected as an All-Pro for the first time with the Seahawks based on a very strong season including 65 receptions and over 900 yards gained.

• The North Carolina native led the NFL in touchdown receptions with 16 in 2013. It’s especially impressive when you consider that Graham plays tight end.


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