Packer Fantasy Football Names

These Green Bay Packer Fantasy Football Names feature options highlighting superstars like Aaron Rodgers, Davonte Adams, and more.

If you’ve ever screamed “Go – Pack – Go” at Lambeau” or just rooted the Titletown stars on via radio or TV, you’ll likely try to land a star for your squad. If that’s the case, you’ll like these options.

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names

The Lone Rodgers.

52 Shades of Clay.

Ha Ha Getting’ Picks.


Montgomery Wards.

King in the North.

Rodgers That!

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The Jolly Rodgers.

Riding in my Lambeau.

Aaron It Out.

Armed Rodgery.

Every Kiss begins with Clay.

Cops and Rodgers.

Aarogenous Zone.

Davante’s Inferno.

Rodgers Wilco.

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Packer Fantasy Football Names

It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.

Corn on the Cobb.

Cheddar Champs.

Full Jordy Nelson.

Discount Daable Check Yo’self.

King of the North.

Welcome to Aaron’s Party.

Oh Lordy Where’s Jordy?

Praise the Jord-y!

Jordy is the new Jirdy.

Jumping for Jordy.

Lambeau Mercy.

North Dallas Jordy.

Jordy Wan Kenobi.

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Go Pack Go!


Arodgenous Zones.

Jordy Full Nelson.

Jordy Nelson Mandela.

Air Rodgers.

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

Mr. Rodgers’ Titletown.

Hail Rodgers.

It’s a Wonderful Day in Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

Mr. Rodgers Titletown.

Green and Gold Fingers.

The Cheese Head Packers.

The Cheese Stands Alone.

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Green Bay Packers Trivia

What is the seating capacity for Lambeau Field?
Answer: 81,435

Is Packer Field heated?
Answer: Yes. After being named “The Frozen Tundra”, the Packer organization added heating.

What was Bart Starr’s jersey number?
Answer: #15

What was Brett Favre’s jersey number?
Answer: #4

When was Lambeau Field built?
Answer: There have been several expansions, but the original stadium was built in 1957.


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