Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Names

Fly high with one of these Baltimore Ravens fantasy football names in your next league. The Ravens are rebuilding the team back to greatness, starting with the addition of free agent Earl Thomas. The veteran safety should anchor the Ravens’ defense.

Athletic quarterback Lamar Jackson took the reigns last season for the offense from Joe Flacco. With a new year comes new hope for the Purple Pain.

Ravens Fantasy Football Team Names

That’s So Ravens!


Rantin’ & Raven.

Ravens’ Dropping.

Raven Mad.

The Ravenous D.

Purple People Beaters.

Raven Blood.

Purple Pain.

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Lamar Jackson Fantasy Football Names

Dude, Where’s Lamar.

Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You’re Nasty.

That’s So Raven.

The Fleet-Footed Raven.

New Jacks City.

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The Era of 8.

Stark Raven Fast.

Dude, Where’s Lamar.

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Behind the 8-Ball.

The Era of 8.

Lamar’s a Star.

Lamar Jackson Enterprises.

Action Jackson.

LaMar the Merrier.

Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You’re Nasty.

Smiley Face!

LJ: The Rapid Raven.

LaMar We Get Together.

Freaky L.

Lamar Sharif.

Catch the Raven Nevermore.

Lamar Jackson 5.

View from LaMar.

LaMar you kidding me?

Lamar wins; Laless losses.

More Lamar Jackson Fantasy Names.

Ravens Fantasy Football names

Waka Flacco Flame.

Ray Lewis’ House of Pain.

RG-Third String QB.

The Normal Harbaugh.

Making Snead Remarks.

Ngata Gonna Lose.

I’ve Got The Need For Snead.

Brown For The Count.

E. Yanda.

Weddle Used Poison Sting.

Ricard Stark, Warden of the AFC North.

Snead-to-know Basis.

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Purple Pain

Maxx Headroom.

We Snead to Talk.

Grody To The Maxx.

R-GIII There Yet?

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My Backup Is Mr. Glass.

Urban Legend.

Mad Maxx.

Flacco Seagulls.

So Elite.

All Tuckered Out.


My Weddle Pony.

Way Down Yanda.


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Creative Choices

Hurst and Goal.

Mosley On Outta Here.

Flacc-o Lanterns.

A little Huff Around the Edges.

Abandoned Lloyd.

Suggs Not Drugs.

Where? Oher there!

Flaccoroni and Cheese.

Obi-Wan Jacoby.

I Pitta The Fool.

Ed Reeding Rainbow.

Harbs to Handle.

Clever Naming Ideas

You Are Ngata Father.

“Flacco” Means “God” in Delaware.

The Boldin The Beautiful.

My Weddle Pony.

Way Down Yanda.

Holy Mosley.

Hard Boyle’d Eggs.

Hurst and Goal.

Canady Shop.

Carr’s totaled.

Reed and Weep.


Wizard of Ozzie.

The Ogden Wall.

Heaps and Bounds.

Lewis and Art.

Modell Trains.

Reed it and Heap.

Money Rayweather.

Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker.

Judon Wanna Mess With me.

Mosley On Outta Here.

Snead For Speed.

What Yanda Do About It?

Cut Him Some Flacco.

Dancin’ With Jacoby.

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Good Ravens Fantasy Team Names

The Ronnie Stanley Parable.


Pain and Gain By Michael Ray.

Ready Oher Not.

It’s not a Dumer!

Raging Falcoholics.

The Walking Ed Reed.

Last Train to Dumervil.

Ngata Chance in Hell.

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Classics – Names from the Past

Give em Flacco

The Flacco Cavemen.

Run Forsett Run.

Elevator Domesticator.

Stacked Like T.Cody’s LunchBox.

The Boldin and Beautiful.

Hakuna Ngata.

Get High Ricky.

How Do You McAdoo?

3 MCs and 1 D.J.

Torrey Smith’s Earthquake Composure.

Steve McNair’s Ghost.

The Man With the Boldin Gun.

Billy Can Cundiff Kick.

Ngata’s Angels.

Wacko for Flacco.

Ed Reed on My Kindle.

Flaccoholics Anonymous.

Frosted Flaccos.

Don’t Give Me No Flacco.

Ravens Top Fantasy Players

  1. Lamar Jackson, QB
  2. Willie Snead IV, WR
  3. Mark Ingram, RB
  4. Gus Edwards, RB
  5. Nick Boyle, TE
  6. Hayden Hurst, TE

Baltimore Ravens Trivia

Q: In what year was the team’s first season?
A: 1996.

Q: When was the Raven’s first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team beat the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV in 2001.

Q: What was Ray Lewis’ jersey number with the Ravens?
A: #52

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: None.


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