Jordy Nelson Fantasy Football Names

Our Jordy Nelson fantasy football team names will have you hoping you drafted the Green Baby wide receiver standout.

Jordy Nelson Fantasy Football Names

  • Oh Lordy Where’s Jordy?
  • Praise the Jord-y!
  • Jordy Full Nelson
  • North Dallas Jordy

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More for Jordy

  • Jordy Nelson Mandela
  • Jordy is the new Jirdy
  • Jumping for Jordy
  • Jordy Wan Kenobi

Jordy Nelson Fun Facts

  • Nelson won the National AAU Championship at the age of 10 for the 400 meters.
  • He started a foundation called the Nelson Family Community Foundation to benefit families where he lived in Kansas.
  • He won state high school title in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races.
  • Jordy played QB in high school and pulled double duty as a defensive back.
  • He attended Kansas State and was set to play defensive back, but was moved to wide receiver.
  • When football season is over, Jordy returns to the family farm and works hard. He’ll put in 12 hour days at times.
  • Nelson grew up on the family farm that has been in his family for four generations.
  • Jordy’s first car was a Chevy Blazer.

Learn more about Jordy Nelson on Wikipedia.

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