Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Names

Our Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Names are in honor of the Georgia grad who was twice honored with All-SEC awards. The Rams running back was the tenth selection in the 2015 draft and had a break-through rookie season. He rushed for over 1,000 yards and was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year by the Associated Press.

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Fantasy Football Names Todd Gurley

  • Gurley gone crazy.
  • This Gurley’s on Fire.
  • Just Gurley things.
  • Runs Like a Gurley.
  • Big Head Todd and the Monsters.
  • The Gurley Gates.

Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Names Image

Todd Gurley Fantasy Football team names image

Todd Gurley Trivia

What other sport did Todd Gurley compete at in high school at a world-class level? Track. Gurley was a sprinter and a hurdler for his high school track team in Tarboro, North Carolina. He finished second in State in the 100 meters with a personal best.


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Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Names

  • Gurley-Gurley.
  • Tater Todds.
  • Gurley Magazines.
  • Gurley Men.
  • The Gurley Show.
  • Powderpuff Gurleys.
  • Gurleys Just Wanna Have Funchess.
  • The ToddFather.

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Todd Gurley Fantasy Football Names image

Todd Gurley Fun Facts

• His high school team was three consecutive state football championships. Probably not great preparation for the Rams, but hey, what you’re going to do.

• Gurley set an NFL record by rushing for 566 yards in his first four games. His jersey was immediately sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

• Gurley wears number 30 on his jersey for the Los Angeles Rams.

• On his first run from scrimmage in the NFL, Gurly gained two yards.

• The North Carolina native is a big-time Duke basketball fan and believes Coach K is the best coach ever.

• Gurley loves Jolly Ranchers. Green Apple and Watermelon are his favorite flavors.


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