Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Names

Our lists of Kirk Cousins fantasy football names will get you thinking about names in your league. The Vikings quarterback was the Michigan State Spartans starter for three years in college.

The Skins drafted him in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. After watching RGIII starts for a couple of years, Cousins has come on and found a home in the QB slot. After throwing for a career-high 458 yards in a game in London, Cousins was filmed asking the Redskins’ General Manager, “How do you like me now?” You’re doing well Kirk – keep it up.

Take a look at our Kirk Cousins fantasy football names.

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Names imageFantasy Football Names Kirk Cousins

Kissing Cousins.

Cheaper by the Cousins.

But, They’re Cousins!

Captain Kirk.


Kirk’s Cousins.


Kirk Cousins Trivia

What nickname did the Washington media bestow on Kirk Cousins? Answer: Captain Kirk, for his leadership presence. (Although, this might also be an indication that many media members are Star Trek nerds.)

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Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Names

Les Cousins Dangereux.

My Cousins are better than yours.

Cousins of Kirk.

KC and the Sunshine Band.


Kirk Cousins Fun Facts

• Random drug tests are facts of life for NFL players. Kirk was once given one by NFL officials at his grandmother’s house. Apparently, they’ll search high and low. I’m not sure if the grandmother’s house would be the place to first look for drugs, but what do I know.

• 5 minutes for Fighting — What? Former ESPN journalist Rob Parker once reported that Cousins beat up the entire Michigan State hockey team. Well, as it turns out, the report was in error. Cousins was in the church at the time.


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