227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2015

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2015 gives you tons of options for what to call your fantasy football team.

Do you take the literary route with “Game of Throws”? Or, pay your respect to a famous retail store with “Victorious Secret”? Have a favorite QB? You could go with “Brady’s Bunch” or “Armed Rodgery”? Or, maybe you’re a running back focused team and choose “Backfield and McCoys” or “Fourth and Lynches.”

The choices are many. We’ve compiled 227 of our favorite Fantasy Football team names for your consideration.

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227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2015

  1. A Dingo ate my Brady — A Seinfeld tribute to New England’s favorite son.
  2. A Rivers Run Suh It — Get the San Diego QB with Detroit’s Defense for naming gold.
  3. Aaron it Out — Rodger that.
  4. ABC, Easy as RG3 — Add “with a new knee” for bonus points.
  5. America’s Fantasy Team — Take the high road.
  6. Armed Rodgery
  7. As Luck would have it
  8. Backfields and McCoys
  9. Belicheck yourself before you wreck yourself
  10. Belichick’s Hoodie
  11. Bell Ringers
  12. Blood, Guts and Gore
  13. Blount Rushmore
  14. Bottom of the Depth Chart
  15. Brady Antebellum
  16. Brady Gaga
  17. Brady’s Bunch
  18. Breesus Saves
  19. Bridge over Troubled Waters
  20. Built Bradford Tough
  21. Bye Week (catch someone off guard)
  22. Call me Shady
  23. Cam ‘n Gravy
  24. Cam I Am
  25. Catch it like Beckham
  26. Charles in Charge — Jamaal!
  27. Charles Schaub
  28. Club Foot
  29. Colin Keep or Pick
  30. Corn Cobb Pipe
  31. Corn on the Cobb
  32. One more: Corn on the Schaub
  33. Cruz Control
  34. Cry me a Rivers
  35. Da Bears
  36. De More DeMaryius
  37. DeMarco Polo
  38. Demaryius Targaryen
  39. Dez Dispenser
  40. Dez for Prez
  41. Don’t Pull a Hammy Watkins!
  42. Eat, drink and DeMaryius
  43. Eli is calling
  44. Every Kiss Begins with Clay
  45. Everyday I’m Russellin’ — Not a lot of good names incorporating Russell Wilson, but here’s one.
  46. Fargo Woodchippers — Ya, you betcha.
  47. Final Dez-tination — Dez Bryant could have a big year.
  48. Flacco Seagulls — English new wave band meets the Ravens’ Joe Flacco
  49. Flaccoroni and Cheese
  50. Football Cheesus — Go Pack Go!


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More Funny Fantasy Football Names

  1. Forgetting Brandon Marshall — Still a favorite
  2. Gotta Catch Jamaal
  3. Graham Crackers — With apologies to Nabisco
  4. Harder Better Foster Stronger
  5. Here’s Johnny
  6. Here’s my #, call me Brady
  7. Houston: we have a touchdown!
  8. I Pitta the fool
  9. I Should’ve Been a Cowboy
  10. Insane Clowney Posse
  11. Inspector Gordon
  12. Forte Shades of Grey
  13. Forte-yard Dash — Matt Forte, Drew Brees and Tom Brady may have the most versatile surnames for branding a team.
  14. Foster’s AustrARIAN for beer
  15. Fourth and Lynch’s
  16. Frosted Flaccos
  17. Frozen Tundra
  18. Game of End Zones — Mandatory “Game of Thrones” reference
  19. Geno 911!
  20. Gordon Lightfoot — Rookie of the Year tribute.
  21. Gordon’s Gekkos
  22. InstaGraham
  23. Momma, don’t let you babies grow up to be Cowboys
  24. It aint easy bein’ Breesy
  25. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
  26. Johnny Backup
  27. Johnny Foosball — An early fan favorite.
  28. Jordy is the new Jirdy
  29. Julio think you’re fooling?
  30. Jumping for Jordy
  31. Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined — Anti-establishment guys get good endorsement deals.
  32. Just say Ben
  33. Kevin White Walker
  34. King Charles
  35. King of the North
  36. Kings of the Cassel — You might need a Bridgewater name as a backup.
  37. Ladies and Edelman
  38. Lambeau Leapers
  39. Lamblows
  40. Last Manning Standing
  41. Le’Veon likes his Money — With apologies to Elton John
  42. Le’Veon on a prayer
  43. Lombardi’s Sensei — Sensei = Japanese for instructor or teacher (usually martial arts)
  44. Lotsa Luck
  45. Luck be a Brady tonight — If you draft Andrew Luck, or Luck and Brady.
  46. Luck Dynasty
  47. Lynch Mob
  48. Make it Wayne
  49. Manning of Steel
  50. Manziel in Distress


