Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Team Names

Find Minnesota Vikings fantasy football team names to make your next football season a memorable one. Show your Purple Pride with these clever team and player names.

Fantasy Football Team Names Minnesota Vikings

This list contains star players from the current roster and even a few from years past. So don your Helga horns and let the Gjallarhorn sound!

Best Names

We’re Not Kissing Cousins.

Purple Reign.

Diggs in a Blanket.

Raise the Barr.

Rudolph the Red-Zone Reindeer.

Adam Thielen Greyjoy.

Check Out My Diggs.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen.

Hooked on a Thielen.

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Laquontum Physics.

Murray Money; Murray Problems.

Don’t Treadwell On Me.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Kyle.

Barr Hopping.

I Gotta Thielen.

Rhodes to Perdition.

Captain Kirk. (Check out our whole page of Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Names.)

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Funny Vikings Fantasy Football Names

Pick 6 Rhodes.

I Got a Thielen.

Cook-ing up some yard.

Don’t Tread on Me.

Battle of DunKirk.

Wright Place Wrong Time.

Kissing Cousins.

The Great Barrier Reiff.

First Cousins Twice Removed.

At The Cross Rhodes.

The Rhodes Less Traveled.

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Fantasy Football Minnesota Vikings

Hughes, Hughes Got What I Need.

Maximus Decimus Latavius, Commander of the Armies of the North.

Elflein On A Shelflein.

Goin’ Ham.

Now We’re Cooking With Gas.

Some Ragnar That I Used To Know.

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Skol Vikings!

The Magic Skoll Bus.

Can Hughes Diggs It?

Barr None.

Can’t Stop The Theilen.

Treadwell Cartel.

Take a Cook, It’s in a Book, Reading Waynes-bow.

Theilen and Dealin’.

Dalvin and Hobbes.

Diggs Out For Harambe.

Livin’ La Vida Iloka.

Santa’s Elflein.

I Diggs My Cousins.

Can’t Fight This Theilen Anymore.

Check out more Adam Thielen Fantasy Football Team Names.

Adam Thielen Fantasy Names

Minnesota Vikings Defense Fantasy Names

Yer a Wizard Harri-son.


Griffen me chills.

Build Linval, Mexico Pays for It.

Skolossus of Rhodes.

House Griffen-dor.

A Line in the Sendejo.

A Viking walks into a Barr.

Kearse Words.

Sendejo To Your New Lover.

Barr fight.

The Real-Deal Danielle.

Sendejo lotta backup.

A QB Walks Into A. Barr…

Purple People Eaters.

Waynes’ World.

Kendrick Rolled.


Purple Pride.


The Horn of Gedeon.

Rhodes Closed.

Dalvin & The Chipmunks.

Smokin’ tha Reiff-er.

Dalvinized Steel.

I Did it All for the Cook-ie.

Spuds Mackenzies.

Lunch Trae.

More than A. Thielen.

Diggs in a Blanket.

The Rhodes Ahead.

Can You Diggs It?

Diggs-ing you a grave.

Check out the Vikings Hall of Fame

Vikings Coach Fantasy Football Names

Zim City.

Zimmer Down Now.

Zim Zam Thank You Ma’am.

The Zim Reaper.

Vikings Owners & Management

  • Slick Rick Rolled.
  • Hooked on a Spielman.
  • Gettin Ziggy with it.
  • The boy who cried Wilf.

Old School Vikings Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy football player names from years past:

Straight Cash Homie. (Tip your hat to Randy Moss for this one.)

Berrian the Hatchet.

To The Window..To The Wallace.

Duke Nukem AD.

C Flash Run.

New Sharrif in Town.


Javon and the Percy cats.

Purple Jesus Take the Wheel.

Bros Before Shiancoes.

Inglorious Bradfords.

The Care Blairs.

The Blair Walsh Project.

Shouldn’t Have Gone to Jared.

Old Vike’s Quarterbacks Inspired Selections

This is Spinal Ted.

Favrever Young.

Like the market, I Rosenfels.

The Bridgewater Connection.

My Bridgewater Broke.

Teddy ‘T-1000’ Bridgewater.

Teddy B. Goode.

Ponder The Future.

Minnesota Vikings Trivia

Q: What is the capacity of US Bank Stadium, where the Vikings play their home games in Minneapolis, MN?
A: 66,655

Q: Is the stadium enclosed or open air?
A: The stadium has a glass roof for natural sunlight and glass-panel doors that can be opened in nice weather.

Q: What was Fran Tarkenton’s jersey number?
A: #10

Q: What are the Vikings previous two home stadiums?
A: Metropolitan Stadium (Bloomington) and the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (Minneapolis).

Q: Who was the Vikings first coach?
A: Norm Van Brocklin

Q: What year did the franchise begin?
A: The Vikings played their first game in 1961.


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