Jaguars Fantasy Football Names

Dominate your league with one of these Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy football names. This list features awesome team and player names.

Excited about the addition of Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles at quarterback? We’ve got Nick Fole’s fantasy names. Do you want to ride the Little Red Fournette to victory in your fantasy football league? Check out the great selection of Leonard Fournette’s fantasy names. And as for defense, you can’t go wrong with the Teal Curtain!

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Team Names

50 Shades Of Teal.

Welcome to Sacksonville.

Blood Sweat & Teal.


The Teal Curtain.

J-Ville Red Zone Channel.

Sackson Five.

Big Cats.

U Guys B Kitty Whipped.


Cardiac Jags.


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Nick Foles in the House

In the Nick of Time.

Tin Foles Hat.

Up To My Nick.

You Got to Know When to Foles ‘Em.

Remember to Foles-eate.

Foles House.

Old Saint Nick.

We Have A Nick For It.

Foles Beat Brady.

Win By A Nick.

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Leonard Fournette Fantasy Names

All for one and one Fournette.

Little Red Fournette.

Leonard Fortnite.

The Less Fortunette

Never Fournette.

Leonard F. Skynyrd.

Jaguars Fantasy Football names

I’m Your Cole Man.

The Hurns Locker.

Eat My Cecil Shorts.

Joeckel & Hyde.

Toby or Not To Be.

OMG! They Killed Henne!

Frosted Blakes.

Poppin’ Bortles.

What a Marrone!

Hurns So Good.

Scobee and the Gerharts.

Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down.

Stay Ngakoue from Me!

Scobee Wan Kenobi.

Turn and Coughlin.

What’s Eating Gabbert Grape.

CECILian Mafia.

Left Chark.

Take Me to (Barry) Church.

Lenny and the Jags.

Fried Greene Tomatoes.

Genie in a Bortle.

Bohanon Rhapsody.

I Like Bortles.

Plain Gabbert.

Cecil Pants.

Salute Ur Cecil Shorts.

Bad Bouyes.

Henne Given Sunday.

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Funny and Good

Campbell’s Chunky Sacks.

Raise Your Bortles.

Take ‘Em To Church.

House of Payne.


Bortle Kombat.

Coughlin Medicine.

Bortles Service.

A Henne Saved Is A Henne Earned.

Wrath of Khan.

Salute My Cecile Shorts.

Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi.

3rd Degree Hurns.


NGakoUe Trust.

Scobee Dooby Doo.

Blake Lives Matter.

Scobee Snacks.

Scobee Diving.

The Henne Badger.

99 Bortles of Beer.

Meet the Allen Robinsons.

Mike Swims in Water.

What Would Jones-Drew?

The Fowler The Better.

Creative and Clever

Keelan and Kel.

Yeldon Make Me Lose My Mind.

Chark Week.

3rd Degree Hurns.

A Bad Case of the Moncriefs.

A Marquise Player.

Cruisin’ In My Lambo.

Too Many Cookes.

Sea Koyack-ing.


Orange is the New Blackmon.

I’m With Hurns.

You Bluiett!

I Can’t Blair It Anymore.

Feel the Hurns.

That’s Supposed Toby a Graham?

Hush Little Baby Jones-Drew Cry.

Dude, Hennething is Poz-able.

Bando Full of Blackmon.

Henne Baked Ham.

The Personal Fowler.

Henne I Shrunk the Kids.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles.

Full Metal Joeckel.

Make It Blaine.

Blackmon and Decker.

Gordon is the New Blackmon.

Donte’s Inferno.

Charkizard, I Choose You.

Blame Gabbert.

Shad Khan’s Mustache.

Henne, I Shrunk The Kirksey.

Run Forsett Run.

Bortles Surfers.

Henne Boo Boo.

DeMarcus Wares LeShoure Shorts.

Don’t Let Your Garrard Down.

Blaine Gabbert’s Mustache.

Jones-Droompa Loompas.

Jaguars Top Fantasy Players

Nick Foles, QB

Dede Westbrook, WR

Marqise Lee, WR

D.J. Chark, WR

Leonard Fournette, RB

Geoff Swaim, TE

Jacksonville Jaguars Trivia

Q: In what year was the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first season?
A: The team played its inaugural season in 1995.

Q: When was the Jaguar’s first winning season?
A: The team finished the 1996 season with a record of 9-7.

Q: What was Fred Taylor’s jersey number with the Jaguars?
A: #28

Q: Who holds the team record for most passing yards?
A: Mark Brunell with 25,698 total yards passing.


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