  1. Manziel on Fire
  2. Mariota’s and Does eat Oats (and little lambs eat ivy)
  3. Marshall Law
  4. Martin Scores-Easy
  5. Mason Crosby, Nash, Stills and Young — ok, it’s a reach.
  6. Matt Ryan’s Express
  7. Matty Ice and Easy — Matt Ryan = Matty Ice
  8. Matty, Ice, Ice Baby
  9. May God have Percy on your goal
  10. Me and Julio down by the school yard — With apologies to Paul Simon
  11. Mel Kiper’s Best Available
  12. Mile High Manning
  13. Mile High Messiahs
  14. Monte Wrecking Ball — Team anthem built in to this name
  15. Mother of Dragons — Game of Thrones names play well in Fantasy Football
  16. Motown Megatrons
  17. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  18. Fair Brady
  19. My Favorite Marshawn
  20. My Ships don’t lie
  21. Mystic Rivers
  22. Natural Born Thrillers
  23. The baffler: No Game This Week — Hoping confused FFL owners don’t submit line-up when they see your name.
  24. No harm; No Foles
  25. And, a favorite: No Punt Intended — A pun intended on “No pun intended”

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Nobody puts Brady in a Corner
  2. Not my Forte
  3. Odell it on the Mountain
  4. Odell No!
  5. Points r Us
  6. Power is Measured in JJ Watts
  7. Purple People Beaters
  8. Red Hot Julius Peppers
  9. Revis and Butthead
  10. RG3PO
  11. RGIII With A Healthy Knee
  12. Roddy or not, here I come
  13. Rodgers That!
  14. Roger Rodgers
  15. Romo Holiday
  16. Odell’s Bells
  17. Odell’s Kitchen
  18. Ol’ Man Rivers
  19. Omaha Manning — Peyton’s favorite audible, “Omaha, Omaha”
  20. One Fine Clay
  21. Orton hears a Who
  22. Out of Luck
  23. Packer Backers
  24. Password is Taco — The League
  25. Pete Carol’s Bubble Gum
  26. Peyton the Town Red
  27. Peyton’s Place
  28. Pick 6-ers
  29. Romo wasn’t built in a day
  30. Romophobics
  31. Russell Sprouts
  32. Ryan’s Hope
  33. Sacks in the City
  34. Saving Private Ryan
  35. Scared Hitless
  36. Sherman Incompletion Act
  37. Shooting the Brees
  38. Shopping at Lacy’s
  39. Singin’ in the Dwayne
  40. Slob on my Cobb
  41. So let it be Witten…
  42. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
  43. Spiller High Life
  44. Sproles Royce
  45. Stafford Cardinals — A play on Detroit’s QB and the college in California
  46. Stafford Infection
  47. Storm my Cassell
  48. Straight Cash Homey — How Randy Moss pays his bills.
  49. Suh’s your daddy now?
  50. Taking you to the Woodhead

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2015 Classics

  1. Teach me how to Dougie — Doug Martin, where are thou?
  2. Teach me how to Raji
  3. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  4. That’s my Forte
  5. The 12th Man Replacements
  6. The Abusement Park
  7. The Big Gronkowski
  8. The Blair Walsh Project
  9. The Boldin The Beautiful
  10. The Brady Bunch
  11. The Bridgewater Connection
  12. The Calvinists — Megatron followers
  13. The Cutler Did It — Any Clue fans out there?
  14. The Deflatriots
  15. The Direwolves
  16. The Dwayne Bowe Connection
  17. The Foles Position
  18. The Goodell Boy’s Club
  19. The Goodell, the Bad and the Ugly
  20. The Immaculate Collection — Pittsburgh fans love this one!
  21. The Luckness Monster
  22. The Never-ending Torrey (Torrey Smith)
  23. The Playbook of Eli
  24. The Real McCoy
  25. The Touchdown Factory

But, we haven’t stopped there.

fantasy football team slogans imageMaybe you’re looking for some great football slogans, you know, like they do on Friday Night Lights with “Clear eyes, full hearts…can’t lose.” Use the link above and check out all the inspirational football slogans. Any team owner can come in with a fun name. But, it takes the well-prepared owner to come in with the name and team slogan. Have fun, inspire your team and show up the other coaches/team owners in your league.

Here’s a short list of some of our favorites, but check out the complete collection of football slogans:

  1. Rudy was offsides!
  2. We searched Google and couldn’t find competition.
  3. Victory requires payment in advance.
  4. Actions speak louder than coaches.
  5. It’s not every Sunday, it’s every day.
  6. One team, One dream.
  7. Win the Last Game!
  8. We believe that we will win!
  9. Under construction: Champions building.
  10. First downs to touchdowns, it’s how we roll.

You’re on Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2015.

Don’t forget to include some of your favorite, funny and inspirational football quotes. We’ve got ’em from coaches, players, announcers and more.



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  1. Great list. Love the logo for “It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia.” Here’s a couple I’m considering:

    – Willy Gronka
    – Game of Zones
    – Discount Belichick

    What do you think?

  2. We need to have some names for the weaker teams! Lots of Patriots and Packers, not enough Chiefs and Bucs.

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