Green Bay Packers: Schedule, Meme, Tickets

The Green Bay Packers. Even folks that don’t know a field goal is worth 3 points know what the Packers are all about. When the nickname of your host city is “Titletown,” it’s not difficult to understand that there’s a rich history of championships.

The smallest town to host an NFL team, Green Bay, has been blessed with some magnificent teams and unforgettable players and coaches.

Green Bay Packer Fan’s Guide

Do Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers ring a bell?

Heck, even the Super Bowl trophy is named after Packers’ coaching legend Vince Lombardi. With 13 titles, the Packers have the most league championships of all teams.

To talk about the Packers, though, is to describe a love affair between a team and the city of Green Bay. The Packers are the only NFL team, and the only franchise in American professional sports, to owned by the fans.

GB Packers Top Traditions

  • Players’ bike rides courtesy of kids – Packers ride children’s bicycles to training camp practices from Lambeau Field’s parking lot with their owners typically holding their helmets. In 1961, early in Vince Lombardi’s tenure as coach of the Packers, the team started this tradition.
  • Tailgating – From enjoying a grilled brat to hoisting a Wisconsin brewed beer, tailgating is a big deal in Green Bay.
  • The Lambeau Leap – This dates back to 1993 when LeRoy Butler made the first leap into the stands after a pick-six.

The One Packer Cheer You need to Know

“Go Pack Go” cheer. This Packer mainstay is usually chanted when Packers are on defense or at the start of a offensive Packer drive.

What to order at a Packer Game

  • Cheese curds – Hello, you’re in Wisconsin.
  • Bratwurst. Like cheese, there are few foods that say “Wisconsin” as much as brats. No less an authority than the NY Times billed Sheybogan, Wisconsin, as “the capital of the kingdom of bratwurst.”
  • A burger and chili at Krolls West – There’s a Kroll’s right next to the stadium, outside of ticketed area.

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Five things to do in Green Bay on Saturday

  1. Packer Hall of Fame.
  2. The Lambeau Tour.
  3. Packer Pro Shop – It’s big and it keeps getting bigger.
  4. Seroogy’s Chocolate Store – Try the angel food; you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Bay Beach Amusement Park (during warm weather) – Bumper cars, a Ferris wheel and Elvis Presley’s favorite roller coaster, the Zipping Pippin.

How to talk Wisconsin?

  • It’s called a bubbler, not a water fountain or drinking fountain. Duh.
  • “Fair to midlin’” as an answer for “How are you?”
  • “Believe you me,” as a preface to a statement.
  • Mwaukee not Milwaukee.
  • Wis-can-sin not Wis-con-sin.
  • Sconnies – the abbreviated nickname for folks from Wisconsin. Although “Cheeseheads” works too.
  • Stop n go light – not traffic light or signal light like the rest of the country calls ‘em.
  • Bag vs. bay-g or baygel for the word bagel.
  • “Real quick” when you’re expressing something will happen soon.
  • It’s melk not milk, and we have the dairy cows in the state to prove it.

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Best Packer Twitter Accounts to Follow

The Manitowoc Minute Video

Although not Packer specific – more everything Wisconsin – you’ll want to check out the Manitowoc Minute for a taste of Wisconsin in all its humorous glory. You’ll get a feel for Wisconsin talk and what Wisconsites hold near and dear. So, “keep ‘er movin’.”

Cool Packer Licensed Merchandise

The iconic, Original Cheesehead – When opposing fans used the term “Cheeseheads” in a derisive fashion, little did they know that Wisconsites would embrace the term. The original can be worn on your head or flipped over and used as a serving piece for your tailgate party.

Best Rivalries

  • Da Bears vs. The Pack – Perhaps the best rivalry in the NFL. There have been 194 games between the Packers and the Bears, the most of any NFL rivalry. Each team has won 94 games, and there have been 6 ties. Aaron Rodgers is the only player on either team to throw for six touchdowns in a Bears vs. Packers game. And, he did it in the first half of a 2014 victory.
  • Cowboys vs. Packers – Perhaps the 1967 NFL Championship played in Green Bay, also known as the “Ice Bowl” cemented this rivalry as one of the best in the league. With game time temperature at -13 degrees, the Packers bested the Boys on the last play of the game: a quarterback sneak by Bart Starr. Another game that Cowboy fans are not too fond of was a 2014 Divisional Round Playoff where it sure looked like Dez Bryant caught a pass that would put the Cowboys inches away from a potential winning score. However, on challenge by the Packers, the play was ruled incomplete as he “didn’t survive the ground.”
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay – With both teams in the NFC North, both being geographically adjacent, and a history of playing close games, this is another Packer rivalry that merits watching closely. The Packers have the upper hand with 60 wins, 53 losses and 2 ties.

Best jerseys all-time

  • Ray Nitschke – Middle Linebacker, Packers. ‘Nuff said.
  • Aaron Rodgers – #12 does some remarkable things at the QB position.
  • Max McGee – The hero of Super Bowl I. For nostalgic reasons.
  • Clay Mathews – If you’re kid hasn’t had a haircut in some time, this may be the jersey of choice.
  • LeRoy Butler – The inventor of the Lambeau Leap.

Packer Meme

Lambeau Field quote meme

Talking Points

Favre or Rodgers?

