Eagles Fantasy Football Names

Looking for some great Philadelphia Eagles fantasy football names? Check out this selection of creative and funny names for your next fantasy football league.

Eagles fans, and really all football fans, will appreciate the number, quality and diversity of the collection of monikers we’ve assembled. It’s been updated since the 2018 fantasy football season.

The world champion Philadelphia Eagles are poised to take another run at the title this year. DeSean Jackson is heading back to the team where he began his career. The exciting receiver is sure to provide a new deep threat ability to Carson Wentz’s already powerful arsenal. Fly Eagles Fly!

We lead off with our expert panel’s* – see expert panel makeup below article – Top 12 name selections.

Best Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Names

1.) Fear the Conseqwentzes.

2.) It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia.

3.) No Phly Zone.

4.) Root of all Eagle.

5.) City of Fantasy Love.

6.) Philly Special.

7.) Dilly Dilly, Philly Philly.

8.) The Dirty Birds.

9.) Gang Green.

10.) Hungry Dogs Run Faster.

11.) DeSean of the Dead.

12.) The Ertz Locker.

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Carson Wentz Fantasy Football Team Names

Wentz It Rains It Pours.

From Wentz You Came.

It’s Wentzday, My Dude.


Wentz All The Way.

You Only Live Wentz.

The Sixth Wentz.

Bad Influwentz.

The Devil Wentz Down To Georgia.

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Carson is King

Slippery Wentz Wet.

From Wentz He Sprang.

The Delinqwentz.

The Explodin’ Dakotan.

Hotel Wentzylvania.

Wacky Wentzday.

Carson Wentz There.

The Wentz and Future King.

Wentzer is Coming.

Ginger Jesus.

Wentzer in Coming.

Under the Influwentz.

Came and Wentz.

Wentz Upon a Time.

Wentz, Twice, Three Times a Lady.

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DeSean Jackson Fantasy Names

DeSean Jackson 5.

Throw DeSean DeBall.

DeSean of the Dead.

The DeSean Jackson Experience.

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Jay Ajayi Fantasy Football Team Names


13 Reasons Ajayi.

Forgot About Jay.

Ajayi Another Day.

The Mocking Ajayi.

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Zach Ertz Fantasy Football Team Names

Ooh, Heaven is a Place on Ertz.

Love Ertz.

Ertz Wentz & Fire.

So Good it Ertz.

Ertz Donut.


Ertz Rent-a-Star.

Ertz Rent-a-car.

Zach Attack.

Hit ‘Em Where It Ertz.

Like No Place on Ertz.

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Good Eagles Fantasy Football names

Jason Kelce’s Speech Writer.

Foles, Sproles, Super Bowls.

Alshon Greats.

Hungry Dogs.

Tootsie Sproles.

Sproles Royce.

Jeffery Lube.

Trust the Prosise.

Sproles Royce.

Vaitai My Shoes.

Full Nelson.

Take a Chance On Me.

Stay In Your Lane.

Ace In The Sproles.

Burning a Sproles In My Pocket.

Blount force trauma.

Sproles Royce.

Bend It Like Green-Beckham.

Blu-Ray and DGB.

Birds With Friends.

Sproles Royce.

The Elder Sproles.

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Classics: Old School

Philly Blounts.

Jason Kelce’s Tailor.

Separate the Wheaton From the Chaff.

We’re Gonna Build A Wallace.

Mai Tai’s and Vaitai.

Tin Foles Hat.

The Peterson Principle.

Cars on Parade.

Kelce it to Believe it.

Southern Hicks.

Clement Mixer.

Mack to the Future.

Ronald McDarby.

Head in the McClouds..

May the Schwartz Be With You

It’s Groh-ing On Me.


Agholorics Anonymous.

You Got To Know When To Foles Em.

Brady Can’t Throw AND Catch.

Nick Foles Has Never Lost a Super Bowl.

Pederson Outcoached Belichick.

Nobody Likes Us, We Don’t Care.

Eagles Top Fantasy Players

  • Carson Wentz, QB
  • Jay Ajayi, RB
  • Darren Sproles, RB
  • Corey Clement, RB
  • DeSean Jackson, WR
  • Golden Tate, WR
  • Nelson Agholor, WR
  • Jordan Matthews, WR
  • Zach Ertz, TE
  • Dallas Goedert, TE

The History of Fantasy Football Naming

While the popularity of fantasy football has surged in the past decade, it still seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon. However, the pastime can be tracked back all the way to 1962, when a limited owner of the Oakland Raiders named Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach developed a system and rule book for play.

With the help of Bill Tunnel, the Raiders PR man, and Scotty Stirling, a Tribune reporter, this system became the basis for modern day play. The first draft occurred in 1963, and an educated guess suggests that this was when the first fantasy football naming took place.

So, the naming of fantasy football teams dates back some 56 years! And, you can thank Bill the Gill for it.

Philadelphia Eagles Trivia

Q: When was the team’s first season?
A: 1933.

Q: When was the Eagles first Super Bowl appearance?
A: The team played the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV in 1981, losing 27-10.

Q: What was Reggie White’s jersey number with the Eagles?
A: #92

Q: How many retired uniform numbers does the team have?
A: Nine – Donovan McNabb #5, Steve Van Buren #15, Brian Dawkins #20, Tom Brookshier #40, Pete Retzlaff #44, Chuck Bednarik #60, Al Wistert #70, Reggie White #92 and Jerome Brown #99.

— Greg Johnson, Red Zone Rick and Mike O’Halloran (*Our Expert Panel)

Three long-time fantasy football player, commissioners, and writers teamed up for this collection. Greg also handles art direction and design for the site, Red Zone Rick breaks down fantasy player rankings by division, and Mike is editor of Sports Feel Good Stories. Greg and Mike have also developed brand and company names for corporate clients.

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