Raiders Fantasy Football Names

Use these Raiders fantasy football names to power-up your team and win your league. Raider Nation is resurgent with young quarterback Derek Carr and the exciting addition of Antonio Brown at wide receiver.

Head coach Jon Gruden is rebuilding the team to once again dominate the AFC West. Get on board for the final season in Oakland before the team makes it’s move to Las Vegas in 2020.

Best Raiders Fantasy Names

Raiders of the Lost QB.

Just Win, Baby.

What Can Brown Do for You?

Raiders of the Lost Yards.

Darth Raider.

AC/DC Back In Black.

The Silver Bullet Band.

Raider Nation.


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Head Coach Jon Gruden Team Names

Grudenough 4 Me.

Chucky Part II.

You’re Not Gruden Nuff.

Gruden’s QB Camp.

Cult of Chucky.

Gruden’s Grinders.

The Gru-Crew.

The Spider 2 Y Bannana Boys.

Derek Carr Fantasy Football Names

Carrfuls of Skittles.

Dude, Where’s My Carr?


Start the Carr.

Key to the Carr.

Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?

Make AmariCarr Great Again.

Carr 2 Coop.

I Don’t Carr Anymore.

Carrpet Bombers.

House of Carr.

Carr Max.

Fast Like a NASCarr.

I’ve got Carr Troubles.


Carr Rescue.

Baby You Can Drive My Carr.

Carr-ma Police.

Carr to Dance?

That Takes Carr of That.

Carr Heater.

Brown Carr.

Weekend Carr Show.

Carrie Me Home.

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Antonio Brown Fantasy Football Team Names

Antonio Brown-Eyed Girl.

Brown Out.

Antonio’s Brownies.

Brown Sugar.

Browntown Touchdown.

Antonio Brownderas.

Brown Rice.

Antonio “Downtown” Brown.

Brown Bagging It.

Antonio Brown Belt.

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The Brown Noise.

The Unsinkable Antonio Brown.

The Brown Note.

The Final CountBrown.

Communication BreakBrown.

Brown For The Count.

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Jordy Nelson

Oh Lordy, Where’s Jordy?

Jordy Full Nelson.

North Dallas Jordy.

Jordy Nelson Mandela.

Jordy is the New Jirdy.

Jumping for Jordy.

Jordy Wan Kenobi.

Jordy Nelson Mandelas.

Praise the Jord-y!

Jordy Nelson’s ACL.

Jordy Wanna Ride With Me.

The Half Nelsons.

Edward Jordy Hands.

Sippin’ Jordys.

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Oakland Raiders Fantasy Football Team Names

Hungry? I Already Ateman.

Baby Got Mack.

Hurts Don’t It?

Baby Don’t Hurst Me.

The Switz Alps.

Kolt 45.


Horses in the Ken Stabler.

Mack Attack Stacks Sacks.

Khalil Smack.

License to Khalil.

To Khalil a Mockingbird.

Lynch MOB.

Calamari Cooper.

Giorgio Amari.

Khalil Drogo.

Teach Me How to Dougie.

Hanging With Mr. Cooper.

Giacomini Bolognese.

Fantasy Football Team Names Raiders

Drives Like a Tank.

Kolton .45.

Frostee Flakes.

Hangin’ With Tha Nuge.

Classics and Favorites

Built Like A Mack Truck.

Shoot to Khalil.

Khalil Drogo.

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Khalil’ing Them Softly.

Beast Mode.

Osemele, You Mean Metaphor.

Baugh Humbug.

The Sharpe Side of The Knife.

E Tu, Breno.

The Fighting Janikowskis.

Have Amari Christmas.

It’s Too Late to Say Amari.

21 Jump Streeter.

Silver and Mack.

Kahalil’n In The Name Of.

Silence! I Khalil You!.

AC/DC’s Back with Mack.

Over the line, Marquette Zero.

The Li’l Sebastian Janikowskis.

Return of the Mack.

Who’s the Mack?

About That Oakland, Boss.

The Penn is Mightier.

Biletnikoff with Butterfly Wings.

Method to the Maddens.

Tatum Tots.

Hall of Fame Names

Firestorm is a Long Movie.


Casper, the Friendly Goal Post.

Upshaw Funk.

Shell’s Bell.

The Ted Hendricks Experience.

I’m Not Your Buddy, Ray Guy.

Fire the Gannon!


Milton’s Redline Stabler.

E.J. Manuel or Otto-matic.

The Darth Raiders.

Shell’s Like Teen Spirit.

Howie Longview.

Tom Keating Crows.

Osemele-Charmed Kind of Life.

California Cooper Alles.

Gimme Shell-ter.

The Hit ‘Em Upshaws.

George Buehler, You’re My Hero.

What Would Jones-Drew?


Moore Cow Bell.

Bring the Woodson.

My Favorite Martin.

Hangin with Mr.Cooper.

Terrelle’s Priors.

Woodson, Woodsoff.

Pryor Offenses.

Raiders Fantasy Names

100 Miles And Burris.

Count Schaubula.

Charles Schaub.

The Heyward-Bey Area.

Jonesin’ For Six.

Tuck and Roll.

Straight Cash Homie.

Run DMC.

Spencer for Hire.

Dust in the Flynn.

Murray Up Offense.

The Nancy Jones-Drew Mysteries.

Note: The Raiders are scheduled to play in Oakland for the 2019-2020 season before moving to Las Vegas for the 2020 – 2021 NFL season.

Raiders Top Fantasy Players

  • Derek Carr, QB
  • Antonio Brown, WR
  • Jordy Nelson, WR
  • Jared Cook, TE
  • Doug Martin, RB
  • Jalen Richard, RB
  • Marcell Ateman, WR
  • Dwayne Harris, WR
  • Lee Smith, TE

Oakland Raiders Trivia

Q: What were the team’s original colors?
A: The team wore black, gold and white uniforms in their inaugural season (1960).

Q: When did the Raiders first win a Super Bowl?
A: 1977 – The Raiders beat the Minnesota Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XI.

Q: What was Ken Stabler’s jersey number with the Raiders?
A: #12

Q: What Raiders’ player chose his uniform number as a play on his last name?
A: Jim Otto chose the number 00. Get it?

Q: How many retired uniform numbers does the team have?
A: None.


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