Although from pure statistic standpoint, Aaron Rodgers appears to be Favre’s superior, many Packer loyalists maintain that Favre was the best to suit up for the Packers at QB. It’s a difficult argument to make when a case can be made that Rodgers is the best to play the position ever. Still, some long-time Packer fans will hark back to Bart Starr as being the best QB.

The clock is ticking.

The window is closing on fielding a stronger team to support Aaron Rodgers. Many fans think that the Packers victory total would be far fewer if Air Rodgers wasn’t suiting up. Under the theory of striking while the iron is hot, many think that the Packers should be investing more in the support elements that will bring another championship to Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is 34 years old. How many years of playing does he have left in him?

About that Packer Logo

The “G” logo was added in 1961 when Lombardi asked the Packers equipment manager Gerald “Dad” Braisher to come up with one. He enlisted the support of his assistant, John Gordon, who happened to be attending St. Norbert College (in DePere). Gordon designed the logo, and Lombardi approved it.

Packer Legends

Curly Lambeau

Founder, player and first coach of the Packers. Lambeau, who went to high school at Green Bay East, eventually won 3 NFL Championships. The Indian Packing Company, where Lambeau worked, put up the first $500 for the team, and as a result the team was named the Packers. He is credited with pioneering the forward pass in professional football.

Don Hutson

This University of Alabama grad caught 99 touchdown passes for the Packers in 11 years with the team. He is credited for being the best receiver of his day and the prototype for the modern receiver. He still holds the record for most seasons leading the league in pass receptions with eight.

Vince Lombardi

Widely regarded as the best NFL coach of all time. He has won a total of five championships. His teams won the first two Super Bowls. The NFL Super Bowl trophy is named in his honor. He is also considered one of the greatest leaders of the generation. His quotes on leadership are used not only in the sports world, but also in business and academics.

All Time Greats

Bart Starr

Starr led the Packers as QB from 1956 through 1971. He’s the only NFL QB to lead his team to three consecutive NFL Championships. Less successful as a coach, he is still fondly remembered in the Green Bay area for being a stand out person.

Paul Hornung

The “Golden Boy” played 9 years for the Packers and made a lasting impact. The Heisman Trophy winner from Notre Dame won the NFL MVP in 1962 and was a part of three championship teams. He played running back and handled kicking chores for the Pack. He set the NFL single season scoring record with 176 points.

Reggie White

The 13 time All Pro played for the Packers for six years after playing with the Eagles. He’s the second all-time leading sacker in the NFL. As an ordained Evangelical minister, his nickname: “The Minister of Defense.”

Brett Favre

A 20 year NFL vet who led the Packers back to glory. Favre is the holder of many NFL career records including: most pass completions, most pass attempts and most consecutive starts by a player. His swashbuckling style of play created great fan interest.

Packer Players to Watch Now

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers fate begins and ends with the best QB to ever play the game. Noted for his last minute heroics, specifically his uncanny ability to connect on Hail Mary’s, Rodgers foot speed, smarts and arm strength sets him apart from every quarterback playing.

Net worth for Aaron Rodgers image

Mike Daniels

The Packers defensive end is quick off the ball. He was selected as the 84th of the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017. A consistently strong performer for the Pack.

Davante Adams

He quickly became not only Rogers’ favorite target, but also one of the best receivers in the league.

Current Packer Coach

Coach Mike McCarthy has been coaching Green Bay since January 12, 2006. He is generally regarded as one of the Packers top 5 coaches of all time, which isn’t bad company when you consider that Lombardi and Lambeau were shoe ins.

Who owns the Green Bay Packers?  

The Packers are the only professional sports team in the U.S. owned by the fans. Over 112,000 people own stock in the Packers Corporation.

Fantasy Football Team Names 

  • Aaron it Out.
  • It ain’t easy being cheesy.
  • Every kiss begins with Clay.
  • Rodgers Neighborhood.
  • The Cheese Stands Alone.

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Famous Packer Quotes

  • “They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them…you show them the reasons.”
    – Vince Lombardi
  • “RELAX.”
    – Aaron Rodgers
  • “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.”
    – Vince Lombardi – See more Lombardi quotes.

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Best Packer Joke

Q – You hear about the Packer fan who died in a pie eating contest?
A – The cow kicked him in the head.

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Packer Newspapers

The Green Bay Press Gazette (Packers Section)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Where do the Packers Play?

The Packers play at Lambeau Field, a shrine to not only Packer fans but football fans around the world. Initially opened in 1957, Lambeau’s renovations and expansions added to the capacity. The crowd capacity is 81,441 people.

Sports Illustrated writer Tex Maule associated the field with the word “tundra” after the Ice Bowl game. Steev Sabol highlight film, “The Frozen Tundra” coined the term and it stuck. Underwater heated pipes installed in 2004, keep the field warmer now.

How to Get Green Bay Packer Tickets?

  • Season tickets have been sold out since 1960. The waiting list is over 133,000 names long. The likely wait time may be over 50 years. Apparently, fans give up only 90 – 100 season tickets each year.
  • For group tickets – 20 or more people, try Group Seating.

Packers Schedule 2019

See the complete Green Bay Packers Schedule for 2019.


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