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New coach Adam Gase is assembling a retooled team that is sure to make noise in the AFC East Division this year. Free-agent C.J. Mosley will add leadership to the defensive group. And the running game improved exponentially with the addition of Le’Veon Bell.

So get on board with Gang Green this year and your fantasy team will pay dividends.

New York Jets Fantasy Football Team Names

Greener Pastures

New Jack City

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

New York Sack Exchange

Let’s Gooo Gang Green

Gang Green

New York Bozos

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Head Coach Adam Gase Names

Up and Adam

Gase Closed

Gase Ventura, Jet Detective

Steely Gase

A Best Gase Scenario

Gase in the Hole

Gase Into My Eyes

Open and Shut Gase

Get Off My Gase!

Just In Gase

Gasing at the Moon

Sam Darnold Fantasy Football Names

Gosh, Darnold!

The Samchize


Darn’old Jets

Sammy and the Jets

Getting DarnOld

Gosh Darnold

Green Jets and Sam

Darnold Palmers


Darnaldo F.C.

Darnold Trumps

Sam Dollarnold

Darnold Schwarzenegger

Sam’s Club

Hey Darnold!

Darnold Palmer

Play It Again Sam

Darnold Sports Festival

Sam As It Ever Was

That Darnold Cat

Check out Sam Darnold’s rookie highlight video

Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon on a Prayer

Saved By Le’ Bell

Le’Veon Likes His Money

Don’t Stop Bell Le’veon

Check out Le’Veon Bell’s career highlights

Le’Veon the Dream

Le’Veon la Vida Loca

You Can Ring My Bell

Le’Veon Las Vegas

When the Le’Veon Breaks

Le’Veon on a Jet Plane

Le’Veon Large

He Shall Be Le’Veon

Le’Veon Let Die

Le’Veon Dangerously

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Le’Veon My Wayward Son

LeVeon Diamonds

Try on these Le’Veon Bell Fantasy Football names.

Jets Fantasy Football names

Jamal About That David Bass

A Long Brian Winters

Revis and Butthead

Du. Ducas. Ducasse


Coples Therapy

The Day After Amaro


Jamall in the Adams Family

Maye the Forced Fumbles be With You

Interracial Coples

Super Bowles

Did Geno I Broke My Jaw?

The ConVicks

Josh McClownin’ Around

Kris-py Kreme Jenkins

Rex and the City

Release the Hacken

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Funny Fantasy Names for the Jets

Maye Day

Eight Not Enough for Cromartie

D’Brickashawshank Redemption

Ebony & Ivory

A Team Has No Namath

Chrebet Crunch

I’m Geno Knock You Out!

Baby Back Cribbs

McCown’s Our Starter, We Ain’t Joshin’

Black and Decker

The Sun Will Come Out Amaro

Forté with a Friend

Trumaine or False

I’m Kearsed

Pryor Convictions

Forté Shades of Grey


Geno’s Jawbreakers

A Fitzmas Beardacle

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Not My Forté

If I Were a James Carpenter

The Black Crowells

The Prophet Elijah McGuire

Fight Through the Skrine

Jamal Adams Family

Mangolden Corral

The Can’t Waits

Fantasy Names Aren’t My Forte

Hackenberger and Fries

Los Perros de Ron Mexico

Second Chance conVicks

Chansi Stuckey in the Elevator

Dueling Shaq’s

Burressted Development

Fantasy football player rankings for AFC East image

Geno’s Pizza Rolls

CroMartie Mcfly

Finding Geno

Geno 911

Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi

Dem Sanchize Boyz

Cromartie’s Kidz

The Forte-Year-Old Virgin

I Dream of Geno

The Mangolden Girls

Pryor Arrangements

The Kings of Leon Washington

Hide Your Beagle, Vick is an Eagle

Santonio’s Foreclosed Holmes

Kibbles and Vicks

Geno What I’m Saying

Revis-e Contract

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Bring Back the McCribbs

Changing of the Garrard

Scattered LT-Storms

Geno’s Everlasting Jawdropper

Tyrannosaurus Rex Ryan

Beavis and Buttfumble

Peeping Tomlinsons

Plaxidental Shooting

In the Vick of Time

Antonio Cromartie Is My Dad

Shonneshank Redemption

Clever Naming Ideas

Love Me Rexy

Pryor Felonies

Feed The Crow

McCown For The Count

Kearse Words

Enunwa Your Business

Teddy Two Gloves

Shell Of My Former Self

Winters Is Coming

Life’s A Beachum

McLendon Bridge Is Falling Down

Jolly Santos Claus

Going McCown With The Ship

Bryce Petty and the Jaw Breakers

Cromartie’s 3-Year-Olds

Human Geno Project

Mangold Digger

Holmes Don’t Play Dat

Cheese Mcdougles

Vick Will McNabb Your Position

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Like A Beachum’ed Whale

The Kearse of the Green Pearl

North Dakoda

The Lachlan Monster

Creative Names

Leggett Out

Shepherd’ing the Flock

All About That Bass

Lawrence, Wash And Repeat

Mother Maye I

Kelvin And The Chipmunks

Braden, Eternal God of Thunder

Counting Crowells

A Crowell to Arms

Livin’ On A Pryor

Better Than Seasons Pryor

Bull Dozier

Sons of Anarchy

Green Skrine

Jets Top Fantasy Players

Sam Darnold, QB

Le’Veon Bell, RB

Jamison Crowder, WR

Quincy Enunwa, WR

Josh Bellamy, WR

Christopher Herndon, TE

New York Jets Trivia

Q: What was the team’s original name?
A: The team began as the New York Titans in 1959 before changing to the Jets in 1963.

Q: When was the Jets’ Super Bowl victory?
A: The team beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III in 1969.

Q: What was Joe Namath’s jersey number with the Jets?
A: #12

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the Jets have?
A: Three – Joe Namath #12, Don Maynard #13 and Joe Klecko #73.


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