Fantasy Football: 11 Winning Tips To Shock Your League

Writing “Fantasy Football: 11 Winning Tips to Shock your League” was long overdue. Now with the season nearly upon us is time for everyone to review these tips.

Winning at fantasy football isn’t just about finishing first in your league and winning the Super Bowl. Sure, that’s a big deal and we’ll provide some important advise on how to accomplish that. But, there’s also winning with style points. You need to do it the right way. We’ll cover that as well in these 11 Winning Tips to Shock Your League.

Shock your Fantasy Football League with these tips

It’s all about Branding

1. Fully develop your fantasy football brand. It starts with having a great fantasy football team name. Check out this fantasy football team name list if your team name isn’t funny and the best it can be. While you’re at it, make a suggestion to the Commissioner of your league to come up with a strong fantasy football league name. Develop a logo for you team. Use the logo in your email signature when ever communicating to the league or the Commissioner. Put the logo and words like “Classified” on your draft day notebook.

Branding isn’t just about the team name, logo and printed pieces. Do you as a league owner look the part? Develop your signature look with the right accessories. Wearing sunglasses indoors isn’t just for Texas Hold’em players. Oh, wait a minute, maybe it is. Parks and Recreation’s character Tom Haverford should be your style guide. Watch the show and pick up some pointers.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names imageSmack talk with the best of them

2. Come ready for Draft Night. The won/loss record is only half the battle. The real war takes place dishing out the smack talk. Here’s a couple of suggestions for you to help build your trash-talk swagger:

  • “I didn’t come here to trade hee-haws with a bunch of jackasses.” A great opening statement to set the tone. Casually, take a swig of beer after belting this out to everyone.
  • “Your objective of assembling a group of scrubs better suited for the waiver wire than any self-respecting fantasy football roster probably isn’t going to help you much come game time. But, good luck with that strategy.” Then, walk away with disgusted look on your face.
  • “Bro, have you ever read the sports page? Have you ever been in front of the TV when ESPN is on? What were you thinking with that pick?” Said with incredulous look on face.

“I have to do what????”

3. Add some fun to your league with prizes for the winners and losers. Cash is always a great prize for the winner. But consider awards for the team with the worst record. Some fantasy football leagues have been known to require the loser to get a tattoo of the other owners’ choosing. Another league required the loser to retake the ACT test. Yes, the thirty-something ended up taking the test with mostly 17 year-olds. Embarrassing. What creative idea can you think of for your league?

Draft strategies that work

4. Your top three picks should be either two running backs and a wide receiver or two wide receivers and one running back.

5. Pick only one kicker and wait till the last round to do it.

6. Pick your defense in the last 3 rounds. Select only one defense.

7. Learn the value of streaming. “Streaming” refers to selecting starters for positions like kicker, defense and others from the waiver wire based on favorable team match-ups. Some teams might start a different defense every week for 7 weeks in a row or more based on favorable team match-ups.

8. At the end of seven rounds of drafting, you should have at least four running backs, and maybe 5.

9. The absolute earliest you should pick a QB is 4th round, and then be very selective.

Keep the fun going

10. Talk some smack after draft night. Certificate awards that can be posted on Facebook, sent as an attachment or delivered in person work well. These Cranky Commissioner Fantasy Football Certificates work well. There are 35 certificate options to help you keep alive the smack talking and jabs from draft night. This year, you can get the certificate collection for your entire league, the multi-user pack for up to 12 teams, for just $29.99.

Fantasy Football: 11 Winning Tips image
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Most Valuable Tip

11. Watch The Wire. Yes, by all means watch the wonderful HBO show “The Wire.” It is the best TV show of all time, but also watch the waiver wire for your league. Free agent pick-ups win leagues. Let me say it again, “Free agent pick-ups win leagues.” There are lots of high-ceiling, talented fantasy players that emerge in the first few weeks of the season. Be opportunistic. The league is frequently won or lost from Game 1 thru Game 5 based on quality of players that teams pick up.


Have a great season, and may the (Andrew) Luck be ever in your favor.


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