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Our suggestions for Carson Wentz Fantasy Football Names will give you some food for thought if you were able to draft the Eagles’ quarterback. Playing college ball for North Dakota State University, Wentz came into the NFL and surprised many people by making some significant contributions to the team immediately.

He had the tools and the poise to move quickly from the college game to the pros. The general consensus is that he is a rising quarterback with a high ceiling. Now, take a look at our cool fantasy names for Carson Wentz.

Fantasy Football Team Names Carson Wentz

North by North Wentz.

Good King Wentzalaus.

From Wentz You Came.

Wentz, Twice… Three Times a Lady.

King Wentz of Wentzylvania.

Wentz Upon a Time.

The Sixth Wentz.

Wentz in a while.

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NFL Record for Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz threw for a league-record 379 completions by a rookie. He broke the record of 354 completions held by former Eagle Sam Bradford. Carson threw for 278 passing yards and 2 touchdowns in his debut game against the Cleveland Browns.

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Team Names for Philadelphia QB

Wentz Doves Cry.

Mercedes Wentz.


I Wentz 13-0.

Wentz Bitten, Twice Shy.

Wentzchester Rifle.

That’s Wentzertainment!

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Carson Wentz Fun Fact

Carson was the valedictorian for his high school class. As a freshman, he stood just 5′ 8″ but grew to 6′ 5″ by his senior year.

Carson Wentz on Twitter

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Carson Wentz Fantasy Football Names

The Cinnamon Cannon.

Wentz to a Garden Party.

You Wentz Some You Lose Some.

The Wentz and Future King.

Wentzer is Coming.

Wentzlemania 11: Carson’s Carnage.


Another Fun Fact

Carson was drafted by the Eagles in the first round as the second overall selection. The last Eagles QB to be drafted in the first round was none other than Donovan McNabb.


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