Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Names

Look no further, we have your Buffalo Bills fantasy football names right here. The Bills head coach Sean McDermott has assembled an offense with firepower.

Quarterback Josh Allen will continue to build on his rookie season with new targets like Cole Beasly and John Brown. See what the Bills Mafia can do for your fantasy football league this year!

Bills Fantasy Football Team Names

I Got Bills I Gotta Play.

Buffa-low Expectations.

Buffa Low Down.

Praying for Injury.

Torn ACL – We’ll Draft You.

We know our place – 4th Place.

Kill Bills.

I Love Cheap Bills.

The Billievers.

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Josh Allen Fantasy Football Team Names

Just Josh-in’ Allen

Allen Wrench

Allen The Family

Going Allen

The Allen-Town Dart Show

I’m Allen

Josh Allen’s Home Record Improvement

See the Josh Allen rookie highlight video

LeSean McCoy

The Real McCoy

Backfields and McCoys

McCoy Meets World

Don’t Play McCoy With Me

Let’s Hear it for McCoy

McCoy’s Party Crashers

Check out LeSean McCoy’s 2018 highlight video

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Names

Every Zay Jones

Playing with Hausch Money

A Star Lotulelei is Born

Vlad Habit

Circle The Wagons

It was a Forward Pass

Bills Mafia

Unpaid Bills

The Bill Collectors

Next 10 Buffalo Bills

Slowest Buffalo in the herd

Micah Lekka Hyde, Micah Hydey Ho

Nathan Peterman’s Hot Dog Stand

Space Cadet

Keith’s White Ford Bronco

Ebony and Chris Ivory

Marcus/Trent Murphy’s Law

DiMarco Polo

Kato Kaelin Clay

Tyrodasaurus Rex

Taylor Park Boys

Tyrod Lannister

Tyrod Taylor Gang

Pass the Kolb

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Clever Monikers

Flutie Flakes

Marshawn of the Dead

Moe Money Moe Problems

T.O. Goes the Neighborhood

It’s Always Shady in Buffalo

Slim Shady’s

Large Order of Kerley Fries

Kelvin and the Chipmunks

Jars of Clay

You Don’t Zay

The Ivory Coast

A Ballad For Malachi

All About The Benjamins

The Shady Bunch

Taylor Made

Winners Don’t Spiller Wings

Manuel Can Hackett

Peach Kolbler

Rock Youboty

Tashard by an Angel

Spiller Genuine Draft

Fantasy Football Team Names Bills

In Tyrod we Trust

I’m Sorry Fred Jackson

Truth or Dareus

I Hear You McTalkin But I Don’t See Anyone McCarron

Micah Hyde The Deep Post Route, Hallelujah

One, Two, Nick O’Leary


Read the Freaking Manuel

Dr. Poyer and Mr. Hyde

The Book Of Moorman

Shish Kakolbs

Lanksters Paradise

The Bryce is Right

Corn on the Kolb

Hauschka – Bless you!

I have a MANUEL for winning

Funny Fantasy Bills Names

Spiller Instinct

Pass the Mike

Forte Shadys of Cray

Stupar Bad

Offices of Williams, Williams, and Williams

Natural Born Spiller’s

Manuel or Automatic

T.O. minute Warning!

Angry Byrds

Flutie and the Blowfish

Tim the Tyrod Taylor

Cassel Black

Doctor of McDermott-ology

You Mess With Daboll, You Get The Horns

Binging With Babich

A Streater Car Named Desire

Goodnight, Wesley

Holmes on Homes

Hammy Watkins

Turn Down for Watkins

Elementary my dear Watkins

1.21 Gigawatkins

Lynch Marshawn

It’s Tuel Time!

Psycho Spillers

Sheriff “Roscoe P.” Coltrane

Read the frickin’ Manuel

My Favorite Marshawn

Lawson’s Creek

Ohhhh Thank “EVANS”

Watkins on Sunshine

Its Spiller Time

In Manuel We Trust

Read the Manuel

Master Spiller

Long Watkins on Shady Beaches

Steve Johnson’s Prayer Circle

Tuel Time

IBM Watkins

Samwell Tarly Watkins

Staying Incognito

Groyn Injury

Corey Coleman Grill at the Tailgate

Robert Foster’s Beer

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Buffalo Bills Fantasy Names 2019

Sherlock Andre Holmes

Kerley, Moe, and Larry

A Streatercar Named Desire

Charles Clay in Charge

Bedknobs and Croomsticks

Nick O’Leary’s Missing Gloves

De Beer is Good

It’s Miller Time

Hughes Your Daddy

That’s How I Beat Shaq Lawson

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yarbrough

Milano Cookies

Johnny Tremaine Edmunds

Ho Humber

Breon Borders Control

The Price is Wide Right

Buffalo Banthas

Mad Gaines, Bro

Ebony and Ivory

Line of DiMarco-ation

Zay is For Horses

Mo Porters Mo Problems

Kelvin and Hobbes

Creative Nicknames

Bottle of Marlowe

Smells Like Schmidt

Built Like A Hauschka

What Reid Of Dog Is That

Hughes, Hughes Got What I Need

273.15 Kelvin

Shaq Attack

Shady Acres

McCarron, My Wayward Son

EJ’s Football Manuel

Vlad The Impaler

Du, Ducasse, Ducasse Mich

Hyde and Seek

Hausch Money

Tre White’s Missing DROY Award

Jon Ryan’s Hope

Zay Anything

Dr. Poyer & Mr. Hyde

Sunshine Ray-Rays and McClouds

Natural Born Spillers

Catch Me Hauschka, How Bout Dah


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Bills Top Fantasy Players

  • Josh Allen, QB
  • LeSean McCoy, RB
  • Frank Gore, RB
  • Cole Beasley, WR
  • Zay Jones, WR
  • John Brown, WR
  • Tyler Kroft, TE

Buffalo Bills Trivia

Q: In what year was the Buffalo Bills first season?
A: The team played its inaugural season in 1960.

Q: When was the Bills’ first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team lost to the New York Giants 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV in 1991.

Q: What was Jim Kelly’s jersey number with the Bills?
A: #12

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Two – Jim Kelly #12 and Bruce Smith #78.


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