Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names

Get your funny, fantasy football team names Detroit Lions here! You’ll find an extensive list of creative, funny and unique team names for your next fantasy football season.

The Lions are led by the veteran quarterback Matt Stafford and a mix of veteran and young players poised to make a run at the NFC North title (okay, maybe “poised” isn’t the right word – who are we kidding?). Put the power of “One Pride” to work for your team this season.

Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Names

One Pride.

Paper Lions.

Detroit 0-16ers.

Preseason Champs.

Lion Down On The Job.

In the Detroilet Again.

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Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia Team Names

Well, Isn’t Matt Special?

Patricia’s Militia.

Patricia’s Pencils.

Patricia the Lion-Hearted.

Patricia’s Pride.

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Matthew Stafford

Stafford Infection.

Inglorious Staffords.

Stafford Wives.

Staffordable QB.

Chief of Stafford.

Stafford & Son.


Built StafFORD Tough.

StafFord Field.

Stafford University.

Well, Isn’t Matt Special?

Stafford Loans.

Stafford is the Ansah.

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Theo Riddick Fantasy Football Team Names

Chronicles of Riddick.


Riddick Me This.

See ridDick Run.

A Riddick Wrapped in an Enigma.

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Kenny Golladay

I’m taking a Golladay.

Golladay Inn Express.

Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn.

Golladay in Cambodia.

Golladay Inn.

Golliday… Celebrate.

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Lions Fantasy Football Names

Abdullah ObloNgata.

Sooner or Prater.

Let Me Be Blount.

Blount Force Trauma.

Thor: Ragnow-Rock.

Kerryon My Wayward Son.

Akeem Spence None the Richer.

Ansah to my Prayers.

Jones & Jones, Attorneys At Law.

A Thornton in my paw.

Caldswell that ends well.

Can You Diggs It?

Catching ZZs.

Climbing Mount Kouandjio.

Don’t turn that Dahl.

Don’t Worrilow, Be Happy.

Fifty Shades of Slay.


Golden Tatertots.

Glover Quin, Medicine Man.

Hakuna Ma-Ngata.

Haloti Nuthin’.

Hyder and seek.

I Ansah to No One.

I could go for a Killebrew.

I’d walk Miles for a Killebrew.

If the Glover fits…

Is That Your Final Ansah?

I’ve Darren Fells and can’t get up.

Let’s Get It On Marvin.

Let go of my Ego.

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Hall of Fame Names

Golden Tate Warriors.

Tate is Enough.

Tate Misbehaving.

Caldwell that ends well.

Shaun Of The Hill.

Good As Golden.


A Boy Called Suh.


So Suh me.

Motown Suh-nami.


Born in the SUH.S.A.

Manage Like Matt Millen.


My Gym Schwartz Are Dirty.

No SUH For You!

Funny and Hilarious

Maybe it’s Reeves-Maybin-line.

Ngata Gonna Lose.

Slay and Pray.

Slayed by the Bell.

Taylor’s Upper Deckers.

The Department of Tabor.

The Tao of ZENner.

Jersey Leshoure.

Gourmet Scheffler.

ZAC, Of saved by the BELL.

Johnson & Johnson: A TD Co.

DeMarcus Wares LeShoure Shorts.


Keep Calm and Megatron.

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The Jersey Leshoure.

Watt You Talkin bout Willis.

Joique to the World.

Great Barrier Rieff.

Ebron James.

He Diggs for Glover.


Abdullah Ablongata.

Prater-ian Guard.

The Great Barrier Reiff.

Detroit Lions Fantasy Team Names

Who’s Your Bernstein?

The Joique-y Boys.

Chevy to the Levy.

Darius Slayer.

Ziggy Pop.

Stephen Tullochdown.

Backus to the Future.

PokEbron Go.

Kerryon Luggage. (And, finally, the last pick in the draft…)

Lions Top Fantasy Players

Matthew Stafford, QB

LeGarrette Blount, RB

Theo Riddick, RB

Zach Zenner, RB

Kenny Golladay, WR

Brandon Powell, WR

T.J. Jones, WR

Andy Jones, WR

Chris Lacy, WR

Luke Wilson, TE

Detroit Lions Trivia

Q: What was the team’s original name (before moving to Detroit)?
A: The Portsmouth Spartans in 1930. The team moved to Detroit in 1934.

Q: How many NFL Championships do the Lions have?
A: Four – 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957.

Q: What was Bobby Layne’s jersey number with the Lions?
A: #22

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the Lions have?
A: Five – Dutch Clark #7, Bobby Layne #22, Doak Walker #37, Joe Schmidt #56 and Chuck Hughes #85.


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