Lamar Jackson Fantasy Football Team Names

LaMar Jackson fantasy football team names are trending big time. And, it should come as no surprise. Lamar is enjoying a season like few players ever have. The Baltimore Ravens QB has demonstrated a very high skill level at both running and throwing the ball. 

In the process, he has led the Ravens to the highest-ranking team NFL team in 2019, just his second year in the NFL. And, in terms of style points, Jackson performances have been off the charts.

Best Lamar Jackson Fantasy Football Names

Action Jackson.

LaMar the Merrier.

Lamar Sharif.

That’s So Raven.

Stark Raven Fast.

Dude, Where’s Lamar.

Behind the 8-Ball.

Catch the Raven Nevermore.

Jax Capital.

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Lamar Jackson fantasy football team names image

Good Fantasy Names for Lamar Jackson

LJ Today!

LaMar you know.

Jacks Game.

Lamar’s a Star.

View from LaMar

Lamar Morghulis.

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LaMar you kidding me?

The Need for Speed.

Lamar Jackson Enterprises.

Lamar Jackson 5.

The Fleet-Footed Raven.

LaMar We Get Together.

Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You’re Nasty.

Smiley Face!

LJ: The Rapid Raven.

Freaky L.

New Jacks City.

The Era of 8.

Lamar wins; Laless losses.

Check out Lamar Jackson on Twitter: @Lj_era8

Lamar Jackson Background

Lamar Jackson grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida. His father died when he was just eight-years-old leaving his mother to raise Lamar and his siblings. In high school, Lamar could reportedly throw a football 100 yards.

Jackson played quarterback at the University of Louisville. As a sophomore in 2016, he was the Heisman Memorial Trophy, All-American Honors, and the Walter Camp Award. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens as the 32nd pick in the first round.

When Raven’s QB Joe Flacco was injured in 2018, Jackson took over the helm and led the Ravens to the playoffs. In his second season, Jackson has been selected as offensive player of the week on four occasions. His electrifying play, highlighted by spectacular runs and deft passing skills has earned him fans from around the country.

The Ravens showed they arrived in 2019 under Jackson’s leadership when they beat the previously unbeaten New England Patriots. In November, they are now the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Jackson is the primary reason for the Ravens’ resurgence.

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8 Lamar Jackson Fun Facts

1.) Jackson was the first player to rush for 1,500+ yards and pass for 3,000+ yards in his first two seasons. He wears jersey number 8.

2.) His nickname is “Smiley Face.”

3.) Lamar became just the second quarterback in NFL history to record two perfect passer rating games in the same season.

4.) Heading into the draft, his mother Felicia Jones was his agent.

5.) He was the youngest player at age 21 to start an NFL playoff game.

6.) With a 95 speed rating, Jackson has become the fastest quarterback in Madden Football ever. 

7.) At the tender age of 8 years old, Jackson could throw a football 20 yards.

8.) He played college football at Louisville and won the Heisman Trophy and was a unanimous selection for All- American in 2016.

— Mike O’Halloran

Mike is the editor of Sports Feel Good Stories.

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