Colts Fantasy Football Names

Looking for fun and creative Indianapolis Colts fantasy football names? We’ve got a great selection of player and team names for your next league.

Andrew Luck is back and ready to prove he has what it takes to get the team back to the top of the AFC South. All-star receiver T.Y. Hilton leads the offensive attack along with newcomer Devin Funchess. Ride with the Colts this year, and take your team to a fantasy championship!

Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Team Names

Colt Following.

Unitas We Stand.

My Little Ponies.

The Lucky Horseshoes.

Colts 45 to Nuthin’.

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Andrew Luck Fantasy Names

Cool Hand Luck.

Luckness Monster.

A Pinch of Luck.

Lucky Charms.

Luck Be A TD Tonight.

Lucky Stars.

A Lot A. Luck.

Andrew Luck’s Neck Beard.

Luck on My Side.

A Lame Luck.

Luck Who’s Quarterback.

Press Your Luck.

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The Joy Luck Club.

Better to Be Lucky Than Good.

Luck Dynasty.

Are Ya Feelin Luck-y?

We’d Rather Be Luck-y Than Good.

Luck Beat a Brady Tonight.

Get Lucky.

Andrew Out Of Luck.

Just My Luck.

As Luck would have it.

All You Need is Luck.

Two Buck Luck.

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T.Y. Hilton

Hilton Honors Club.

Long As I Got My Suit & TY.

Racking Up Hilton Points.

T.Y. Very Much.

Luck Resides @ Ty Hilton.

TY Goes to the Runner.

T.Y. Beanie Babies.

Watch T.Y. Hilton highlights video

Colts Fantasy Football Names

The Funchess Bunch.

L LaRon Hubbard.

Earl Grey.

Curtis Painter Fan Club.

Hakeem In Like A Wrecking Ball.

Big Mack Attack.

373 Kelvin Sheppard.

BlueJack Horseman.

Built Like a Mack Truck.

Doyle-ing Point.

Bubba’s Special Teams Extravaganza.

Desir The Steak On Both Sides.

Side of Cole-Slauson.

Mewhort Will Go On.

Wright Place, Wrong Time.

Boil ‘Em, Bashem, Stick ‘Em In A Stew.

The Price Is Reitz.

The Midnight Team Train.

The Moore The Merrier.

My Cousin Vinatieri.

Don’t Hasselbeck Me.

Dungy’s and Dragons.

Bring to a Doyle.

The Curtis Painter Administration.

Bradshaw Shank Redemption.

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Funny and Good

In The Trentches.

Cherilus The Moment.

The Nike Swoope.

Super Manning Bros.


Oscar Meyer Fleener.

Ricky Jean Is Not My Lover.

Carry on my Heyward Son.

Makin’ It Wayne.

Somewhere Over the Waynebow.

Mingo Unchained.

Chester Rogers’ Roasters.

Taking You To The Fleeners.

Way Down In Kemoko.

When It Dwaynes It Pours.

Kicks, Adam Had ‘Em.

For Whom The Bell Tolers.

Hoof Hearted.

Da’Rick Rolled.

D’Qwell Done.

Natural Bjoern Killers.

How to evaluate a good team name video

Clever and Creative

I Ain’t No Hasselback Girl.

King of the Drews.

Angerer Management.

Swoope There It Is.

According to Doyle.

Adongo Ate My Baby.

The Reich Stuff.

Ebron James.

Hines And Seek.

Doyle Down.

The Goode, The Bad and The Ugly.

Brissett and Gravy.

The Turbinator.

Addai-Hart with Avengence.

Bringing Hasselback.

Doyle over.

Hall of Fame Names

Ugoh Girl!

Wayne Got No Worries.

Don’t Be an Hassle.

Win or Addai Trying.

The Heyward-Bey Area.

Don’t push me Dallas’tairs, Clark!

Playing in the Dwayne.

Hyde-Drew Fleener.

Live Free And Addai Hard.

Ahmadmiral Ackbar.

The Garçonist has Oddly Shaped Feet.

Bjoern to be Wild.

Live Freeney.

The Blair White Project.

Hakeem In Like a Wrecking Ball.


Irsay It Ain’t So.

12 Angerer Men.

Donte’s Inferno

When it Waynes, It Gores.

It’s All Irsay.

Ebron James.

Mack The Knife.

Daurice Fountain of Youth.

Colts Top Fantasy Players

Andrew Luck, QB

Marlon Mack, RB

T.Y. Hilton, WR

Dontrelle Inman, WR

Jack Doyle, TE

Eric Ebron, TE

Indianapolis Colts Trivia

Q: In what year was the Indianapolis Colts first season?
A: The team played its inaugural season in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts.

Q: When was the Colts’ first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team lost to the New York Jets 16-7 in Super Bowl III in 1969.

Q: What was Johnny Unitas’ jersey number with the Colts?
A: #19

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Seven – Johnny Unitas #19, Buddy Young #22, Lenny Moore #24, Art Donovan #70, Jim Parker #77, Raymond Berry #82 and Gino Marchetti #89.


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