Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names

The Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names page was long overdue. Taking the NFL and the fantasy football world by storm, Patrick Mahomes started 2018 with a bang! Through three career games as a starter, he threw 13 touchdown passes – setting an NFL record.

With the 2020 Super Bowl win and MVP trophy in hand, folks are talking about Mahomes leading a Chief’s dynasty that could last many years.

Fantasy Football Names for Patrick Mahomes

Rollin’ with Mahomes.

Mahomes Cookin’.

Take Mahomes, Country Road.

Sherlock Mahomes.

On the Mahomes Front.

Drive Something Mahomes.

East, West, Mahomes’ Best.

No Place like Mahomes.

Take Mahomes Tonight!

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Mahomes Fun Facts

1.) Patrick Mahomes is the son of Pat and Randi Mahomes. Pat Mahomes is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Minnesota Twins.

2.) Playing baseball for Whitehouse High School in Texas, Mahomes pitched a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts.

3.) Mahomes threw for 6 touchdown passes against the Pittsburgh Steelers in his second career start. He was the youngest player at 22 years of age to accomplish this feat.

4.) In 2018, he broke the NFL record for most TD passes thrown in the first two weeks of the season.

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Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names

Mahomes is where the heart is.

Close to Mahomes.

Mahomes on the Range.

ET Phone Mahomes.

Welcome to Mahomes.

Mahomes, Sweet Mahomes.

Obi One Mahomie.

Stand Pat!

Lights are on but no one’s Mahomes.

Better Mahomes and Gardens.

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Patrick Mahomes Background

Mahomes played college football for the Texas Tech Raiders. He accounted for over 12,000 yards of total offense in three years. He had a total of 115 touchdowns. His nickname with the Raiders was “The Musician” because of the way he played – very smooth. His style of play was frequently compared to Aaron Rodgers.

He was selected number 10 in the draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. In his rookie season, he learned from starter Alex Smith but did see some action. The Chiefs finished 10 & 6. In January, the Chiefs traded Smith to the Washington Redskins and named Mahomes as their starter.

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All Mahomies.

Mahomes Depot.

Patty Cakes.

Mahomes Alone.

Mahomes is where the heart is.

Honey, I’m Mahomes.



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