Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names

Use these Game of Thrones fantasy football team names to bring a new dimension of creativity to your fantasy league.

The first section lists GOT names associated with specific teams. There are also a bunch of names that will work for any fantasy football team. The second section’s choices play off individual players’ names, coaches’ names, and even a few sports broadcast celebrities.

This year add a touch of Ice and Fire to your fantasy football league. The medieval fantasy epic Game of Thrones has the perfect characters and names for you to set the tone, and dominate your league. Good luck capturing the Iron Throne of your fantasy league.

Game of Thrones Team Names

The GridIron Throne.

Doug R.R. Martin.

The Kingsguard.

Halfman, Half Amazing.

Arya Ready for Some Football?

The Three-Eyed Ravens.

The Monday Night’s Watch.

Born to Be Wildling.

Redskin Wedding.

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GOT Fantasy Football Names

The Dothrookies.

Protectors of the Realm.

A Feast for Crowells.

Mover of Chains.

Gendry’s Never Ending Boat Ride.

Lord of the Andals.

New York Giantsbane.

Meereen Bay Packers.


The Faith Militant.

A Team Has No Name.

The House Greyjoy No-Sows.

House Chargeryen.

The Patriots of Casterly Rock.

The Dothraki Broncos.

Atlanta’s Purple Wedding.

Mother of Dragons.

The Khaleesi.

Winterfell Direwolves.

Grey Worms.

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Creative Choices

The Master of Coin.

Reed Wedding.

Land of the Free and Home of the Braavos.

Frey & Sons Wedding Planners.

Lady Stoneheart.

Bend the Knee.

Hand of the viKings.

Bronny Football.

Winterfell Wolves.

Castle Black Crows.

Broncos who Mounts the World.

For the night is dark and full of Bears.


The Unsullied.

Hodor’s Hodors.

Three Eyed Ravens.

Lannister Family Reunion.

We’re Number Wun Wun.

Tyrionasarus Rex.

The Tennessee Tywins.

Ours is the Fury.

Trial by Combat.

Tyrion and the Giants.

Take you Wun on Wun.

Hardhome-field Advantage.

First Downs and Second Sons.

The Direwolf of Wall Street.

Dark and Full of Terrors.

ViKings of the North.

Cleveland Bronns.

Valyrian Steelers.

Khal Throwgo.

Winner is Coming.

Good and Funny Options


Crasters Keepers.

Westeros Welkers.

Battle of the Bastards.

Buccaneers of the Narrow Sea.

The Davos Seahawks.

Stark Raving Mad.

Casterly Rock Red Cloaks.

For the Watch.


House Frey Wedding Planners.

Mance Raiders.

Manning the Wall for a Forte Night.

Names Inspired By Game of Thrones Puns

The Wolf and the Lions.

In the Game of Football, Eagles Win or They Fly.

Crossing Massacre.

A LIONster always pays his debts.

Dothraki Dragons.

A Feast for Throws.

The Usurpers.

Tywin, Lose, or Draw.

The Red Woman.

King’s Landing Wildfire.

The Beyond the Wall Giants.

Narrow Seahawks.

The Stallions that mount the world.

Slaver’s Bay Buccaneers.

Queen of Thorns.

The Sand Snakes.

Winter is Coming, Saints Will Fall.

The Breastplate Stretchers.

A Gurley Has No Name.

“Burn Them All”

Westeros Wildings.

Wun Wun for the Win Win.

Maesters of the Midway.

Impin’ Ain’t Easy.

The One True King.

Battle of the Rosters.

Watchers on the Wall.

The Kingslayers.

Northern White Walkers.

Iron Islands Storm.

Astapor Unsullied.

Jaqen of All Trades, Maester of None.

The Sunspear Sand Snakes.

Players, Coaches and Owners Selections

James Starks’ Bastard.

Terrance Westeros.

The God of Fitz and Wine.

Ty Mormont-gomery.

Hands Like Vernon Davos.

Gilly-slee of Kraft-ster’s Keep.

The Agholord of Light.

House McCoy.

Guy Whimper Fell.

Skip Baelish.

Shane Meereen.

“Winter is Coming”

Lamar Morghulis.

Vernon Davos.

Tommen and a Brady.

A Song of Rice and Pryor.

La’Theon Belljoy.

Tate’s Golden Crown.

The Targaryens Lost it in Tebow Time.

Jaqen H’garoppolo.

Grand Maester Parcells.

Jameis Lannister and the Golden Hand.

The Rains of CastAmeer.

DeMaryius Stormborn.

Red Byrant Wedding.

Marshall Faulk of Essos.

House TargArian.

Manning-Faced God.

The Dire Wolfert.

Mark (Secretly Loras Tyrell) Sanchez.

A Khalif Who Cannot Pass-Block is No Khalif.

“If I Fall, Don’t Bring Me Back”

Grand Maester Russell.

Luck the Lannisters.

The Manning Faced God.

Hold the Oher!

Cooper Kuppbearer.

James Starks of Winterfell.

MAaron Trant.

Walders of Frey.

Johnny Unitas the Seven Kingdoms.

MarJerry Jones.

The Rains of CastAmeer Abdullah.

A Feast for Crowells.

A Song of Rice and Favre.

King Robert Quinn.

Khal Fuller.

Victarion Cruz.

By the Ty-Gods and the New.

Cassel Black.

Samwell Bradford.

Khaleesi’s Colts and the Luck of Ygritte.

House Tar-Gore-Yan

Aaron Rodgers: King of the North

MelisAndre Johnson.

Tom Brady of Tarth.

Eli Manning the Wall.

House Tulloch.

A Game of Jones.

DeMelisAndre Hopkins.

Robert Kraft’s Rebellion.

KhaLacy, Mover of Chains.

Roddy and the White Walkers.

You Know Nothing, Moreno.

A Feast for Flaccos.

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

A Lannister always pays his Dez.

Aryan Fosters.

A Song of Matty Ice and Fire.

A Manning-ster always pays his debts.

Khal Osweiler of the DothBrocki.

Doug R.R. Martin.

James White Walkers.

Joe McKnight’s Watch.

Ser Gio Brown.

All Hail the Royal Fitz.

Charcandrick Westeros.

Harold Red Waste Grange.

The Dragon’s Gregg of the Forrest.

Williams, Last of House Tyrell.

The Vale of Aaron.

Grand Maester Parcells.

The Blountain that Rides.

Martavis, the High Sparrow.

Winston is Coming.

Alshon Joffrey.

Game of Thrones Fun Facts

• The Game of Thrones has been awarded more Primetime Emmy Awards (47) than any other scripted television series.

• George R.R. Martin’s book A Song of Ice and Fire, upon which the HBO series is based, has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.

• The series begins its eighth season in April 2019. It premiered in the U.S. on April 17, 2011.

• Some characters on the show speak in the fictional languages Dothraki and Valyrian (with English subtitles). Most of the cast, however, speaks Westerosi which is represented to viewers in English.

• Due to the program’s immense popularity, new parents are naming their children after Game of Thrones characters and places. Khaleesi is now a popular name for baby girls in the U.S.


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