Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Names

Use these Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football team names to give your team a unique and memorable moniker. The Chiefs are becoming an NFL powerhouse under the leadership of their young, strong-armed quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The 2018 Chiefs’ unstoppable offense scored more points than any other team in NFL, racking up a total of 565 for the season. So this year, show your Arrowhead Pride and name your fantasy football team after the boys in red and gold!

Fantasy Football Team Names Kansas City Chiefs

Chief Checkdown.

KC Chiefs R Us.

You Got That, Chief?

Chief Concern.

Chief’s Cook & Bottle Washer.

Commander In Chiefs.

Kansas City Stars.

Chief’s Executive Officer.

We’re Not in Kansas City Anymore.

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Head Coach Andy Reid Team Names

Reidburger in Paradise.

Reid’em & Weep.

The Reid Rockets.

Reid Option.

Sea of Reid.


Reid 4 Speed.

Andy Reid’s Mustache.

Andy’s too Chiefed to Reid.

Dandy Andy’s.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names

Welcome to Mahomes.

Whaddup Mahomes.

Pour One Out For Mahomes.

Mahomes, Your Home.

The Lights Are On But No One’s Mahomes.

Rollin’ with Mahomes.

Sherlock Mahomes.

Mahomes is where the heart is.

All Mahomies.

Mahomes Depot.

Patty Cakes.

Mahomes Cookin’.

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Mahomes Is Where the Heart Is.

Honey, I’m Mahomes.

On the Mahomes Front.

Drive Me Mahomes.

East or West, Mahomes is Best.

Lights are on but no one’s Mahomes.

Better Mahomes and Gardens.

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More on Mahomes

Close to Mahomes.

Mahomes on the Range.

ET Phone Mahomes.

Mahomes, Sweet Mahomes.

Obi One Mahomie.

Stand Pat!

No Place Like Mahomes.

Take Mahomes Tonight.

Obi wan Mahomie.

Take Mahomes, Country Road.

Rollin’ With Mahomies.

Mahomes Alone.

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Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Team Names

Get Your Tyreek On.

TyReeks of Desperation

TyReek and Destroy

One Tyreek Hill

Run for the Hills

It’s Suit and TieReek

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Head for the Hill.

Hill Seeker.

Tyreek of Exhaust.

Tyreek of Smoke.

Thrill Hill.

The Hill Has Eyes.

A Tough Hill To Swallow.

King Of The Hill.

Over The Hill And Far Away.

Tyreek my Vengeance.

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Travis Kelce Fantasy Football Team Names

Oh Say Can You Kelce.

Sail The Open Kelces.

What a Travis-ty.

Kelce Me Softly.

Kelce Grammar.

I’ll Believe It When I Kelce It.

As Far As the Eye Kelce.

Kelce Lately.

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Chiefs Fantasy Football names

Berry, Berry Good.

Too Legit to Colquitt.

Go West Young Man.

Turn Down for Watkins.

Professor Xavier.

Sherman Tank.

Moon Over My Sammy.

Hall of Fame Names

Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe.

Henne Given Sunday.

Built Ford Tough.

Happy Hunt-ing Ground.

King Fisher 9000.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butker.

Ware and Tear.

Flowers For Algernon.

Backing The Wrong Morse.

Beware of Zombo’s.

Maclin And Cheese.

You win one you win jamaal.

Berry the Hatchet.

Hunt for Red October.

Check out the Chiefs Hall of Fame

Oldies But Goldies

Jamaal’s Dash n Andy’s Stache.

May the Schwartz be with You.

I’m Your HuckleBerry.

Colquitt While You’re Ahead.

Consider Me Knile Davis.

The Hali Llama.

Jamaalin’ me crazy?

The Hali Lama.

Berry, Berry, Quite Dontari.

Tamba-Hawk Chop.

He. Could. Go. Jamaal. The. Way.

It’s Knile Or Never!

Living In DeKnile.

Jamaal Up On Your Mom

KC got the Dee.

Jamaal Charles In Charge.

2019 Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Team Names

Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Hillis?

Blitz Berry Crunch.

Grback to the Future

Knile Ain’t Just a River!

Berries and Cherries.

The Hali Lama.

Chiefs Top Fantasy Players

  1. Patrick Mahomes, QB
  2. Tyreek Hill, WR
  3. Travis Kelce, TE
  4. Sammy Watkins, WR
  5. Demarcus Robinson, WR
  6. Chris Conley, WR
  7. Spencer Ware, RB
  8. Damien Williams, RB
  9. Demetrius Harris, TE

Kansas City Chiefs Trivia

Q: What was the team’s original name?
A: The team began in Dallas in 1960, where they were called the Texans.

Q: What year did the Chiefs make their first-ever Super Bowl appearance?
A: The Chiefs played in the first Super Bowl in 1967, losing to the Green Bay Packers 35-10.

Q: What was Len Dawson’s jersey number with the Chiefs?
A: #16

Q: How many retired uniform numbers does the team have?
A: Ten – Jan Stenerud #3, Len Dawson #16, Emmitt Thomas #18, Abner Haynes #28, Stone Johnson #33, Mack Lee Hill #36, Derrick Thomas #58, Willie Lanier #63, Bobby Bell #78 and Buck Buchanan #86.


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