Titans Fantasy Football Names

You are this close to finding your Tennessee Titans fantasy football names. Just scroll down. This list features funny puns and word play for Titans players and even the head coach, Mike Vrabel.

This year, why not spice up your team with a Marcus Mariota fantasy name? The Titans dual-threat quarterback brings a new athletic dimension to the position. And as the team looks to get back on top of the AFC South this year, be sure to Remember the Titans.

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Team Names

Music City Miracle Workers.

Remember the Titans.

One Man Wolf Pack.

The Air McNairs.

Forget the Titans.

The Flaming Thumbtacks.

Flaming Oil Derricks.

Don’t Take That Two-Tone With Me.

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Coach Mike Vrabel Fantasy Names

Maybe It’s Vrabelline.

Willing and Vrabel.


Vrabel Syrup.

Vrabel as a Table.

All Vrabel Bodied Men.

Marcus Mariota

Super Mariota.

Mariota Had a Little Lamb.

In Marcus We Trust.

Marcus Down For Six.

It’sa Me, Mariota.

Super Mariota Brothers.

There’s Something About Mari-ota.

Marry Goat-ah.

Mariota Kart.

Domo Arigato, Mario Mariota.

Check out this Marcus Mariota highlight video

Titans Fantasy Football Names

What What In The Butler.

The Hurt Locker.

Too Legit to Britt.

Shonneshank Redemption.

Hanky Sankey.

The Walkering Dead.

The Hunter Games.

Do The Sankey Leg.

Shippen Off To Boston.

Zach Brown Band.

By-Ard 2: By-Arder.

Morning Corey.

You, Sir, Have Been Orakpo’d.

Drunken Taylor.

Air Force Lewan.

Chef By-ar-dee.

Landry-ver Discovery.

Lewanna Get Pancakes?

Land-Ryfore Time.

Rak’d ‘n’ Sacked.


Land of Hope and Corey.

Pay LaFleur View.

Sir Alex LaFleurguson.

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Creative and Clever Options

Made in Taywan.

Sharpe Dressed Man.

Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy..

Succop All That Milkshake

Then We’re Going To Washington, Byaaard.

Men Are From Marz.

Darkwing DaQuan.

DeMarco Polo.

Do The Sankey Legg.


Get Off My Lewan!

Live Free or Byard.

West side Adoree’.

I Will Adoree You Always.

Row, Row, Row Your Corey Davis Boat.

A Bunch of Mularkey.

Eat, Drink, and D. Murray.

Delanie Skywalker.

The Butler Did It.

Byard Beware.

Neon Dion.

The Gift of Gab-bert.

Video: How To Select a Good Team Name

Funny and Good Selections

Bad Case Of The Fluellen.

Jonnu-ma Numa.

Bennie and the…Jets?

Mop LaFleur.

Don’t Get That Two-Tone With Me.

Dion Lewis and the News.

David Cobberfield.

Down By The Woodyard.

Straight Out of Compton.

LaFleur It.

You Were LaFleured.

Straight Out of Conklin.

You Sankey My Battleship.

Malcolm in the Middle.

Bish-op Better Have My Money.

DeMarcoroni and Cheese.

White Cassel.

I’ve Got a Bad Rashaan.

Cruikshank Redemption.

Titans Top Fantasy Players

  • Marcus Mariota, QB
  • Derrick Henry, RB
  • Dion Lewis, RB
  • Tajae Sharpe, WR
  • Corey Davis, WR
  • Adam Humphries, WR
  • Delanie Walker, TE

Tennessee Titans Trivia

Q: In what year was the Tennessee Titans first season?
A: The team played it’s inaugural season as the Titans in 1999. The team was previously the Houston Oilers, beginning in 1960.

Q: When was the Titans first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team lost to the St. Louis Rams 23-16 in Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. The game became known as the One Yard Short game.

Q: What was Steve McNair’s jersey number with the Titans?
A: #9

Q: How many retired uniform numbers does the team have?
A: Six – Warren Moon #1, Earl Campbell #34, Jim Norton #43, Mike Munchak #63, Elvin Bethea #65 and Bruce Matthews #74.


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